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Published on October 16, 2012 at 4:57 am with 160 Comments

October began a new fiscal year for Disney, and the Team Disney Anaheim (TDA) suits are rushing quickly to kick off projects big and small over the next twelve months to help capitalize on the stunning popularity of Cars Land and the successfully re-launched Disney California Adventure (DCA). The new fiscal year ahead will be the launching point for several big changes to come to the Disneyland Resort and its changing demographics.

In this update we’ll fill you in on some of those new projects about to be launched, just how strong the numbers are for the Resort, and why it’s not too early to be making your Christmas plans now so you can say goodbye to some of what may be your favorite Disneyland traditions this year. We even have some info on what the next E-Ticket in Tomorrowland might be. (And that should help you understand why they are keeping such a tight lid on it.)

Since the Christmas coffee isn’t available yet at the local java joint, we’ll have to settle for the pumpkin spice variety instead this morning. (But we’ll still avoid the fruitcake okay?) As always special thanks to Andy Castro and Fishbulb for all their help in putting this all together. On Dasher, on Dancer… um, sorry, I forgot they are gone now… not a creature was stirring… well there was one Mouse… – Al

(Cash register) bells are ringing, can you hear them?

Since June we’ve been detailing the huge jumps in attendance for DCA and the monumental changes to the ways both tourists and locals alike are now using the Resort property. Those trends have continued into the busy HalloweenTime season this fall, and the numbers have strengthened nicely from last year’s already healthy autumn attendance.

DCA continues to pull in 40,000 per day on weekends, and Saturday’s are now seeing a surge in one-day tickets being purchased for DCA by locals or day-tripping tourists who don’t have Annual Passes, which is a ticket demographic that DCA has never been able to capture. As the word spreads on Cars Land, the Disney and local area hotels are seeing occupancy rates at 95% or higher most days now, and the rush is on every morning as the hotel guests scurry to Cars Land as soon as Disney will crack the gates open.

As usual, the numbers tell this story the best. As a reminder, Disney counts attendance based on a “first click” turnstile policy, which counts daily visitors only once at whichever park they enter first. A visitor bouncing between both parks will only be counted once per day and at only the first park they entered. Below are the attendance figures for this past Saturday, compared against the year-ago figures;

Saturday, October 13, 2012                                        Saturday, October 15, 2011

Disneyland – 55,000                                                       Disneyland – 57,000

DCA – 40,000                                                                      DCA – 18,000

2012 Daily Total – 95,000                                              2011 Daily Total – 75,000

As you can see, that’s 20,000 additional visitors to the Resort, which pushes the numbers from an already healthy Saturday in 2011 into figures in 2012 that were once only seen in Anaheim during the hyper-busy week between Christmas and New Year’s. And that extra 20,000 is weighted heavily towards domestic and international tourists staying in hotels. Disney California Adventure is driving all of that attendance gain, obviously, and yet the results are crowds that seem evenly balanced across both parks and that can be accommodated inside the revitalized DCA with amazing smoothness.

Cars Strand

That’s not to say those swelling attendance numbers aren’t causing cracks in the foundation beyond the parks. Parking is a problem that we’ve been telling you about since the first warning flags went up on the issue back in 2008. With those types of daily attendance figures, and with the Resort’s Cast Member population now swelling past 23,000, the parking situation is at a breaking point. Cast Members working on recent weekends have again been forced to park at the Honda Center and be bussed in, while Disney’s parking team commandeers Cast Member parking lots for visitor use. Even then, some satellite employee parking lots like the Pumbaa lot across from GardenWalk are filling up by mid-morning and unceremoniously being shut down to CM’s without warning, sending CM’s to circle the Resort area looking for an open Cast Member parking facility and then run to their shifts to avoid being marked late.

