It’s time for a rousing Disney news and Theme Park update. And boy oh boy is this a controversial week! Opinions are mixed on this years Mickey’s Halloween Party in Disneyland. What went wrong? Our readers have a variety of opinions. MiceChat and our friends at Sanders Art Studio are bringing you a chance to win a Goofy Print valued at ($200), but you’ll need to act fast as today is your final chance to enter. Next comes news from Walt Disney World as the Little Mermaid attraction has begun regular soft openings. Is this version the same as the one in Disney California Adventure and will it be equally poorly received? Watch the on-ride video let us know what you think. Did you hear that Stan Lee is suing Disney over Marvel rights? And least we forget the big news of the week, Al Lutz has delivered a stunning article outing Disney’s plans to shoehorn Marvel’s Iron Man into Disneyland’s Tomorrowland, end Christmas as you know it, and cancel cast member holiday parties. You’ll want to read all the way through to the end of today’s update so you don’t miss any of the juicy details. It’s time for our holiday tale to begin, there’s no turning back now. . . please step all the way in . . .

It may be 95 degrees in Anaheim, but it’s almost time to ice skate in Downtown Disney! And what is the reason for this addition, as well as reason for the recent snowjob on Tinkerbell’s meet and greet location in Disneyland?  It’s in celebration of Tinkerbell discovering that she has a sister – and of course Disney’s latest Tinkerbell movie. See photos of this temporary addition to DTD, here!


Win Walt Disney’s Olympic Champ Artwork
It’s contest time again folks! Our friends at Sanders Art Studios are giving away a beautiful Goofy giclee (valued at $200) to one lucky MiceChat reader.


We have several reports from the Halloween Parties at Disneyland, and the reviews are surprisingly mixed – It may be time for Disney to Re-Evaluate some of the key customer service elements for an event that requires guests to pay extra, to attend.  One of the longest running shows at the resort will continue for at least one more year!  And a new Tinkerbell movie is the cause for winter to already be nipping at Downtown Disney and Tinkerbell’s meet and greet in Disneyland! ~ Aladdin

mouseknotts and his wife enjoyed the Halloween Party at Disneyland, and also visit Radiator Springs! Here’s their report!
Hanowen and family have been to a few Halloween Parties at the Disneyland Resort, but this year things were a little different for them. Are adult’s treated differently at Disney’s Parties?
mercedymouse has attended at least a couple the Halloween Parties in Disneyland, and gives us their impression of this year’s special paid event!
kingcooger asks why no Oswald walk around character  when DCA does have Oswald’ Gas Station and Oswald ears for sale? Just when will this character that was restored back to Disney, make his grand appearance?
MTdizzle94 lets us know that the Disney Audition site is holding auditions for full year contracts for the Aladdin show in DCA! So, the only remaining question is: Will the Magic Carpet be flying high over the next year, or will flights continue to be grounded, and continue to fail giving us the high point of this show?

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Walt Disney World

This week is Fantasyland, Fantasyland, and more Fantasyland! With the new expansion in soft openings since this weekend, we’ve got a slew of reports and views of this new land. Is the wait worth it? Is there enough to do? Is the detail worthy of Disney? Find the details in this week’s Walt Disney World forum! ~yoyoflamingo

Little Mermaid Ride and Queue Video!
So, what is different about WDW’s version of this elaborate dark ride? See the differences, including the spectacular queue, in this video.

FLE Soft Opening starts today! Who’s There?
See some firsthand reports of the opening of the new expansion. Some interesting thoughts, and if you’ve been, what did you think? Share your thoughts here!

Attended Fantasyland Expansion Soft Opening Oct 14
lily23 shares a detailed description of the new Fantasyland offerings. Worth the wait or does it leave us wanting more? Find out here!

Test Track to Reopen December 6 at EPCOT Center
Along with the grand opening of New Fantasyland, there’s also another new offering on the same day: Test Track. Which park will you spend your time in that day?

This week on Communicore Weekly… 60 SECOND REVIEW! – Jeff loves Pete’s Dragon, but does he love the new Blu-Ray? Find out when he and George talk about it in the 60 Second Review! ALSO, there is a fun contest! Go to our Facebook page to enter! DISNEY DEBATE! – That leads right into the Disney Debate…who would make a better Doc Terminus? GEORGE’S BOOK OF THE WEEK! – George looks at The Disney Sketchbook for his Book of the Week! FIVE LEGGED GOAT! – And finally, travel to Paris for this week’s Five Legged Goat!

The running of the monsters at the Queen Mary Dark Harbor

Today at Tokyo DisneySEA
On the first day of a five day trip to the Tokyo Resort, Fukai shares a detailed trip report from DisneySea.

Amending WDS
Omegadiz has set out to find a way to ‘fix’ Walt Disney Studios in Paris. So what do you think?

Mice Chatters really get around, especially when it’s close to Halloween. We have reports from several frightening locations this week. ~ Trekkie Dad

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, Dark Ride Photos
Pacis has some amazing photos from two rides at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk: the Cave Train and the Haunted Castle.

Delusion The Blood Rite Haunted Play 10/13/12
You might have to wait until next year to experience this frightening interactive play, but madmonkeygirl gives us a scene-by-scene account of her experience. Girl, haven’t you had enough?

The Backwoods Maze – The Best Amateur Halloween Yard Haunt I’ve ever been to
On a budget? SoCalbma has found an amateur maze you can experience for a donation. Or just watch the video linked here.

