Universal Orlando is preparing what they call a “Huge announcement,” set for November 1st. We’ll be there to bring you word as it happens. Meanwhile, Universal continues to operate as if nobody knows a thing.  While the still unannounced Transformers ride continues under non-stop construction at the center of the park, Harry Potter’s London extension is already framing up and going vertical quickly. And as if they didn’t have enough work going on at the resort, the impressive maintenance going into Island’s of Adventure’s Seuss Landing continues to add even more dazzling color to every surface. We’ll also share more construction photos of the upcoming Hogwart’s Express and pics of the new facade on the Blue Man Group theatre.

Framework continues to shoot skyward on the upcoming Transformers: The Ride 3D.  The attraction is expected to be a near exact clone of the already successful Hollywood version, complete with the advanced elevator system that creates a seamless experience on a dual level experience.

To the left, the lagoon, to the right, Hollywood Rip,Ride,Rocket.

Standing with Finnegan’s Irish Pub to the right, looking towards the construction.

 A clear look at the elevator shaft within the construction.

If you look at the far end of the construction, you will see the area with no barrier between floors.  That is where the elevator will be installed.

The other major construction project in the park is located in the far back, where JAWS once swam.  Harry Potter’s new London extension is moving along rapidly now.  A Gringott’s Bank attraction, new restaurants and shops are all expected. Soon, we may be able to tell what’s going in by the shape of the buildings. But for now, we are just impressed with how quickly this area is developing.


Work is being completed on a bridge spanning the lagoon near the Simpsons ride.


A new mural has been installed on the Blue Man Group theatre.  It is pretty plain, and well, blue.  But leading to it are new pillars which carry the theme out further.


Harry Potter is growing inside of Islands of Adventure as well, with a Hogwart’s Express attraction which will eventually connect the two parks.

Cranes are now in place and we will soon be able to spot vertical construction.

We really can’t say enough about wonderful Seuss Landing is looking these days. We’ve shared images for the last two weeks of the dramatic transformation and have more to show  you today. Put on your sunglasses and let us know what you think.

You can see the new yellow paint on the top of the post with the old faded yellow below.

Contrasts. The old paint has been stripped away and is ready for resurfacing. But in the center, a bold new paint design in front of the door really pops.
Help is on its way. This is what the whole land looked like before.

Another place that is getting a lot of colorful attention is Toon Lagoon. On our past visit, we noticed that many of the signs are now much brighter than they previously were. The colors are vibrant again, like a comic book.

Finally,  Christmas is descending on Islands of Adventure’s stores now.  While it’s a bummer to see these things before Halloween, it is minimal at the moment and reserved for the stores and not the outdoor areas of the park.

Inside the Spiderman store

Jurassic Park Gift Shop.

And that should do it for now.  Be sure to return next week as we eagerly await the big announcements from Universal Studios Orlando.  We are all but certain that they will announce what’s going into the huge construction project near the center of the park (which our readers already know all about), but will they spill the beans on everything – could there be more to this announcement?

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Well folks, what do you think the big news is going to be?

  • mratigan

    I think the announcement will have some people talking and the decpticons interrupt

    • KingEric

      I cannot wait for this announcement!

  • TacAlert

    Interesting, I didn’t know the Transformer ride at USH had an elevator system in the middle of the ride. I rode it for the first time earlier this month. It truly is a “seamless experience” as you mentioned in your article.

    • KingEric

      I was going to go out to California to ride this, but since they are building it with such speed out here, I am just going to wait to ride it here!

      • jcruise86

        I was feeling the same toward visiting Harry Potter’s World in Orlando.

  • Gregg Condon

    I’m really excited about the changes coming to Universal. Transformers is a great attraction and I enjoyed it much more than RSR if I’m being honest.

  • Blue Sky: I hope they announce a water park, Transformers, and start to detail the attractions in the Wizarding World expansion.

    I really can’t wait to greet back to IoA so I can see the revived Suess Landing for myself.

  • fravitmonk

    I think it’ll probably just be Transformers in the announcement, since that’s likely the be the only thing finished by next summer. Maybe they’ll throw in some details about the new Simpsons area, but I’m not expecting to hear anything Potter related or any other huge news.

    • KingEric

      That is about all I am expecting. After I had source at UO tell me to dial it back a bit last week! lol

      But still Transformers is HUGE! And if we get details on some of the smaller improvements like Springfield… and the changing of the story line for the Mummy I will be jazzed.

  • k_peek_2000

    I’m hearing that the announcement will touch base on the fate of T2 at USH.

    • goldenstate5

      That and more for USH. It’s an announcement for both US parks about their 2013 plans, and possibly beyond. (because why wouldn’t they just announce the Potter expansion?)


    Hmm Big news.

    But isn’t Disney buying Lucas film a much bigger story??


    How did Miceage miss this?


  • Ravjay12

    Great update! I’m really glad they’ve been sprucing their areas and they look great! I hope we get some more details on the Harry Potter expansion. Disney is just trying to steal their thunder..

  • MickeyFickey

    A tad off-topic, but do we know when the new Potter expansion is rumored to open? I thought it was June(ish) 2014, but I’ve read 2015 elsewhere. Anyone know more?

    • MickeyFickey

      To clarify, I’m referring to the Orlando Potter expansion. The Hollywood one I’ve read won’t be until 2015.

  • UniversalDesi

    Little disappointed with the Blue Man Group mural to be completely honest, I was expecting something a little more iconic, a little more elaborate – but I suppose I can see why they took the simple approach – because of the beautiful pillars leading to the stadium. But everything looks great! I’m beyond excited 🙂