Those CM’s being forced to park at the Honda Center on certain days are at least given a few days’ notice, but the free lunch vouchers are no longer handed out like they were back in June. The new expectation is that on any busy day when the Honda Center trigger is pulled, CM’s will simply park there without any extra perks being doled out. And this November and December, with the extremely popular Christmas season arriving, the parking problems will only increase.

Scrooge you!

It’s the Christmas season that TDA is now most intently focused on, as they try to ignore the fallout from cancelling the employee Christmas party and tinker with a new plan to offer the Candlelight ceremony for 20 consecutive nights in December. Regular readers will remember that a year ago we told you of the plans being considered by TDA to begin offering extra-cost private parties in December that would bundle a few of the popular holiday entertainment offerings into one event, and leave regular day visitors without the Christmas parade and fireworks and festivities that TDA has been offering to everyone since the late 1990’s.

That plan for extra-cost Christmas parties is no longer a matter of if, but now just a matter of when. This year will likely be the last that a regular visitor will be able to experience the full menu of holiday offerings at Disneyland by simply buying a ticket and walking through the gates anytime in November and December. The 2012 Holiday Season will be the end of an era, as Disneyland takes yet another step to becoming more like Disney World.

While the exact offerings and dates for 2013 have yet to be worked out, the most popular concept now kicking around TDA’s executive offices is a calendar where two or three parties per week would be offered from late November through the third week in December, and they would feature the exclusive performance of the Christmas Fantasy parade, the Believe In Holiday Magic fireworks, and the snowfall shows on Main Street and the digital projection snow shows at the Small World Mall. The upcharge to the private party cost would be the dinner packages, and it’s those folks who purchase both a party ticket and a dinner package who would get seats for the nightly Candlelight performance also performed during the party.

The logistics on all of these major entertainment offerings that are focused on and around the Main Street USA and Hub area will be tricky, but TDA is working under the assumption that they will need to bundle all of that entertainment together to make the party marketable. TDA would love to have the new back alley behind the east side of Main Street we told you about in the last update already built, but that’s still a few years away. So for the holiday season of 2013 when these private parties will likely kick off, expect that the crowd control for the party on Main Street will be rough.

The parkwide decorations and two holiday attraction overlays at It’s A Small World and Haunted Mansion will still be on offer to non-party guests, obviously, so it’s the entertainment and little extras that will be heavily leveraged to set the extra-cost parties apart. During non-party days in December the Soundsational parade will perform instead of the Christmas Fantasy parade, and on non-party weekend nights the regular fireworks and Fantasmic! will be shown instead of Believe fireworks and the snow shows.

Knowing that private Christmas parties are coming in 2013, TDA has apparently let lapse a few of the smaller offerings this year to try and condense the menu of things that anyone can do without extra charge. One of those casualties is the live reindeer they’d been shipping down from the Pacific Northwest for display at Santa’s Reindeer Roundup in Frontierland. Those reindeer won’t be coming to Disneyland this year, and the two remaining Presidential pardoned turkeys will be yanked backstage permanently as well. TDA will instead be focusing on beefing up the entertainment offerings in the Festival Arena beyond the petting zoo.

If they can create a package of holiday offerings back there that people enjoy, it would be an easy thing to add it to the extra-cost parties. Those big wooden gates at the Arena make it easy to shut off that area from the park during normal hours, so then they can swing them back open for the evening to offer yet another special activity and reason to buy a ticket to the Christmas party. (And for those of you grumbling out there about those greedy TDA suits, remember where the blame should really go – all those Halloween party ticket sales.)

While the extra-cost parties have TDA salivating over the numbers they could pull in for November through mid-December, Disneyland would revert to its usual offerings during the two weeks in late December and early January that frame Christmas and New Year’s. During those two extremely busy weeks, when all but Premium Annual Passholders are blocked out, they would perform the Christmas parade and fireworks daily for regular paying visitors.

