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Published on October 24, 2012 at 5:00 am with 4 Comments

We are VERY proud to introduce you to our newest columnist, Nightshadow. Many of you will remember him from Los Angeles local television. He’s a haunt and horror expert and has interviewed just about everyone in the industry. You’ll be seeing him around MiceChat, especially at Halloween time, and on a new site that we are soon to launch. We may even be treated to some videos from the Castle Shadow.

Greetings Micechat Mortals. I am The Nightshadow. The longest running cable television Horror Host in Los Angeles. This review comes from from my Dark, Haunted and Scary residence of ‘Castle Shadow’ (hey, even old castle’s have the internet in this age). I will be talking about my favorite place to visit of all time during the Halloween season, ‘Knott’s Scary Farm’ in Buena Park, California.

I have been visiting the scary farm for the last 22 years straight and a couple of years thrown in before that while I was to young to drive. Knott’s is a great place to take the family all-year long and at Christmas, but ‘Halloween Haunt’ brings out a special nostalgic feeling to us older folk, of a time when we were little tykes running around neighborhoods being scared by our own imagination.

This year, Halloween Haunt is celebrating their ’40th Anniversary’ which is a great accomplishment to their already ‘World’s Greatest Halloween Party’. Every year is entertaining, but Knott’s went all out with some especially fun mazes and more importantly, enthusiastic employee’s/monsters who make the difference in your visit. Maybe ‘The Green Witch’ had something to do with it?.

Trick Or Treat

Speaking of the Green Witch, her maze, ‘Trick-or-Treat,’ is a must see. With all the mazes and shows to see (not to mention the crowded lines) you may not have time to experience everything, but you should make sure you visit ‘Trick-or-treat’ first. It also has an excellent surprise in one of the rooms that demonstrates her wrath, that I will not spoil for you today.

Another maze that stands out for me is ‘Pinocchio Unstrung’. For all you veterans, its location was last years ‘Doll Factory’. It is whimsical yet creepy at the same time. They had a very pretty puppet girl dangling from ropes on a stage which adds to the atmosphere.

You should also check out the fascinating maze ‘Dominion of the Dead’. If you can concentrate on not being scared, check out the beautiful backgrounds and haunting scenery. There’s a lot of great art in this haunted attraction. Really!

They have even added an interactive maze called ‘Trapped’. A brilliant idea and one of a kind maze for small groups of victims. So special you must make a reservation to get in.

Along with the 13 great (mostly) mazes Halloween Haunt offers, there are cool shows to entertain you and the family.

The Hanging

Of course ‘The Hanging’ is the traditional Knott’s showstopper. With it’s special effects and comedy routines is always a must.

Another show that is quite bizarre and entertaining is run by a personal friend of mine, who appeared on my silly little cable show many times over the years, ‘Zamora’s Sideshow of Torture’. You must be warned first though, while VERY entertaining, this show is not for the squeamish or faint. Certainly not for young children. Though it seems parents are bringing them younger every year, shame on you.

 Zamora and his side kick, Dr. Odd

Also you can rest your tootsie’s (that’s feet for all you younger people) and take a break from walking by sitting on a bail of hay to watch ‘Cursed’. A pack of Were-Wolf Belly Dancers who hypnotize you with their movements (which usually works with the older males, until they get smacked by their wives).

The Haunt has been and always will be (for myself at least) the premier Halloween attraction in California. It’s rich history has another special connection for myself. Knott’s has been very good to the Horror Hosts of Los Angeles. Having them come and be a part of the legacy.

When I was a little shadow staying up late to watch Seymore, Grimsley, Moona Lisa and of course Elvira, some went on to host there own shows at ‘Knott’s Halloween Haunt’ which inspired me to become a Horror Host. Also, not to forget about the ‘Coaster Crazies’ who also find time to jump on the rides during Haunt, there are enough rides to also spike your adrenaline like ‘Ghost Rider’ and ‘Silver Bullet’.

There are, of course, also places to eat inside the haunt that are yummy, but you can also dine in two especially tasty establishments. One is the famous Mrs. Knott’s Chicken Dinner restaurant and the other is Pinks hotdogs, which is my favorite – ain’t nothing like 5 chile cheese dogs at 2am (I don’t eat them ALL there, one is for on the way home and the other is when I get home).

Knott’s Scary Farm is a great escape from reality.

A magnificent outing with your Family or close friends who also enjoy having a good time being scared.

About Nightshadow

Nightshadow is the longest running horror host on Los Angeles local television. His love of Halloween brings him to MiceChat, where he will be sharing all sorts of ghost stories and videos. If you have any questions or would like to respond to his reviews, TOO BAD!. Just a little Horror Host joke, you can write to me at: [email protected]

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  • mratigan

    cant wait to see more

  • jcruise86

    Nightshadow, I enjoyed reading that! Thanks!

  • madmonkeygirl

    Great article. However this year is the 40th Haunt not the 40th Anniveraary. Next year will be the 40th Anniversary since Knott’s started Scary Farm or Haunt in 1973.

  • spajadigit

    I was actually disappointed with this years haunt. For supposedly pulling out all the stops, the only show that I enjoyed was the hanging, and the only two mazes that really stood out from previous years was Trick or Treat and Uncle Willy’s Slaughterhouse.

    Several mazes were anti-climatic and in a couple of instances dumped you right out into a line for another maze.

    I’ve been going to the Farm every year for the last 20. I started going to Universals Halloween Horror Nights about five years ago and their mazes, the yearly improvements to their mazes, their sets/costumes/talent and the spectacle of their event is, for me, a much better value. Unless something significant changes, I probably won’t be returning to Knotts.