Fall brings a time of renewal to the theme parks. Today, we take a dive into SeaWorld San Diego to see what’s new. And there’s a big new project on the horizon for us to share with you.

SeaWorld’s New Project: Explorer’s Reef
This week, SeaWorld announced that they will be opening a brand new, three-acre entrance, called “Explorer’s Reef”. It will not only be faster and more efficient than the current entry, but it will also create a “sense of arrival” which the park will greatly benefit from.

The existing ticket booths will be replaced with a new rocky, beach theme concierge ticketing style entrance to buy and redeem tickets, and reserve spots on tours and other attractions.

Explorer’s Reef will transform our guests’ arrival by providing them with unparalleled welcoming services and then transporting them into the world of the sea as they pass under an iconic and stunning wave.

John Reilly, SeaWorld park president.

“The promise of SeaWorld will be delivered immediately, giving our guests opportunities to connect with amazing animals as soon as they enter the park.” Once inside, guests will see a new tropical themed look to new animal attractions, buildings, shade structures, shops, and unique dining experiences. Four touch pools will also be added, and will feature nearly 5,000 fish in both freshwater and saltwater environments.

The construction will begin in December and will be completed in March 2014. During the 16-month project, a temporary entrance will be used to the right of the current main entrance.

Sounds pretty good. Certainly better than the dated concrete entry the park currently sports.

Christmas Celebration Preparations: Snow World

SeaWorld has started work on Snow World for the upcoming Christmas Celebration event, which begins on November 17.

As you can see, there is already a ton of snow!

Snowman sculptures are being added all around.

The crew is working on a sitting area for parents and those who are exhausted from running in the snow.

Decorations are also being added. We will keep you up to date as the preparations continue.

A New Shortcut to Shipwreck Rapids?

It seems like SeaWorld has added a new shortcut to the Shipwreck Rapids restaurant from Manta, and what a lovely path it is!

The walkway is right next to the touch pool in Manta.

You’ll pass a pond with a ton of ducks and various birds…

…and you’ll reach the Shipwreck Rapids restaurant.

Bayside Stadium Developments

Finally, let’s take a look at the new developments at the late-Cirque De La Mer stadium.

A new rumor has been floated which states that the park has signed a deal to keep Cirque De La Mer running at the park for three more seasons (until summer of 2015). The only reason we’re mentioning this is because SeaWorld hasn’t really touched the sinage or major set pieces.

As you can see, it’s the same as it is every year…

The trampoline wall has a new paint job covering over the white. Could this development have any truth to it?

SeaWorld San Diego’s Halloween Spooktacular
It’s October again, and that means that Halloween is quickly approaching. With all the horror that Universal, Knott’s, and other parks have, SeaWorld conducts an event that’ just perfect for the little kids. That’s right, the Halloween Spooktacular has returned.

The entry gates are topped with the characters of the Spooktacular: the pumpkin fish, and the sea star.

The moment you pass through the gates, you hit the carnival game booths!

There are also different characters strolling along all around the park that you can take pictures with.

We meet again!

Next to an inflatable octopus is a photo opp with a mermaid who’s name isn’t Ariel.

Trick or Treaters will find locations around the park which are designated treat stations. Guests can pick up  bags which are distributed at the entry or any one of the stations.

In front of the Animal Encounters building is a decorated food court…

…where you can also mingle with these fine looking gentlemen.

Seasonal Shows & Attractions
Pirates 4D has returned once again! This classic attraction used to be a permanent SeaWorld resident in the late 90s through the mid-20s, when it got replaced with a R.L. Stine’s 4D film.

After the movie, guests can follow up by going through a maze filled with traps and surprises to find the hidden treasure.

Also, a seasonal SeaLion show has also been added. The show, “Clyde & Seamores Spooky Adventure” is inspired by a old resident SeaWorld show called “Clyde & Seamore Spooky Kooky Adventure.”

A “new” set has been added to go with the show. Unlike the current resident show, this show is more classic with a storyline.

Before the show starts, the sweeper entertains the guests…

…with different surprises, such as his third arm. It’s really quite clever as different things pop out of his jacket.

The show is about a relative of Clyde & Seamore that has passed away. Clyde and Seamore must come to the spooky castle to read the will, along with the sherrif.

However, the maid doesn’t want it to be read. She want’s the castle all to herself.

The show is filled with classic tricks that are unforgettable.

 Including the classic Pepsi plug, which is now a Coke plug since Coke has replaced Pepsi as sponsor.

The cast also improvises their lines to keep the show fresh and entertaining. For example, in this scene, the sherrif is spraying the maid with a water gun, and says “Remember in the last show before we switched roles?”

 And like every Sealion show, it ends with a dance number.

If you were a fan of Fools with Tools or any of the older SeaLion shows, you will love this show. It’s really great that they change the shows up for the season, and this one is pure classic SeaWorld camp.

The Halloween Spooktacular is a great family friendly event and runs weekends through the end of October.

Well folks, what do you think about the new entry news? Have your kids experienced the Halloween Spooktacular? Exciting things afoot at SeaWorld!