But there could be a ticketing catch there, as well…

Crowd control in your pocket

Don’t forget, TDA is still toying with the idea of expanding its peak-season price increases from restaurants to the ticket booths. They’ve been cooking up those plans for seasonal pricing levels for about two years already, an idea already used at Hong Kong Disneyland. It is not inconceivable that 2013 launches that ticketing concept, where visitors arriving during the two weeks around Christmas and New Year’s would pay higher prices to enter the parks.

This temporary ticket increase would help limit attendance a bit while raking in more money, and could be explained by the predictable PR release from Disney that those visiting during the busy upcharge weeks would also get the Christmas entertainment people had to pay extra for at the private parties earlier in the month. There would be lots of marketing and logistical work to do around that still, especially with park tickets being sold off property at Costco or the Disney Store.

All chips, no Dale

To help with all these new party plans that depend heavily on special ticketing and processing, the main entrance turnstiles of both Disneyland and DCA are in the final stages of planning for a major refurbishment. Gone would be the same basic turnstile setup the park has had since 1955, and that has been repeated at most Disney parks around the world. In its place, the new technology that ties in directly with the coming NextGen concepts would be installed. The churning, clicking turnstiles all manned by an army of CM’s would be ripped out entirely, and instead there would be wide open lanes interspersed with digital RFID readers on short podiums, all staffed with a much smaller CM presence.

The slim RFID readers and the elimination of swinging gates and turnstiles will turn the appearance of the Disneyland entrance into a much more open facility, where strollers and wheelchairs can enter and exit unimpeded and some unscrupulous visitors might be tempted to sneak in amongst the crowds without a proper scan. The ultimate goal of the new entrance concept is not just to implement the use of RFID technology as part of the massive NextGen initiative, but also to speed the entry and exit of crowds through the area.

This would be put to the test most strenuously at the Disneyland Resort, which is the only Disney property that has two successful theme parks sitting directly across from each other bordering a small plaza. With DCA now proving it can pull in huge crowds and keep them entertained for a day or more, the ebb and flow of those crowds between the two parks will put the new RFID NextGen technology to a unique test.

Use it or lose it…

Another required piece of the coming NextGen program will roll out next month at both Disneyland and DCA. That’s when Cast Members at attractions will insist that anyone using Fastpass must return during their assigned one hour window, and they will stop letting people show up hours late for their Fastpass time. This change has already occurred at Disney World, and after a decade of ignoring the rules it was a tough message to deliver even though most of their visitors are tourists.

Extra signage and as much communication as possible will be used to try and get the word out at Disneyland and DCA, but the goal is to roll this out by Thanksgiving and then end the grace period of bending the rules by this Christmas. Wish those CM’s luck! As if they didn’t have enough problems with parking and cancelled Christmas parties and trying to carve out a little respect from TDA suits, they’ll be forced to play the role of Grinch this year and not let anyone show up late for their Fastpass appointment.

Yule honk

Meanwhile, there are smaller changes coming to both parks through this fall and winter. Although Disney has yet to formally admit it and we’ve been talking about it for months, they’ll be going big with Christmas decorations in Cars Land this year. A dozen extra telephone poles were added down the side of Route 66 solely for the purpose of helping string up garland and lights along the most popular street in Anaheim. Cars Land will also be featured this holiday season as Disneyland returns to the iconic Rose Parade after a six year absence with a massive float dedicated to the new DCA and Cars Land. Stephanie Edwards should love it.

The Pixar team has weighed in heavily on all of these Cars Land Christmas decorations as Disneyland’s talented decorating team cooked them up, down to the smallest detail. For example, the statue of Stanley near the Courthouse will soon be transformed into a new version of the statue called Santa Stanley, with a Santa hat and beard and bag full of toys slung over his rear axle. The original concept had a small Woody doll sticking out of the bag, as a sly nod to other Pixar successes. But John Lasseter and Pixar nixed that idea, not wanting to let other stories and characters creep into the Cars Land environment.

