Disneyland refurbishments start to wrap up as the holidays approach

Written by Andy Castro. Posted in Dateline Disneyland, Disneyland Resort

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Published on October 22, 2012 at 2:47 am with 29 Comments

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Andy is a Southern California native, raised with Disneyland and a life-long fan of Disney theme parks and animation. Andy wrote the long-running weekly Dateline Disneyland photo, news and opinion blog here on MiceChat from 2007-2016. Andy continues to make occasional special guest contributions on MiceChat.

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  • masterman626

    I had to read this twice-
    Golden Horseshoe Revue: The fabled Frontierland show returns to Disneyland for one month only, bringing back the corny jokes and enduring songs that were often enjoyed by Walt Disney himself.
    I can’t believe this! I’m extremely excited I have never had the pleasure of seeing the Revue… here’s hoping they’ll keep it if there’s a good turnout. Thanks for the update Andy!

    • jcruise86

      I’d like at least a few Micechat meeting times for this show. When the month is named and showtimes are listed, we could decide on a few on a Disneyland thread. I too would like this to be so packed that is comes back . . . FOREVER! So if they’re selling food inside, I’m buying it.

      Eisner thought Walt’s Golden (& Diamond at WDW) Horseshoe Revue show was too expensive, but I hope that this little show backs up the lesson of WWoHP & Carsland, if you spend it they will come. (I know, if you spend $150 million something that’s merely good or very good like Mission Space, all bets are off.)

  • The Limited Time Magic marketing promotion sounds like it will be interesting, even if it is a terrible name. Looking forward to Golden Horseshoe Review. But if they can bring it back for a month, they should be able to bring it back for good. I’d be thrilled with an updated dinner show. Disney makes money and we get a beloved show back. 😉

    • jcruise86

      Proving that great minds think alike. 🙂

  • Mac Daddy

    Thanks for the update Andy. Very exciting to see the park already getting ready for the holidays. The only negative reaction I had was after reading that the Dapper Dans will be doing tunes from One Direction, NSYNC and the Backstreet Boys. Some of those marketing people must have better things to do than come up with horrible ideas like this one.

    • masterman626

      I agree if your going to have them do modern songs at least have them do some with some sort of musicality to them. I know the pickings are slim but I for one would not mind hear them do “Too Close” by Alex Clare or some Beatles songs, ANYTHING besides terrible boy bands the Dapper Dans are MEN not boys and we should never mix the two.

  • Fantastic pictures, thank you! I wish there was a rule to keep everyone from putting up anything Holiday Like until November First.

  • Gregg Condon

    You have to wear a helmet to do the ice skating? It’s bad enough to wear re-used shoes, but re-used helmets as well? That kind of takes away all of the “romance” of Ice Skating with someone if you ask me.

    • Puck2DaHead

      Yeah, it appears to be the work of the lawyers on this one. I’ve seen a ton of public, outdoor ice rinks without the requirement for a helmet. I’m curious about that one, and I think the outdoor rink and set-up is a bit gimmicky. There wasn’t a comment about the size at all, but in the pictures, it appears extremely small….talk about short laps.

      …and yes, the helmet does take away from the romance of ice skating.

  • jcruise86

    It sounds like the name “Limited Time Magic” is a done deal, so just like the pink birthday park castles of years past, we should learn to live with it! Golden Horseshoe Review!

    Here’s a thread to discuss the (dead?) issue of the name: Limited Time Magic:

  • eicarr

    I’ve not been interested in a pressed pennies in a decade or two but i NEED TO GET an oswald pressed penny. That looks so cool!!!

    I miss the gurgling/glowing waterfountain at the toontown gas station and wish they put it back. It spread out the land’s interactivity down the street a little.

    That photo of the wire in New Orleans square was the best new image I’ve seen of the area in a long time…. great shot.

    Man I don’t get any of this “one disney” stuff. “Limited magic” might sound great over there in Florida, Kentucky and Tennessee but in California the cold marketing line is more of a turnoff. All they need is to show guest reaction from cars land to pack the parks… and announce early entry to pack hotels.

    I guess it was a space issue but I’m not sure why they put the skating rink all they way at the far end of that Disney Strip mall. Like the doomed sandwich chain store, who would walk all the way down there to discover it? I guess its just for hotel guests.

  • tcsnwhite

    I don’t see anything wrong with the Disney Princess shirts. It’s just a different artistic representation, more based on fashion illustration (which is an incredible art form, by the way…and is probably why they seem “skinny” to you. Fashion illustration is based on the 9 heads model. It’s not meant to be a representation of reality, but simply a stylized fashion aesthetic).
    There seems to be a trend that anytime Disney goes a little ‘outside the box’ (which some of us have actually said we wish they would do more of, particularly with merchandise…rather than put the same cartoon stock form character images on all the same clothing – especially the men’s clothing), some group always finds something to complain about with that…always with the “hip and edgy” thing. (And for the record, those shirts are not “hip and edgy”.)
    I don’t see anything wrong with different visual/artistic interpretations of the Disney characters, as long as they stay fairly close to recognizable, and are still in line with the personality that character has/represents. I mean, the D-street store, and the Wonderground (?) gallery/shop have all kinds of various artistic representations of Disney/muppet/comic book/Star Wars characters…and they certainly look “hip and edgy”…and people love those.
    The shits look nice, especially the Belle and Snow White ones.

