Please welcome MiceChat’s newest contributor, Kandy Sparkles, and her column, Mice Munchies. She’ll be focusing on the delicious side of Disney World. Today, she examines Disney’s answer to Universal’s Butter Beer. Drink up!

The newly opened Gaston’s Tavern in the Fantasyland Expansion at Walt Disney World features a new Disney non-alcoholic drink, Le Fou’s Brew. Named after Gaston’s side kick from the film, this drink has already become very popular. At first glance, it could be a worthy competitor to a certain drink which shall not be named from a nearby Orlando park.

Now offering: Lefou’s Brew, Roasted Pork Shanks, Pastries, Snacks and Beverages

The brew sells for $4.49 and is Disney Dining Plan Snack Plan eligible. But if you upgrade to the souvenir cup, it no longer will be. (Just like when you opt for the popcorn bucket over the box.)

It goes beyond the normal frozen drink or slushy you may have experienced at Disney before. The extra touches and ingredients really help add to the overall taste. It isn’t just the souvenir stein that is attracting all of the extra attention – although it probably does help.

Le Fou’s Brew is filled with 100% no-sugar-added apple juice freeze. A hint of toasted marshmallow is added and the drink is topped with passion fruit-mango foam. (This is the same foam you will find in Mango Margarita FOMZ drinks in various Disney pool bars.) For those who find this drink familiar, it just might be. This drink was first introduced by the Beverage Team in Disney California Adventure Park’s Cars Land at Cone #4 as Red’s Apple Freeze.

At first taste on a warm Florida day, it is very refreshing. You can taste the apple as it is very cider like. However, as you drink it, it does become very sweet tasting. Even with the mango foam topping, there was no overly mango taste – it was clearly a frozen apple slush.

As I reached the end, it became extra slushy and difficult to drink with a regular straw. Perhaps this is the effect of the foam topping? I had to continue to stir it to get the consistency down to something I could drink from a straw. I’ll admit, I’ve never really exercised the fine art of slushy drinking.

The souvenir glasses come in two different varieties at Gaston’s Tavern – the stein with Gaston and Beast and the goblet with Belle. This “upgrade” now makes the drink $9.99 and is no longer Disney Dining Plan Snack Plan eligible.

As you step out of “New” and back into old Fantasyland, you can easily stumble upon Pinocchio’s Village Haus. Here you can purchase another stein – with Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket. It can be filled with any beverage as sadly, there’s no specialty drink available here (yet). It sells for $7.99, and it’s adorable at first glance.

The stein makes for a nice collectable. There are some cute details of Hidden Mickeys on each side. However, up close, the sticker decorations on the side make it appear very cheap. It’s made by Whirley Drinkworks, the same people who make the refillable resort mugs and is not microwave or dishwasher safe (whose idea was that?)..

The brew has shown it is already quite popular during the recent Fantasyland Dress Rehearsals. Many have heard the buzz about the new drink and were excited to try it. Only time will tell if it continues to be a popular seller. Gaston’s Tavern also includes some other signature items – warm cinnamon rolls (very similar to the ones in the Main Street Bakery) and a Pork Shank (which is a bit like a turkey leg in the way it is served).

When you visit the New Fantasyland to experience it all for yourself, Gaston’s Tavern is definitely a key experience you shouldn’t pass up doing – at least once.

Have you tried this icy new beverage treat at Gaston’s Tavern? What are your thoughts, does it beat the drink of choice for a certain boy wizard?