DCA’s Christmas tree will be going up just outside Elias & Co. in the plaza currently filled with ficus trees, and Buena Vista Street’s tasteful 1930’s holiday décor will offer TDA a chance to redeem itself after the clueless merchandising group in TDA trashed its charm this fall with tacky window displays. The Mad T Party will also get its first holiday overlay in November, with decorations and new holiday music added to the nighttime dance party.

Iron will…

Tomorrowland won’t get any Christmas decorations, as the last holdout of a land that ignores the holidays. But the plans to shutter Innoventions and begin work on an Iron Man themed E Ticket thrill ride in that space continue to move through the approval process in both Burbank and Glendale. If you are one of those few fans of Innoventions, or simply want to get a look at what’s left of the revolving theater ride system there since 1967, stop by and pay your respects before February.

Bob Iger can’t wait to get the Marvel characters added to the theme park environment, and WDI is running with this one since the budget is healthy and Cars Land has emboldened them to push for higher quality in these big headliner projects. The question remains whether they can keep this quickly approaching project under wraps until the 2013 D23 Expo in Anaheim next August, or if they at least announce the E Ticket this winter but hold back on the details publicly until the D23 Expo.

So what are your thoughts? Are you thinking about changing your Disneyland Christmas plans after this year? And what about Tomorrowland, should its future be Marvel or should they put that franchise in its own separate Park down the street? Our new format allows you to comment on this article directly below. By the way thank you again for your patience as we continue to improve the site and how it functions for you.

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Keep in mind updates only get posted when there is something to report on, and not before. It takes time to confirm things, and even then we can only offer a snapshot of a continually evolving story. (People do change their minds you know.) Just like the happiest place on earth, patience is a virtue; the queue may take a while before you can enjoy the attraction. ;)

See you at Disneyland!

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  • StevenW

    The free flowing entrance is inviting abuse. Many teens enter the parks in a mob-like mass. It will be hard for the small number of CMs to monitor each person entering the park. They will quickly lose control. Remember the 24 hour event when there are tons of people lining up? There will be no crowd control with the new system. Perhaps they should rethink the concept for slower days and busy days. Unfortunately, Disneyland and DCA have fewer slow days.

    I feel bad for the pardoned Presidential turkeys. They deserve to be viewed by the public. Disney should not be hidding them.

    Restricting the Christmas festivities to only private parties is a disappointment. It should be enjoyed by everyone. The extras should be the real extras that people pay to see and do like a photo shoot with Santa, complementary spice apple cider, gingerbread, and the Main Street Show that hardly anyone actually gets to see. It’s weird that they want to turn the Christmas Parade into a private showing.

    I’m sure they will quickly work out the logistics for the higher seasonal passes during Christmas. Obviously, it would mean that all tickets will have the Christmas season as blockout dates. Then they can sell appointment tickets during that period. It will be a mess for people to figure out. No more spontaneous trips to Disneyland anymore, not that I recommend such trips, which have ridiculous crowds.

    I have no problem with an Ironman attraction. Is it just Innoventions? It is such a small footprint. I’m waiting for a larger renovation that includes autopia, the people mover tracks, the former rocket jets platform, and the Magic Eye Theater.

    • dlandjimmy

      The way I imagine it like one gigantic entrance where thousands of people walk through at the same time and CM’s are running around trying to scan tickets… I think it will be more like most sporting events where ticket takers are standing next to the entrance and they still scan each person that passes by them after waiting in a line, there’s just no turnstile.

      Think of it like they’re just going to pull the turnstiles out and just leave one side of each gate closed (Disneyland turnstiles are currently grouped by 2 with a gate/door on either side that can be opened or closed depending on the current crowds waiting to enter).

      I’m sure they’ll do a little more than just pulling the turnstiles out, but something to that effect. I really doubt they’ll come up with a system that will allow hundreds or thousands of people to sneak through the gates everyday.

