Please welcome MiceChat’s newest contributor, Kandy Sparkles, and her column, Mice Munchies. She’ll be focusing on the delicious side of Disney World. Today, she examines Disney’s answer to Universal’s Butter Beer. Drink up!

The newly opened Gaston’s Tavern in the Fantasyland Expansion at Walt Disney World features a new Disney non-alcoholic drink, Le Fou’s Brew. Named after Gaston’s side kick from the film, this drink has already become very popular. At first glance, it could be a worthy competitor to a certain drink which shall not be named from a nearby Orlando park.

Now offering: Lefou’s Brew, Roasted Pork Shanks, Pastries, Snacks and Beverages

The brew sells for $4.49 and is Disney Dining Plan Snack Plan eligible. But if you upgrade to the souvenir cup, it no longer will be. (Just like when you opt for the popcorn bucket over the box.)

It goes beyond the normal frozen drink or slushy you may have experienced at Disney before. The extra touches and ingredients really help add to the overall taste. It isn’t just the souvenir stein that is attracting all of the extra attention – although it probably does help.

Le Fou’s Brew is filled with 100% no-sugar-added apple juice freeze. A hint of toasted marshmallow is added and the drink is topped with passion fruit-mango foam. (This is the same foam you will find in Mango Margarita FOMZ drinks in various Disney pool bars.) For those who find this drink familiar, it just might be. This drink was first introduced by the Beverage Team in Disney California Adventure Park’s Cars Land at Cone #4 as Red’s Apple Freeze.

At first taste on a warm Florida day, it is very refreshing. You can taste the apple as it is very cider like. However, as you drink it, it does become very sweet tasting. Even with the mango foam topping, there was no overly mango taste – it was clearly a frozen apple slush.

As I reached the end, it became extra slushy and difficult to drink with a regular straw. Perhaps this is the effect of the foam topping? I had to continue to stir it to get the consistency down to something I could drink from a straw. I’ll admit, I’ve never really exercised the fine art of slushy drinking.

The souvenir glasses come in two different varieties at Gaston’s Tavern – the stein with Gaston and Beast and the goblet with Belle. This “upgrade” now makes the drink $9.99 and is no longer Disney Dining Plan Snack Plan eligible.

As you step out of “New” and back into old Fantasyland, you can easily stumble upon Pinocchio’s Village Haus. Here you can purchase another stein – with Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket. It can be filled with any beverage as sadly, there’s no specialty drink available here (yet). It sells for $7.99, and it’s adorable at first glance.

The stein makes for a nice collectable. There are some cute details of Hidden Mickeys on each side. However, up close, the sticker decorations on the side make it appear very cheap. It’s made by Whirley Drinkworks, the same people who make the refillable resort mugs and is not microwave or dishwasher safe (whose idea was that?)..

The brew has shown it is already quite popular during the recent Fantasyland Dress Rehearsals. Many have heard the buzz about the new drink and were excited to try it. Only time will tell if it continues to be a popular seller. Gaston’s Tavern also includes some other signature items – warm cinnamon rolls (very similar to the ones in the Main Street Bakery) and a Pork Shank (which is a bit like a turkey leg in the way it is served).

When you visit the New Fantasyland to experience it all for yourself, Gaston’s Tavern is definitely a key experience you shouldn’t pass up doing – at least once.

Have you tried this icy new beverage treat at Gaston’s Tavern? What are your thoughts, does it beat the drink of choice for a certain boy wizard?


  • Malin

    To me WDW can become very repetitive when it comes to food. Especially the quick service variety. In reality this is not true but it can be hard to find if your unsure where to look. So I welcome this new column to MiceChat. A lot of people are saying the pork shank is the new turkey leg. I really hope Disney will introduce more of these unique items in the future.

  • kkorod

    Reading about all the unique options available in Cars Land / Disneyland with quick service, hoping the variety we’re starting to see here continues to grow.

  • Kandy, we are so glad to have you on the team! Really looking forward to your next column.

    I tried the apple slushy thing in Cars Land. It was good, but not something I was craving to try again. I definitely give the advantage to Universal’s Butter Beer (which I must have every time I visit the Wizarding World).

    It’s hard to believe that they didn’t make the up charge stein dishwasher safe. That’s just silly. Would you happen to know if it is also BPA free?

    • Kandace Sparkles

      Thanks everyone for the warm welcome!

      Malin — You are correct. Variety exists, but so many visitors tend to gravitate toward the same options, even when something new is present. I am with you in searching for the new and different in terms of variety, especially in quick service. Hopefully I will get to show more of than with time.

