The Claim: EPCOT—the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow, envisioned by Walt Disney before his death in 1966—was supposed to be enclosed by an immense dome.

Is the claim true or false? What is the real story?

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  • But wouldn’t an Epcot under glass have been awesome! Imagine the air conditioning bill.

  • MiceChat Staff

    It’s a shame. I really think that Walt’s plan for EPCOT would have worked.

  • Werner Weiss

    This is probably a good place to mention that the definitive book about how Walt Disney came to his vision of EPCOT (and what EPCOT would have been like) is “Walt and the Promise of Progress City” by Sam Gennawey. (I wrote the foreword.)

    • I almost mentioned that earlier. It’s a fabulous book. But I really enjoyed your research of the dome. You nailed it!

  • ChrisFL

    THANK YOU For this. I often wondered why people got this notion that Walt was turning into some mad scientist when they think of the EPCOT City plan. They’d say “He wanted to control the weather, how crazy is that?!?!” and “They could never safely build a dome like that”

    I’ve seen it on various message boards over the years and its troubling how “climate controlled” became somehow “controlling the weather”