Last year, Sinister Pointe hit the Southern California Haunt scene with a brand new facility that offered haunts not just at Halloween, but also at Christmas and for a few other weekends throughout the year.  This year, the attraction returns with a few wonderful tricks in store.  Creator, Jeff Schiefelbein, has expanded upon what he had last year to create an improved experience.

The entrance to the facility is improved upon this year.

Realistic props really lend a creepy tone to the proceedings.

The overall theme this year is the same.  A house full of inbred maniacs are holding an open house and are giving tours.  What makes this attraction unique is that it demands that guests choose their own path at certain points.

In addition to the choose your own adventure style of the maze, haunt goers are also required to complete certain tasks through the maze in order to proceed. You’ll find a few new surprises that really invade comfort zones and push boundaries.  We won’t give away the surprise, but it’s a lot of fun.

The team of monsters are quite good.  They work very well as an ensemble to create an overall mood of sinister, even dangerous, fun.

There are enough new surprises here to entertain those who visited Sinister Pointe last year too. While some of the more successful stunts have returned, they have tightened up the other scenes that were a little weak.  Of particular note is the new swamp scene, complete with watery marsh. Only Schiefelbein would decide to build an elaborate set, complete with water features, in order to set up a scare.

Designer Jeff Schiefelbein in front of Sinister Pointe

You have one more chance to catch what is consistently appearing on the lists for top haunts in the entire country.  It is right over in Brea and not too far from the Disneyland Resort.

Visit the Sinister Pointe website for tickets and times.  This is a great haunt that is well worth the trip.

  • Sinister Pointe is a GREAT haunt. Creative and lots of surprises. Very professional and well done. I highly recommend.

  • Chadwick

    I have patiently been waiting for this years review of Sinister Pointe as this was the first chance I got to go. My wife and I had a “screamingly” great time. We went through the little door and WOW! That is all I can say. My wife almost had a panic attack. I don’t know how we made it through as each time we came to a miscellaneous door my wife thought could be here emergency ticket out I convinced her as did the marvelous monster team to keep going. All in all the night was a hit and a real deal since we had purchased the Groupon to get in. Only draw back was the line and we went on a Sunday night which was less crowded to begin with. You wait outside with scare actors roaming and movies playing but then they trick you and you wait some more inside but they did not have anything besides the atmosphere. Very minor as when I went to Knotts all I had was the thousands of other fools who went on a busy Saturday night to stare out as I waited ion a switch back of lines as well. Overall I think Sinister Pointe’s one maze beat out even my favorite maze at Knotts Scary Farm. Even with the new Trapped maze (which I did as well) Knotts has Quantity but Sinister Pointe has Quality. More than once I was trapped between two scare actors with my wife pleading to keep moving, we didn’t know where to go as either way the next jump, scare, trick was right around the corner. Great haunt. If you can go on Halloween go, get the FastPass and go…totally worth it.

  • scarymouse

    Nice review fish, I won’t make it this year but will put it on the list for next year!

  • WheresMickey

    It was great seeing you guys there! Glad you had a great time! See you next year or maybe a Christmas Maze.

  • darkamor

    So impressed that I think both Universal and Knott’s should take note … @ least 6 to 8 Mazes of this quality are all that I ask for every single year vs. 4 fine mazes and the right being time wasters ….

    Thank you for a great review & have a safe Halloween

    C J