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This week in 1987, Star Tours took its first voyage. Disneyland was open for 60 hrs to handle the guests wanting to be among the first to ride!

The Round Up this week covers all the latest news, rumors and construction photos from the upcoming Star Wars land, around the Disneyland resort and beyond.

This Week’s Top Stories

MiceChat Disney News Roundup

MiceAge Disneyland Rumor Update – Empty Your Wallet
With 2016 gone and 2017 just begun, the Disneyland Resort closes the books on another crazy holiday season and looks ahead to a busy year full of new additions that will lay the groundwork for the truly momentous year of 2019 when Star Wars Land finally opens. In this update we’ll fill you in on what Disneyland’s executive team has planned for 2017 and how it will alter the way you visit the Anaheim parks.

Upcoming Events

MiceChat Disney News Roundup

  • MiceChat Anniversary Weekend – Jan 27-29th, 2017 – SAVE THE DATE! MiceChat’s funnable anniversary weekend will be bigger and better than ever. This year’s event features David Koenig, Original Disneylanders, and Disney legends!  DON’T miss it!!! Add your name to the waiting list HERE.
  • MiceChat Gumball Rally – May 6th, 2017 – SAVE THE DATE! MiceChat’s world-famous Gumball Rally is rolling your way the weekend before Mother’s Day. Two parks, one day, how many attractions can you ride?!!! Add your name to the waiting list HERE.
All things Disney!

DCA’s old Tower of Terror has literally been all wrapped up, for it transmogrification into an attraction themed to Guardians of the Galaxy.  And if you are a Southern California resident, you may want to take advantage of some special pricing.  However, if you’re from out of state, you still get to pay full price. ~ Aladdin

MiceChat Disney News Roundup

Take A Sneak Peek At Guardians Of The Galaxy Cast Member Costume
With the transformation of DCA’s Tower of Terror into Guardians of the Galaxy themed attraction, the cast member outfits will also undergo a transformation. We have a sneak peek at what may they may look like!

New SoCal ticket for spring
Two additional tickets are available for Southern California residents, until just before Memorial Day weekend. Take a look here for the price and other details. It’s a fine how-do-you-do for SoCal residents. But not so much, if you are not a local.

Walt Disney World

MiceChat Disney News Roundup

Magic Kingdom Haunted Mansion Facade Front Door
Ever wonder about the doors in the Haunted Mansion.  DocPaddock is curious as to what is behind the middle door.

RESTAURANT REVIEW – Be Our Guest: Avoid it before 4pm.
kbilzy33 shares their experience and provide some great dining tips for Be Our Guest restaurant at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World.

Podcasts & Videos

MiceChat Podcast – Ho, Ho Holiday Happenings: Christmas has become big business for the theme parks. What was once considered the “off season” is now the top draw of the year, with record crowds often recorded in the weeks leading up to New Years Eve. Dusty and Doug put on their elf shoes and take us on a virtual sleigh ride to parks across the country to see what’s going on for the holidays. Disneyland, Disney World, Knott’s, Universal, Six Flags, and beyond!

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Mousetalgia: This week, Team Mousetalgia offers you a different kind of podcast that requires a different kind of introduction. We start with an internal “Hand-with-the-Land” question from Kristen, who wants to know if its possible to enjoy a trip to Disneyland Resort with a group of 30 or more people. A trip the involves ages 0 to 85. A trip that could only happen in – well, not the Twilight Zone, because that attraction closed on Jan. 2, and Jeff was there to report on Disneyland’s special “13th Hour” Twilight Zone dessert and party honoring the last day of the ride’s operation. We’ll discuss the event, the attendees, the souvenir, and listen one last time to the storied Silver Lake Sisters. Finally, we remember Carrie Fisher, and discuss her legacy with the Disney Company. Plus – a listener reports on a near-empty park on Christmas week.

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The Sweep Spot: In this episode we talk to friend, former Disneyland Custodian and Former Circle D Ranch Cast Member Hillary Jacobson. This is an amazing interview in which we learn behind the scenes stories of what it was like to work at the Circle D Ranch at Disneyland. Hillary worked with all the animals at Disneyland at one time or another, and drove the famous Horse Drawn Trolleys down Main Street. We also cover Disneyland current events.

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MiceChat Disney News Roundup

Disneyland Photo Update: Holiday Breakout!
Have you made a New Year Resolution? If you were able to make one for Disneyland, what would it be? Yesterday was the last day for the holiday season at the Disneyland Resort. Today’s Disneyland Photo Update takes a look at the parks as they wrapped up a very busy period. The decorations will start coming down right away. Haunted Mansion Holiday and Jingle Cruise begin their transformation back to their former selves today as well. As a result of those two attractions being down, Small World Holiday will remain around for a while longer. It will continue to operate as it is until January 23rd.

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