      Dusty — Thank you for your comments about this drink (Cars Land version). The resort mugs do not make any note in terms of the dishwasher, but you know we all put them in there. The resort mugs also note they are BPA free. The stein does not show anything for that under it. I really find it hard to believe it doesn’t since it is the same vendor for multiple Disney cups. Next time in the New Fantasyland perhaps we will have to ask and see what the Cast Members know. Maybe it only says on their packaging?

      • If it doesn’t say BPA free, than it likely isn’t. That’s something which would be stamped on the bottom of the mug. Really just a problem if someone puts a warm drink in the cup. However, since this is a collectible item, I’d guess that a lot of these are going to end up being used and reused and sometimes placed in the microwave or filled with hot drinks. Disney really needs a no BPA policy – get it out of drink cups, water bottles, etc. Disney is a safety conscious brand, this is just one of those little things they need to pay attention to.

  • BC_DisneyGeek

    I had the drink in Anaheim and enjoyed it, but it did turn icey at the end for me too. I suspect it’s because they use the no-sugar added apple juice. Slushy drinks like a Slurpee which are pure sugar work better in this regard.

    I’m glad to see a drink such as this in the park. When I visit a theme park, I’m more than willin to shell out the money if it’s a unique food or drink item that I can’t get at home, and this fits the bill.

    • Wreckless Abrandon

      Totally agree with you about shelling out money for unique items! It’s like when I’m on vacation in another city I’m always willing to try unique restaurants and I stay away from chain restaurants for most part!

  • lionheartkc

    I had one a little over a week ago. I’m not sure I would continue to pay the premium for it, but I did enjoy the drink. At first I was a little disappointed, because it just tasted like apple juice, but then I hit a pocket of marshmallow and that was all it took. The only thing I might do different is add a little more marshmallow, so it blends more thoroughly. That being said, it might be better after the get past “dress rehearsal” and aren’t slammed and rushing to get them out.

    Side note, I agree with Dusty. Butter Beer has a slight edge, if only because the foam doesn’t come from a can. I think on a very hot day, however, I might go for a Lefou’s Brew first (of course, I tried Butter Beer straight, not frozen). I’m guessing Lefou’s Brew is also healthier.

  • disstevefan1

    Universal wins this one! Butter Beer is better AND they have a refill price!

    On the subject of refills in the parks we all know, Mickey does NOT allow refills except in EPCOT if you know where to look 🙂

    Universal has a much better refill system that does not require RFID or any technology. You pay one price for a refillable in the park and get refills for less than a dollar!

    Universal has refills on drinks and popcorn both less than a dollar each. I can drink and eat pop corn all day and get change back from every dollar.

    • jcruise86

      Universal is cool! (Free hot chocolate when it rains out here in CA!)
      Are liquid & frozen butter beers served in the same container? I was wondering, may we try a liquid one, then a frozen one for the inexpensive refill, or vice versa?

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  • Skimbob

    I will have to try this drink on my January trip. We didn’t go to the cozy cones last week or I would have tried their drink. I have to say that they had a really cool cup. It is a road cone with a handle built in and an accordian plastic straw. It looked cool but I thought to myself where would you store it and how would you wash it other than by hand. The mugs at Gaston’s look cool as well but there again what are you going to do with it.

  • George Taylor

    This looks like a great alternative to the more syrup-based drinks.

    What’s interesting to me is that I haven’t seen any photos of Belle’s Goblet, yet. Beside the official photos. I know it won’t taste different, but no one seems to be getting that one.

    Great column! Looking forward to more food news and reviews.

  • SpectroMan

    It’s pretty funny to hear that it’s already becoming popular in Orlando.

    In Anaheim, Cone #4 is the one you can consistently walk up to, any time of day or night, with no line whatsoever, and that’s where Apple Freeze is sold. Great for me, since I enjoy it and won’t wait in a half hour popcorn line, but I just hope DCA doesn’t give up on it simply because it’s “cone” doesn’t generate enough revenue.

  • pianojohn

    I had the LeFou’s Brew and was completely underwhelmed. Maybe it was an off day, but the foam topping had no flavor whatsoever. No marshmallow, mango, anything. I saw them serve it from an aerosol can, so I thought at least it will taste like whipped cream.

    Nope. Totally flavorless.

    And I didn’t know that the warm cinnamon rolls were the same ones served at the Main Street Bakery. At least they could have come up with a different recipe or a different sweet. Mixing the sweet roll with a frozen apple juice does not taste good.

    Butterbeer all the way!!

  • fnord

    Any Potter fan will jump at the chance to drink a butterbeer, or a pumpkin juice, as these drinks are mentioned throughout the series, particularly the books.
    Who cares about Lefou anything? Butterbeer and pumpkin juice get my vote!

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