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Published on October 26, 2012 at 5:02 am with 14 Comments

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Cory likes Walt Disney World so much, he recently packed his bags and moved to Orlando. Cory is a photographer and writes MiceChat's Dateline Disney World columns every Friday.

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  • jcruise86

    Cory, thanks for that superb photography! Although it’s not Tokyo Disney Sea or phase one of Universal Orlando’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter, the new Fantasyland area reminds me of them and of DCA’s Carsland because the area is so well themed that it looks like it is itself an attraction–a place where I just want to hang out and take it in at different times of the day. Congrats to Disney’s Imagineers!

  • The new restaurant is beautiful. The Beast’s room absolutely reminds me of DCA’s Sorcerer’s Workshop. They have the same rose and transformational painting.

    I’m disappointed to see them using self service kiosks in such a fancy looking restaurant. It’s little things like this that make you feel like cattle when you are at Disney World. They try TOO hard to manage the masses rather than create a sense of warmth and intimacy. But it is all very lovely. Certainly the new standard for Disney World.

    I loved the Osborne lights at the Studios. They are mesmerizing. But boy are they ugly during the day.

    And I’m right there with you hoping that the TERRIBLE studio tour gets ripped out and replaced with Cars Land – or just about anything really. It serves no purpose other than to transport you to Catastrophe Canyon and back. Its replacement is long overdue.

    Great update Cory. Thank you!!!

  • KENfromOC

    Obviously this area needed such a large food-service location (haven’t been to WDW since 2005 – so not sure on that). But as beautiful as it is, just imagine that instead of a restaurant this was a full-fledged attraction in the vein of Haunted Mansion (walk-through, then omni-mover ride). I feel this magnificent detail and design has been wasted on a place to get a sandwich instead of an attraction!

    • The sad thing is that a brilliant Beauty and the Beast attraction was developed for Disneyland Paris, but never built. They could have easily slated it in at WDW. But there was more money to be made in a restaurant I suppose.

  • ParkerMonroe

    Tortuga Tavern and the old Diamond Horseshoe actually share the same [former] kitchen. As I understand it, there’s not much left. From what I hear it’s mostly used as storage now. When either dining location is serving I guess they’re getting food from the Liberty Tree’s kitchen.

    Can anyone else confirm/deny this?

  • Mac Daddy

    Great update, Cory! The new Fantasyland looks amazing!

  • waymire01

    I guess I’m a little confused about Be Our Guest.. quick service? deluxe dining? or both?.. I’m hoping both.. because sometimes it’s nice to be able to grab some good food without fussing with a full dining experience.. too many quick service are the same items over and over (please no more hamburgers and chicken sandwiches).. especially at MK… and especially the kids meals across the board. Our last trip was two weeks and my poor daughter was so sick of the same meals over and over, you can only eat hamburgers, chicken nuggets, and mac and cheese so many times. They really need to work on some individualization in the offerings based on location and theme. Looking forward to seeing a menu. For QS I have no problem with the self service ordering system, we found them much easier, faster, and less stressful.. especially when traveling with a large party, and have the added benefit of language modification.

    Thanks for the night time photos.. those are the first I have seen, and the parks are always so much prettier IMO at night.

    • chjalmarson

      Lunch is quick service and dinner is sit down. You can see the menus on the Disney World website.

  • Spongeocto4

    Thanks for the update!

  • chjalmarson

    I have my reservation for Be Our Guest on February 3! I am very excited about it. And I really like that they built a restaurant instead of a ride. Yes a ride is always fun, but you are in and out within a few minutes. I like that I’ll be able to sit and enjoy being in the “castle” for my whole meal, as well as check out all the different rooms.

    And Cory- your posts are always my favorites! And your beautiful pictures of New Fantasyland are what finally convinced my husband that we should check it out in February!

  • Amy VandenBoogert

    Tortuga Tavern is where one of the portals for the Sorcerer’s of the Magic Kingdom game is located. When the restaurant is closed, the portal is apparently turned off (which was my experience). How can you finish the Adventureland game if you can’t get to all the portals?

  • tofubeast

    I’ll be dining at BoG for dinner come December. It looks nothing short of stunning. Can’t wait!

    Thanks for the great photographs and update, as always.

  • Skimbob

    I have reservations in January during the marathon weekend. I can hardly wait to see the finished product. It looks absolutely stunning. That whole area was very well planned and laid out. Kudos to the imagineers.

  • Timekeeper

    The Inside of the Be Our Guest Restaurant looks good, I especially like the Rose Room, as it reminds me of the Enchanted Banquet at Hong Kong Disneyland in the photos, even though I haven’t been to HKDL yet. 😀