This article comes to you from Steve Rosolio, a theme park designer with Super78 Studios. He recently visited Knott’s Scary Farm and wanted to share some tips and tricks with you. We’d like to hear your additional suggestions for specific things not to miss at Knott’s Scary Farm – add your voice to the comments section below.

If you are going to Knott’s for the first time, there’s almost too much to wrap your brain around. With so many mazes, shows, scare zones, experiences, foods, opportunities, etc. you can easily miss out on something amazing. There are ton’s of great mazes (do as many of those as you can), but here are few tips on how to make the most of the rest of your experience….

  • Knott’s Roadside and Berry Farm Food stand – Located on the outskirts of the famous Ghost Town, this little stand is serving up hot dogs, burgers, and more importantly asada fries!  The location of this stand is perfect, as it is right between the Voodoo, Paranormal Inc, and Tooth Fairy mazes!  This will allow you to run up and grab a snack without missing any of the action.


  • Spurs Lounge – By day this is Knott’s Berry Farm’s chophouse located in the heard of Ghost Town, but on Scary Farm evenings the restaurant is transformed into a tiny bar offering beer and wine.  Treat yourself to a bottle of white or red wine, or enjoy one of the beers on tap.  Tired of pumpkin beers?  Celebrate the fall season with a traditional German Oktoberfest.  Enjoying the crisp beer from Spaten in Spurs is a great way to take a break from the crowds and darkness outside.  The room is also pleasantly themed for the holiday!!!


  • The Great Pumpkin Yard – Although this may not be the official name, it’s hard not to think of the Great Pumpkin and Charlie Brown while at Knott’s!  Take a break from the high intensity of the scare mazes and enjoy the towering Jack – O – Lanterns located in the back of the Carnevil Scare Zone located across from Johnny Rockets.


  • Cordy’s Corner and The Hanging – What says “Halloween” better than candy and a frightfully good show?  Cordy’s Corner is just a jump away from the Calico Mine Stage, home of The Hanging. The yearly show has been going on for 37 years and may be the last Halloween themed live show in California Parks.  Pick the show you want to see (There are many a night) and get there early, as this show is standing room only.  Send a member of your party over to Cordy’s Corner to grab some taffy while you wait for the show.



  • Ghost Town Streets – This is my personal favorite part of Knott’s Scary Farm… Especially if you are looking for a fright!  Check out the alley that takes you through Ghost Town from Ghostrider to Ghost Town Grill.  Every year Knott’s fills this alley with fog with plenty of scare actors for the most frightening thing in the scary farm.  You’ll almost get lost as you dredge through the thick fog.  There’s nothing else that feels as if you are directly in a horror movie!





I’ll be back later this week with my maze by maze rating, but what are YOUR not-to-be-missed Knott’s Scary Farm experiences?