MiceChat’s WONDERful Disney Cruise

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Published on October 28, 2012 at 12:29 am with 13 Comments

A group from MiceChat recently took a cruise together on the Disney Wonder, traveling from Vancouver, B.C. to Los Angeles. BC_DisneyGeek has prepared a multi-part photographic report on their adventure. Our report starts on the first day as they prepare for departure. ~~Rick

Micechat comes to my hometown for the first time:

Pre-cruise, Hastin/Monorail Man gets a taste of Canadian culture:

The Disney Wonder is the second ship in Disney’s fleet, and entered service in 1999:

With the two newest ships sailing out of Florida, the Disney cruise line came to the West coast in recent years:








The Wonder docked at the Canada Place cruise ship terminal:

Pre-boarding photo-op:

Micechatters boarding the ship:

Each family is announced when entering through the lobby:

First order of business, head topside to the Beach Blanket Buffet:


Can’t go wrong with shrimp:

It was a perfect sunny day to enjoy lunch outside:


The group as seen from Canada Place:



Directly across from us is the Vancouver Convention Centre:

Looking down to Canada Place from the ship:


The pool looks inviting:


The view towards the water:

After lunch, my inside stateroom was ready. Very nice, plenty of space, no complaints:

Everyone gathers on deck for the Sailaway party:

Everyone checks their electronic devices one last time before we sail out of service range:

My boyfriend Rob was on hand to wave good-bye, and the photos from land are all his:

Waving good-bye:

And we are off, on-schedule, mid-afternoon:



The party continues:

Heading towards and under the Lions Gate Bridge:




Checking out the view from one of the outside cabins:


A look at one of the fancier cabins:

Vancouver’s Stanley Park as we head out to sea:

The city shrinks in the background:

You can watch movies from the pool on “Funnelvision”:

Beautiful sunset:



First drink of the cruise:

Dinner on night one was at Parrot Cay:


We celebrated several members of the group having recent or upcoming birthdays:

Smoked Salmon Carpaccio:

A look at the restaurant:

Seafood Risotto (lobster and shrimp over an asparagus risotto).

It wouldn’t be a cruise without towel animals:

More From BC Disney Geek soon. Have you taken a Disney cruise? What was your experience?

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Rick has been a long term MiceChat author and co-founder of the Weekend Update. You will often find Rick in the position of "Greeter" at official events due to his warm and welcoming spirit. If you've got photos, news or trip reports to share, Rick would love to hear from you: [email protected]

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  • beckramenoodles

    BC_DisneyGeek I’m so glad to see a fellow vancity citizen on mice chat! Wasn’t aware there was anyone on this part of the coast! Where ya from? We must chat more!

    • BC_DisneyGeek

      I’m in Burnaby. There are a few Micechatters in this area, but not a lot.

    • Asylim

      Yeah, I’m out in Langley. 🙂

      Not sure if you were aware of this but the Convention Centre actually starts under the sails at Canada Place. The photo you took was the expansion of the Convention Centre.

      If you were aware than never mind. 🙂

      Great photos. Look forward to seeing more.

      We wanted to do this cruise but had already planned a trip down to the resort. The timing was perfect but the cost wasn’t when considering what we had already paid.

  • jcruise86

    THANK YOU, Rick!!! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    We wanted to do that cruise or the one up to BC because we’re already at the starting or ending point, you can’t beat a couple nights in SF, and those cruises were a good value for Disney Cruises. If only they weren’t during school.

    We’re any of you seasick?
    How did you get from the airport to the ship in BC?
    Was there a pirate night?
    How was the entertainment?
    Any other tips from you or from other Wonder veterans (especially Disney Alaska cruisers–about weather, activities and on-shore suggestions–I think we want to do that lumberjack show) would be appreciated!

    • BC_DisneyGeek

      I felt a bit funny when I woke up in the middle of the night, but overall didn’t feel seasick.

      We have a rapid transit line that goes straight from the airport to the cruise ship terminal, very easy. Most people opted for a shuttle or rental car though.

      There was a pirates night, same as the East coast still referred to as “Pirates in the Caribbean” despite not being anywhere near the Caribbean.

      Entertainment was good. There were the big shows – Golden Mickey’s (did not see), Disney’s Dreams (basically Disney’s greatest hits, not bad) and Toy Story the Musical (dreadful). Beyond that some pretty typical cruise entertainment like a magician and ventriloquist. There was more than enough to keep one busy.

  • Wendygirl

    I had the pleasure of sailing on the Disney Wonder for their second West Coast Pixar Cruise. My first time cruising ever and I had the most fantastic time. If I was ever going to go, now was the time what with them pulling out of Los Angeles for regular cruises. I live nearby and so it was a breeze getting to and from the terminal. If I could afford it, I would go again in a heartbeat.

  • What wonderful memories I have of this trip. Vancouver really surprised us. It’s such a beautiful city. So clean and with great transportation. Next time, we’d allot more time in Vancouver before the cruise!

    The Wonder is much smaller and older than the Dream and the Fantasy, but it’s still a worthy ship and we really enjoyed it. The pluses of this smaller ship are that we seemed to get better service from the staff and it was much easier to get around. Even my 90 year old grandmother was able to navigate the ship with ease.

    The negatives are that the spa is much smaller and not nearly as well thought out. The ship seemed to rock more than the larger ships (especially at night). Not as many entertainment options (though it really didn’t bother us). And you do eventually feel as though you’ve seen the entire ship after just a few days (again, not a big issue). The ship is starting to feel dated. It’s probably just about time for the restaurants and facilities to be updated and upgraded. So much has been learned from the Dream and Fantasy that should be imported to the Magic and Wonder.

    Overall, we LOVED our voyage on the Wonder and would travel on the Magic or Wonder in a heartbeat. It was a WONDERful bonus that so many MiceChatters were on board and so many MiceChat events helped round out the excursions. It was truly magical and was over too quickly.

    Thank you BC Disney Geek. It was so much fun spending a week with you!

  • Barbaraann

    Thanks for the wonderful photos. One day, some day in my future that will be me reporting back to all of you.

  • Disney Analyst

    Agh!! I am so sad I missed you all. Looks like a great time! Come back and visit me in Vancouver sometime, we can all be tourists for a couple days 😉

  • MegarooFifi

    We did this cruise in 2011 (but the reverse, LA to Vancouver) and your pictures have made me a bit nostalgic! We lived in downtown Vancouver at the time, so it was extra special to bring the Wonder “home” (we live in Port Moody now). Though I did get really sick the night out of LA – but that was a combo of the motion, being pregnant and I’m pretty sure my blood sugar was low – we enjoyed ourselves, though we weren’t sure we were going to do a cruise again because we weren’t sure if we were cruising people. However, we’re doing the Alaska cruise next and I can’t wait, so I think we are 😉

  • Gullywhumper

    Hey! I’m in two of these pics! Fun trip!

  • CoreneD

    Great! Thanks for that. I’m hoping to do one of those repositioning cruises next year into Vancouver, and this post has me really excited about it. I hope there are more stateroom photos to come? And a friendly edit… the photo with the title “Vancouver’s Stanley Park as we head out to see” is not actually Stanley Park. That’s Point Grey/UBC. Stanley Park was in the shot titled “the view towards the water”. Anyway, thanks again & I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of this trip! Cheers!

    • BC_DisneyGeek

      Oops, well, it’s Stanley Park-esque, so close enough 😉