I recently wrote about a great new nighttime candlelight tour at the Winchester Mystery House. Now, some lucky MiceChat reader has the opportunity to win a pair of tickets for a General Mansion Tour! See the house in daylight, explore the grounds thoroughly, take in the details, and explore the mysteries! Read below for details on MiceChat’s Winchester Mystery House Ticket Giveaway. Be sure to share with your friends and good luck to you!!!

Winchester Mystery House

The Winchester Mystery House is described as “an extravagant maze of Victorian craftsmanship – marvelous, baffling, and eerily eccentric, to say the least. Tour guides must warn people not to stray from the group or they could be lost for hours! Countless questions come to mind as you wander through the mansion – such as, what was Mrs. Winchester thinking when she had a staircase built that descends seven steps and then rises eleven?

The miles of twisting hallways are made even more intriguing by secret passageways in the walls. Mrs. Winchester traveled through her house in a roundabout fashion, supposedly to confuse any mischievous ghosts that might be following her.”


The house was built to confuse the ghosts, and it remained under 24 hour construction until Mrs. Winchester’s death. It is estimated that 500 rooms to 600 rooms were built, but because so many were redone, only 160 remain. “This naturally resulted in some peculiar effects, such as stairs that lead to the ceiling, doors that go nowhere and that open onto walls, and chimneys that stop just short of the roof!”

And you can see this amazing house for yourself, the beautiful furnishings, gorgeous parquet floors, art glass, custom cabinets, the mysterious Hall of Fires, the elegant Grand Ballroom, gardens, and . . . of course . . . seek out answers to the mysteries yourself.

Winchester Halloween Decorations

Winchester Mystery House Ticket Giveaway

And here’s your chance to win tickets for two (2) to Winchester Mystery House (please note that there are multiple chances for you to win!):

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