  • KENfromOC

    While I understand that the Marvel characters are very popular, I think overall it has a very limited and short-sighted appeal. There are just not enough fans of Iron Man, etc. out there to sustain for years to come. Much like the wacky idea of bringing “Avatar” to DAK, they are grabbing at what is “in” at the moment.

    • Wren

      Iron Man has been popular since the 60′s, maybe with not the mainstream or even ‘your crowd’ but there is a large group of people that are being accepted more mainstream that have always liked him.

    • ChillyDown

      Ken: Saying that adding Iron Man “has a very limited and short-sided appeal” and won’t have “fans for years to come” . . . I respectfully disagree. Iron Man has had an ongoing comic book for nearly five decades and has been in three major blockbuster movies so far, with a fourth on the way. One of those films, “The Avengers,” is one of the highest grossing films of all time. People won’t be forgetting that anytime soon.

      By contrast, look at the attraction based on “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.” That was a ride based on *one* movie (and book), and it still ran for four decades. If “20,000 Leagues” can last that long, then Iron Man should certainly have some legs. In fact, technically speaking, “20,000 Leagues” was much more of a gamble than Iron Man is!

      I don’t get the mentality that says that the addition of any licensed properties to the parks is somehow “selling out.” Walt Disney didn’t personally create 20,000 Leagues, Swiss Family Robinson, Zorro, Snow White, Pinocchio, Winnie the Pooh, Wind in the Willows, etc., etc. He made films based on existing licensed properties, and people are just fine with park attractions based on those properties. How is this any different? The Disney company may not have personally created Iron Man, but he’s part of the family now, just as Buzz Lightyear is.

      I hope I’m not coming off too harsh. I just think people need to get some perspective by looking at the park’s history a little deeper. You certainly have a right to your opinion, though.

      Ironically, I completely agree with you about Avatar Land. That’s a terrible idea, because it’s only based on one movie (an extremely popular one, certainly, but not a very good one, IMHO). No one has seen the sequels yet to see if this franchise has any staying power. Imagine if Universal Studios had built a “Matrix Land” — how silly would they look now?

      If Disney is so anxious to compete with Harry Potter Land over at Universal, I can’t understand why they don’t snatch up the rights to Lord of the Rings. I think there are a lot more people who would like to go to Middle-Earth than Avatar Land.

      On a side note, I have a friend named Ken in CA; I’m wondering if you’re the same one. Do you visit Tough Pigs at all?

  • Mac Daddy

    I’m still trying to figure out exactly what non-party guests can expect when they come to the Disneyland Resort during Christmas vacation next year. From what I gather, they will get no parade, no fireworks and can plan on being kicked out of the park at 7 pm every night?

    And if they don’t have parties on every night, what do they get on non party nights? RDCT fireworks? No fireworks at all?

    All I know is that the Halloween Party on October 5 was INSANELY crowded just before kick off as thousands of non paying guests were trying to leave while THOUSANDS of party guests were showing up. I suppose they have this figured out at the Magic Kingdom, but Disneyland was a freaking mess during that transition this year.

    If you take the typical holiday crowds and mash them together with thousands of arriving party guests during the middle of Christmas vacation….I really think they are looking at Disney Armageddon. If they end up with unhappy daily guests demanding a refund and unhappy party guests demanding a refund, this whole money grabbing scheme could blow up in their greedy little faces pretty quick.

  • innerspacenut

    Any new attraction to replace Innoventions is great news! Innoventions reeks of Pressler era stupidity (Put in a bunch of lame Best Buy style displays and call it an attraction!). Iron Man makes sense- a futuristic high rise housing a new thrilling attraction sounds like fun to me! While I certainly enjoy new ideas from the Imagineers, some of the best attractions (Indy, Star Tours, etc.) have come from movie franchises. Tommorowland will always be the hardest land to keep current, so I’ll take a high tech Tony Stark over a fading pseudo-Jules Verne overlay.

  • Algernon

    An Iron Man attraction in Tomorrowland? I must have clicked the Magic Mountain update by mistake. Tomorrowland was supposed to be the world of the future, not Pixar Land and Marvel Land. And the prices?

