The Disneyland Resort is celebrating refurbishmas.  No, perhaps Halloween. Wait, there are lights and Christmas decorations up. I’ve got it, it must be that beloved holiday . . . Christmaween.  We are now in that strange transitional period where it’s technically still Halloween, but Christmas is slowly moving in.  It’s also the time when the fall refurbishments are rounding the bend and heading closer to completion in time for the busy holiday season. There are a lot of ongoing projects including Storybookland Canal Boats, Indiana Jones, Casey Jr. Circus Train,  Fantasy Faire Village and some facade refurbishments. And not to worry, we have a delicious update on Earl of Sandwich and the Downtown Disney district too.

As stated at the beginning, we are now between Halloween’s farewell and the arrival of Christmas. The park is taking on a clashing of holidays that is normally reserved for Haunted Mansion Holiday.  Disneyland seems taken over by Jack Skellington himself.

 Snow on the castle, pumpkins in the hub.

For Halloween fans it is always a downer to see their favorite holiday go out with a whimper rather than a bang.  But with two wildly popular holidays back to back it is the simple reality of an operating theme park.

Over in New Orleans Square Christmas is progressing even faster.  The normal, ornate garland and ornaments are already up.  In fact, you can even get your holiday plush Donald just in time for Halloween.

Don’t get me wrong, it looks nice. But Christmas before October 31st just feels wrong. What do you think? Can’t Christmas be scheduled to wait until at least November 1st?

City Hall continues its extensive refurbishment of the facade and surrounding areas.

Meanwhile the Fantasy Faire village is a tangle of metal framing and construction scaffolding.

it’s a small world holiday
The classic attraction, it’s a small world, is currently closed until Friday, November 9th, in order to install the holiday overlay.  The Holiday season doesn’t technically begin at the resort until Monday, November 12th.  So, that gives you a few extra days before the madness to get a few rides in before the huge crowds start showing up.

Ooooooo change! – but not the change you’re looking for. Move along.

While the two classic attractions, Casey Jr. Circus Train and the Storybookland Canal Boats are set to return on Friday November 16th, there is still plenty of work to be done.  Monstro is slowly coming out from behind the scaffolds and is looking great.  But inside the bridges above the canals are still stripped down to the framing.

Toontown continues to languish, even as some enhancements are going on.  Minnie’s house, while open, is still getting some yard work done, though the hills behind her house are still peeling. The restrooms are currently having the exteriors touched up, and Bennie the Cab is still missing from the entry of Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin.  You know, if he had GPS he might be able to find his way back.

Another indication that the performance space will soon be returning comes with the appearance of construction on a projection/control booth for the theatre.


It seems that Critter Country has gotten a lot sunnier.  There were several large trees, some behind the gift shop, some near Splash Mountain, that have been removed.

With very little fanfare, Disneyland hosted the arrival of the Stanley Cup.  In a quick photo op held in front of the Castle the trophy was toted out, held aloft then whisked away to the Harbor gate near the casting office where Cast Members got a close up look at it.  The appearance was strangely unnanounced and hardly publicized.


Venturing over to California Adventure, we spy some rebar and more construction peaking from behind the last remaining construction walls at the front of the park.

The new entry planter on the West side is finally taking shape.

work continues in front of the Carthay Circle Theater for replacement of the terrazzo floor entrance.


In front of Radiator Springs Racers, the beautiful neon Fast Pass sign was removed due to the expansion of Ramone’s body shop.  A sad goodbye to a lovely piece of neon, but it was out of place in the reconfigured area.  What is strange is the awkward “Entry” sign that replaced it.  The hastily installed red arrow feels tacked on and is likely a temporary installation.

The entry into the expanded floorspace is being built now.

The temporary carpet has been installed in the lobby of the Grand California Hotel.

It wouldn’t be In the Parks without a tantalizing update on the Earl of Sandwhich restaurant in Downtown Disney.  The paint job is mostly done and suddenly the progress has picked up.  Patio heaters and string lights have been installed on the canopy in front of the store and it seems that they could open within the month to take advantage of the busy holiday season.

Don’t forget, the ice skating rink is now open in Downtown Disney.  For the absurd price of $15 dollars for yourself and $12 for your toddler (do toddlers even skate?) you can ice skate on the commercial for the new direct to DVD Tinkerbelle release.  Skates are $3 extra.

Finally they have decided what to do with those abandoned old information booths that were closed way back in 2001.  It appears that the Disney Vacation Club is taking them over and will now begin their trademark, no-pressure sales push as you enter either side of the esplanade.

Prepare to be smiled at as you enter the parks!

And that is all we have here for you today from Disneyland and Disney California Adventure.  We bid a fond farewell to Halloween, say hello to Christmas and patiently wait for all of the projects to conclude.  Well folks, are you ready for Christmas? Because a lot of it has already been installed.