You’ve Got To Be Kidding: The Long Wait Continues

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Published on November 06, 2016 at 3:00 am with No Comments


Congratulations to the Chicago Cubs for ending their 108-year championship drought! (And condolences to the fans of the Cleveland Indians. But look at it this way; you only have 40 years to go.)  So, with Chicago’s long wait over, following is a list of Disney related things we probably won’t see for 108 years.

  • An effective overall theme for DCA’s Hollywood Land
  • Someone in North America who cares about Duffy
  • No park admission price increase for one year
  • A 3rd gate for Anaheim
  • The release of Song of the South
  • Consumer Products finally gets rid of the last of the Lone Ranger merchandise
  • MagicBands eliminated as a “failed experiment”
  • Something done with the Rocket Rods/PeopleMover track
  • People forget there was ever anything called “The Black Hole”
  • Imagineering comes up with anyone who can design on the fly like Bob Gurr
  • The fans finally forgive Paul Pressler
  • Walt Disney studios goes one full year without releasing a sequel
  • Singing of “It’s a Small World” punishable by life in prison
  • The Venetian Resort opens at Disney World
  • A little girl says she is not sure she really likes Frozen
  • Antarctica Disney opens to ensure there is a Disney park on every continent
  • Contrary to Walt’s prediction, Disneyland is completed


  • Everyone acknowledges it will be at least another 108 years for the happiest place on earth to no longer make people happy

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