    • tcsnwhite

      ^ *shirts
      LOL!!! Whoops….. I meant to say “The shirts look nice, …”
      Nevermind, carry on…

    • I don’t mind Disney doing off model stuff when it’s clear that it’s for artistic purposes. In fact i love it and collect a lot of stylized Disney art. But these don’t look artistic to me, they just look like the characters are starving themselves or perhaps have a heroin addiction. Don’t little girls have enough poor body image references without Disney making it worse?

      These shirts are really tacky and set a bad example. Hopefully they’ll make their way to the outlet store sooner rather than later.

      • TodAZ1

        I gotta tell you, dusty. ‘Heroin addiction’ is the last thing I thought of when I saw these shirts.

      • Nocturne

        Here we go again with more sensationalisic comments. The shirts tastefully done and clearly not tacky. Wow they are a far cry from heroin addiction chic. I may just go buy one of each for my nieces just to spite the editors of this board.

    • TifaOnACloud

      I agree. I don’t think anything looks wrong with them since they’re an obvious take on a different artstyle and a oneshot, like the Art Nouveau stuff the Disney stuff did or the Designer Princess Dolls. There’s plenty of regular clip art shirts being made if one doesn’t like them.

      Frankly, I’m more disgusted by the current Disney Store standard art since those aren’t supposed to be outright stylized and tries and fails to update the designs. Unlike these, those are starting to cover everything they sell, and they’re awful. The previous ones weren’t perfect (Aurora always seemed to have almond eyes and the wrong hair color”, but the current ones don’t even try with the dark blue Cinderella dress, long and loose haired Belle and mess of hair with none of the 50s styling for Aurora and so on.

      I’ll take that Aurora over whoever the heck this is supposed to be, though the Cinderella goes with the new DS style again.. .

  • Oathkeeper

    I personally love the new princess shirts (and I’m not even that into the princesses to begin with!). I love the artistic style they were drawn in, I wish I knew who the artist/designer behind the shirts was.

  • Tinkbelle

    I like the princess shirts, too. They are something different. The Sleeping Beauty one is gorgeous.

    I would take my girls ice skating if they were playing music from Disney films or holiday music during the holidays. It sounds so far like they are just playing Disney radio – blech. They have great soundtracks from Brave, Tangled, Princess and the Frog, Up etc. not to mention the Tinkerbell movies themselves and the old classics like Cinderella and Snow White. If I took my girls ice skating at Disney I would want a Disney experience. What they are offering is too generic.

    I love your first picture of the ornaments hanging from the tree by the French Market – beautiful shot.

  • Ravjay12

    Can’t wait until they start decorating DCA. Should be nice! Christmas time is always my favorite time at the parks! Looking forward to a really good season this year.

  • Nocturne

    The princess shirts are very clever and beautiful. “Disney Purists” don’t get to dominate the debate on how Disney should use their own characters in merchandise. I would hardly call the designs “hip and edgy”. They are simply less cartoonish and more realistic. The criticism of this clothing baffles me. This is an example of a tasteful and creative demonstration of classic Disney in a more contemporary presentation and I think it is brilliant! We should be encouraging Disney to express this type of creativity more often!

  • Rex Dopey24

    oh man the shirt of the princesses has made me laugh. i dont like the look of it but that style made me laugh out loud lol.

  • Rex Dopey24

    i had no idea that disney is trying too hip and edgy these days

  • jasmineray

    Great update! Looks like small world could use some new paint to make it really shine. It’s still beautiful, but it is clear it’s dirty in some areas.

    As for the Princess shirts, I see nothing wrong with them. They’re very cute, and Snow White looks fine. Now the pop culture shirts on the other hand… I’m not a fan. I find them annoying, actually. Definitely something I could see my young, female cousins buying, though.

  • SoCalFan

    I can’t wait for the BVS and Cars Land Christmas celebrations! Hopefully new decorations are added throughout the park. I loved the smaller ones they added to Grizzly Peak and Paradise Pier but some more to those and Hollywood Land would be great. BVS is going to be fantastic! I heard from a friend a few years back about a special Christmas light show one of their close friends was working on for BVS so let’s see what happens!

    I really love the look of the Princess shirts. It’s stylized, yes, but not something I would call “hip it edgy” or as something that pushed wrong message… As previously mentioned, the shirts are done in a fashion illustration style…it’s not meant to be a realistic representation…fashion illustration is an art in and of itself (my art education professor used to be a fashion illustrator so I’ve garnered a new appreciation for the art) and definitely has a mid-century Vogue look to them. Not much different the 50’s/60’s fashion inspired line of dolls and merchandise that was shown at last years D23 Expo. I personally love it. And honestly one could argue the original princesses (especially Aurora and Cinderella from the mid-century) were in and of themselves inspired by fashion models and illustration (just look at their thin frames, high cheek bones, etc…) but I don’t hear any comments on “message” they have been sending…

  • RatherBeAtDLand

    Personally, I think the social networking shirts are clever and tasteful. I love the Belle one. Good job on this one, Disney!

  • Tinkbelle
  • jmuboy

    I-Bolts on BVS. Hope they are painted/covered/removed come January