While TSTLSOOM reports that Universal Studios’ Terminator 2: 3D will close on 12/31, the real speculation is on what will take its place.

My trip to Fright Fair 10/12/12
madmonkeygirl loves a good scare, as indicated in this report from the Fright Fair at Pierce College in the San Fernando Valley.

A few notes from Oct13 daytime visit to U Studios Hollywood
jcruise86 was especially impressed with the character interaction on this recent visit to Universal Studios Hollywood.

Ant-Man gets a release date (and other movie news)
calsig31 brings us the latest news from the world of Marvel.

AMC’s The Walking Dead Season 3
After a long summer wait, Walking Dead season 3 began on Sunday and clara just couldn’t wait. Did you watch?

R.I.P. To Ken Sansom a.k.a. Rabbit from Winnie The Pooh and Transformers G1 Hound.
And some sad news as we say goodbye to Rabbit from Winnie the Pooh. At the age of 85, Ken Samson, passed away after suffering from a stroke.

Stan Lee Media suing Disney over Marvel rights
Disneymike has opened a discussion on this report from Reuters. Does this lawsuit have merit?

I’m going back to School at MU.
Just outside Monstropolis is the institution of higher education that swampymarsh hopes to attend. Just follow the link.

‘Frankenweenie’ Finally Unleashed
Despite being hailed as “The Best Animated Film Of The Year” by Time magazine ‘Frankenweenie’ arrived modestly.

Marvel’s ‘Ant-Man’ coming to big screen, ‘Thor 2’ goes 3D
Disney announced today that Marvel’s ‘Ant-Man’ will receive a big screen treatment directed by Edgar Wright (‘Shaun of the Dead’) and set a release date of November 6, 2015.

At Disneyland Christmas may be extra
October began a new fiscal year for Disney, and the Team Disney Anaheim (TDA) suits are rushing quickly to kick off projects big and small over the next twelve months. Unfortunately, this isn’t one of those warm and fuzzy updates that makes you feel good about being a Disney fan. To the contrary, Tomorrowland, Christmas and the way the company treats its best employees are all being dealt tough blows. Grab a cup of coffee and settle in for an eye opening updated that will challenge the way you feel about how the Disney Company is being run these days.

Souvenirs & Sideshow
The final elements of the Storybook Circus portion of the new Fantasyland project at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom park were opened late last week, and the results are mostly delightful.

First signs of the holidays appear at Disneyland as construction projects continue
The first signs of the holidays have started to appear at Disneyland as Christmas lights are strung up on the facade of “it’s a small world” and a new ice skating rink gets ready to…

New Fantasyland Expansion at Magic Kingdom Nears Completion
Hello, and welcome back to Dateline Disney World! This week, we have a huge Magic Kingdom update for you, with lots of new photos of areas of the new Fantasyland expansion which have just been…

Deb Takes Your Picture
SNAP! The flash goes off and a fantastic moment from your vacation is forever captured on film. Well, digitally, nowadays. This, of course, makes it easier for you to see all your great photos when…

The Disney Sketchbook Review, Is The Price Right?
A new Disney art book on animated films? Is there anything else the Disney Company can release? Should you plop down your hard-earned money on this book? All will be revealed! Usually, we handle book…

Six Flags Magic Mountain Fright Fest a Surprise Hit
Over the past few weeks, we have been bringing you news from Fright Fest 2012 including our Exclusive Walk-Through of Willoughby’s Resurrected. In this update we will outline both the good and frightful of this…

SeaWorld Announces Major Redevelopment Of Entry Complex
Fall brings a time of renewal to the theme parks. Today, we take a dive into SeaWorld San Diego to see what’s new. And there’s a big new project on the horizon for us to…

Disneyland Resort Busy with Halloween and Refurbishments
While Halloween Time at the Disneyland Resort is proving to be a financial success for the resort, something even bigger is just around the bend. At the moment, there are several projects underway at the…

Universal Orlando Sets Billion Dollar Budget to Battle Disney
When the Universal Orlando resort brought Harry Potter into their Islands of Adventure theme park, everyone finally sat up and took notice. The theme park community stood in awe of this brand new attraction. Uni…

Demystifying Disney World Tickets.
You probably know quite a lot about Disney World tickets, but I promise you that if you read on, you’ll find out something new. While Disney World tickets are mostly straight-forward, they can occasionally resemble…

The Disney America Story – Part 3
[Editor’s Note] Our tale of a real life American adventure continues this week as we explore the proposed attractions of Disney’s America theme park. If you are catching this popular series in the middle, please…

$50 Million Dollar Water Park Comes to Las Vegas
Wet ‘n’ Wild Las Vegas will be Nevada’s largest water park and home to more than 25 exciting slides and attractions. The 41-acre park will be located in southwest Las Vegas near the I-215 and Sunset Road. The…

Meet Famed Disney Animator and Legend Floyd Norman
Scarlett Stahl shares another great adventure with us today. Can you imagine? How would you like to spend a day with Disney Legend Floyd Norman? Floyd is famous for his animation on Walt Disney features such…

Real Buildings that Inspired Disney-MGM Studios, Part 4.
A few years ago, I published a three-part series, “Real Buildings that Inspired Disney-MGM Studios.” (Links to Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.) The park is now Disney’s Hollywood Studios, but it was Disney-MGM Studios when these replicas were designed and built.

Disney’s Tower Of Terror
When Disney MGM Studios was opened in 1989, it was a mild success. Michael Eisner’s plan of having a “Universal killer” Park was rushed into opening, so it didn’t have a lot of the essential…

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