    I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one who is never going back!!!

    • jcruise86

      Really? Never?

    • ahecht

      Are you opposed to Star Tours? You do realize it takes place in the world of the past, not the world of the future. It’s not like they’re putting in a Spider Man ride, Iron Man is very futuristic.

      • stevek

        Yes, old argument. But it’s vision is futuristic in every way. Space travel, distant worlds…everything about it. It’s a fantasy environment that works regardless of being “a long time ago in a galaxy far far away.”

  • Circarama

    It’s disappointing to see what is becoming of my beloved Disneyland. Reinvesting in AP’s is out of the question since the price hikes and now TDA wants to bastardize Tomorrowland with Marvel characters? A seismic recorder should be placed on Walt’s grave to measure the movement! .

    I truly love my MiceChat peeps, but I guess I won’t be seeing them nearly as much as I used to. Hey Disney! Say goodbye to me AND my wallet!!

  • daveinfontana

    Dusty says it all. A Tron concept ride would be better. As for the Christmas parade ,in my opinion is not that good . I usualy leave around 6 anyway. I’m also down gradeing my pass to the cheapest one . Disney has become a money hungry machine. This is Disneyland The first park of its’ kind. Not Disney World West.

  • WesternMouse

    What a depressing update. Good info, just bad content. I took my family to DL in Dec 2006. We still talk about it to this day. What a trip. I opted not to go to France to buy APs this week for my last year in Europe. Now, it looks like any hope of another holiday trip to DL in the future is down the drain. With the upgrades to Uni on both coasts, I’m going to send my money there. I was looking forward to visiting DL again, but no way I’m paying for separate parties and get upcharged for admission, too. This is a theme park, not a movie theater.

    Bye, bye Disneyland. I hardly knew ye.

  • pameleux

    I’ve always wanted to visit Disneyland during Christmastime, and although it is unfortunate they are charging extra, from what I understood that is only from November until mid-December. During the actual Christmas and New Year’s seasons the festivities will be available to everyone, and I see nothing wrong with that.

    I am a huge Marvel fan, so I am a bit biased on the Iron Man attraction and the further expansion of Marvel. Marvel is too huge for Disney to do nothing with it! They can appeal to a whole new crowd.
    I can’t understand how everyone seems excited that Universal Studios is expanding and constantly changing, but when Disney tries to do the same thing they are criticized on how they are drifting from Walt’s vision!

  • Michael808702

    Disneyland is going down hill so fast our passes expired last August was going to renew in December but forget it, I’m starting to hate this place with a passion and sometimes wish wdw would burn to the ground, I’m sorry I’m just very angry with these stupid updates the parka are fine leave it the way it is and kick TDO or WDW to the curve and take you’re dumb next gen junk and stupid parties with you. Ugh sigh makes me so mad sorry if I offended anyone it’s just Im so done, and from reading most are too, :/

  • SpectroMan

    Ugh – such a sad update, but thank you as ever for providing it to us.

    Iron Man? Really? At least it’s a ride, not a walkthru advertisement. Or is it? Probably yet another simulator to make us all nauseous.

    I can’t wait until they start running Soundsational and RDCT on December non-party days. The line for City Hall will wrap a loop all the way around Town Square! Should be hysterical.

    Then again: Seriously, SS and RDCT will still be running in Winter 2013?

    • It will be interesting to see what happens when the huge new Wizarding World opens at Universal Hollywood. I think a lot of upset Disney fans will find a new home – at least until Disney gets back on track.

      Butter Beer anyone?

      • jcruise86

        Sure, Dusty. But if you want this at Universal Studios you may have to wait five years.

      • jcruise86

        I meant in Universal Studios HOLLYWOOD. When will the WWoHP open there?

      • Ryan120420

        @ jcruise86

        WWOHP is scheduled to start construction in May of 2013 with a target opening date of May or June of 2015.

