Once upon a time, there was a single resort, simply called the Disney Vacation Club, and you could get a ride to go look at it in a really cool 1940’s school bus if you signed up for the tour.  It doesn’t seem like that was a quarter of a century ago, but it was. The swell folks at Disney Vacation Club are throwing parties for members to celebrate at select Disney Parks, and after some fun and successful ones at The Magic Kingdom, Blizzard Beach and Disney’s Animal Kingdom, West Coasters were thrilled to learn that the 25 and Beyond Bash would be making its way to DCA.  How thrilled? It sold out in minutes…it was FREE, but you know what I mean.


DVC Invited Members could check in at the ticket booths in front of DCA and inside the park near the Studio Store in Hollywood Land and the Doctor Strange preview (I saw Doctor Strange this weekend. Magnificent!)


There was kind of a hubbub (bub) when the tram entrance walkway was blocked off and everyone had to go around by World of Disney; that was also the only exit toward the Mickey and Friends trams; with the event time nearing, it caused some confusion, but once people started figuring out that there were bag check lines closer to Disneyland, things got a little less hectic. It was a one-time thing. parking was fantastic – they had the entire Daisy level ready for arriving DVC members and guests. It was a breeze to park. The line for guests without passes was incredibly long. Noe and I kissed our Annual Passports as our host, Colin, whose home resort is actually Saratoga Springs but whose work happened to bring him out here on this date, took us to check in over in Hollywood Land.


The rare, members-only button
Excuse the Crumbled-ness of this photo, was taken way later into the night! It is Anthony’s. Mine looks far, far worse.

25th Anniversary Member Button — To receive your complimentary button, stop by one of the Disney Vacation Club Information Kiosks and show your Membership Card.



I love that logo. Just off to the left was a dance party, complete with DJ. If my ears didn’t deceive me as I stayed away from the possibility of being bumped or jostled hard, the songs sounded like they were dance music and hits from a quarter of a century ago.  At Paradise Gardens, they had a fantastic dueling pianos act!

Something I will never, ever see again.


So … know your audience, right? They brought out The Disney Afternoon..and we ate. it. up. The longest character lines in the park were for Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers and Darkwing Duck, both appearing outside Disney Junior on Hollywood Boulevard.

Inside, Uncle Scrooge carried around a yellow bean bag as if it were a money bag while Launchpad McQuack and Max played tag with the kids, (we kept missing Prof. Ludwig von Drake) Disney Afternoon shows played on the big screen, and refreshments were handed out gratis from an ODV wagon inside the attraction, the program promised “after school snacks” and called it “the ultimate rumpus room”. At least nobody tried to mix paint in a KitchenAid, and a PhotoPass photographer was there to capture the magic, free for ALL attendees, no matter what their pass level.


This isn’t the only place to get treats. Throughout the park, guests could find  free churros, sodas, bottled water, ice cream bars, frozen bananas, fruit bars and popcorn. Did I forget anything? Several eateries were also open

DVC_02 DVC_03

New Costumes for the Classic DuckTales Characters, as there has been news since early 2015 that DuckTales will be returning in a big way to Disney XD in 2017. Good choice, arently.


Some other Classic Characters were out throughout the evening as well! Other characters who were out and about included the Big Bad Wolf, Three LIttle Pigs, Mickey Mouse, Aeriatrix Minnie,Clarabelle Cow, Horace Horsecollar, Bellhop Goofy (for Twilight Zone Tower of Terror LIGHTS OUT all night) and Donald and Daisy in their Boardwalk-style bathing suits!


“As Disney Vacation Club is all about helping members vacation in ways they never dreamed possible, I can’t imagine a more fitting gateway to our celebration than Buena Vista Street.” explained Ken Potrock, Disney Vacation Club Senior Vice President, “a place inspired by the optimistic journey of Walt Disney, who believed no dream was impossible. And,” (I’m quoting the Disney California Adventure Daily News, btw), “And, just as Disney California Adventure Park celebrates the Disney Dreams that continue to come true after Walt’s immeasurably impactful life, we gather here not just to celebrate the past 25 years, but the decades of magic still to come.”Ken Potrock wasn’t just blowing Pixie Dust, either. He was set up st a table on the parade route across from the entrance to Cars Land with a sign indicating that members could meet and talk, and he was there a good chunk of the evening. The rest of the night, he was seen around the party sans entourage, just as accessible and friendly to members.


Closing out the evening at 11:10 pm, we experienced our very own showing of World of Color, and it was incredible. And, hey, they ARE running the dessert viewing still, so if you want to take a loved one for a really special romantic date, this might be just the thing.


It was my first day and night back at a Disney park (with a nap in between), and it was a great return. It’s also my first article back (Anthony Hayes did all off the heavy lifting, though) Thank you so much to everyone who has kept in touch and kept me in your thoughts while I’ve been away. Thanks to Jim Hill for filling in for me; hope that’s not the last we see of you! I still have a few weeks of recovery to go, so am taking it easy or Dusty Sage will give me the puppy dog eyes and the “Shel-llllyyyy” and I can’t bear that from my sweetie. If anyone has any doubt that MiceChatters, both staff and readers, are the best people on earth, send them my way, because I’m living proof.

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