        So its less than 3 years away. And next year you will have Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem.

      • jcruise86

        Thanks, Ryan!
        I look forward to getting Universal APs in late 2015.

  • ogso

    I have to agree with everyone else about possibly being my last year for the AP. The only reason I re-upped this year was a company function which paid for a quarter of the pass. The family has enjoyed the holidays in the park for 20 plus years. But if they start charging for every little thing even more reason to bail.

    And for Marvel in the park, leaning towards not but will understand if they bring them in. I’m an old timer and still miss the inner space ride. Tron is a better option and a true disney option. Heck I’m still pulling for the peoplemover to be rebuilt (I know beating a dead horse).

    • jcruise86

      Just get APs every other year or every third or fourth year. You might appreciate Disneyland more.

      Judging from this board, I guess I’m in the small minority of folks who prefer Iron Man to Tron.

      Ogso, I also think an Innerspace could be cool if it were updated with the latest technology. We’ll have to go to WDW for the Peoplemover and the Carousel of Progress. I’d like 360 Circlevision back in Tomorrowland instead of Captain EO. Forgive me, regular Micechat readers, for repeating myself, but I want a new Circlevision Tour of the World in 3D rotated in with some of 360 oldies like “America the Beautiful.”

      • stevek

        I prefer the Iron Man movies to Tron. I prefer the Tron environments over Iron Man as it pertains to fitting in Tomorrowland.

  • Ravjay12

    Iron Man has been around much longer than Indiana Jones or Star Wars. In fact, most Marvel characters have been around for a decades! I think a Marvel Land should replace Tomorrowland! Tomorrowland is an idea whose time is done! It’s one of those areas that needs to have a major overhaul every few years to be worth anything! Even Walt Disney didn’t really know what to do with it until the Worlds Fair brought all those attractions that were paid for by other companies. Marvel theme land could be designed to be timeless, with characters that have stood the test of time. With today’s technology, Disney can make it work.

    SHAME ON YOU TDA!! I really feel sorry for the Cast Members! Parking is bad, record guest attendance, and the bad pay! And what kind of thanks do they get? No Family Christmas parties! I used to love those Cast Family parties! It was special because it was a thank-you for all the hard work. It was also cool to get served food by Paul Pressler and Cynthia Hariss. It also was also a good opportunity to talk to Michael Eisner, Frank Wells, and other Disney executives who hung out during those parties. Shame on you TDA!!! TAKE CARE OF YOUR CAST MEMBERS!!

    I’m not shocked that Disney is trying to make a buck by charging extra for the best parts of its Christmas experiences. For 400 bucks for a family of four for half a day in record crowds wasn’t enough, another 300 bucks, you’ll be privileged enough to get the full experience. SHAME ON YOU TDA!!

    • stevek

      Marvel Land, seriously? Would be an incredible mis-step. No way Disney devotes an entire land in a Magic Kingdom park around one franchise, especially at Disneyland. Maybe at Hollywood Studios in Florida but I’d think a Star Wars land would happen there first.

      • Ravjay12

        Worked just fine at Islands of Adventure. Maybe Disney should claim those rides and stick them in Tomorrowland!

  • churrocharlie

    I was there in Septmeber, 13-16. Carsland was too crowded to enjoy and 70% of the cast members I had any contact with in both parks were rude. I see now that they are overworked and undervalued but it really is time for some decent training for Castmembers and TDA alike. They need to know what Disneyland means to the people shelling out a small fortune to come through those gates; nostalgia, charm, detail! From the Turkeys to Ironman this looks bad for Disneyland. It’s Detail and charm out, money grubbing in. Why not Tron?!??! It’s a theme that would look futuristic and work well throughout all of Tomorrowland.

  • jasmineray

    In regards to Iron Man, IMO, it fits Tomorrowland very well. If you’ve seen Iron Man 2, you’ll know what I’m talking about.