In an oddly timed announcement in the wake of Hurricane Sandy’s devastation, Disney has announced that they’ll be acquiring Lucasfilm for just over $4 billion. This brings Star Wars, Indiana Jones and an empire of stories and characters into the Disney realm.

Disney has already confirmed plans to film Star Wars Episode 7 for a 2015 release and increase the production schedule of future Star Wars films. Beyond that, there was no official word. However, sources close to the deal indicate that multiple interests are at play which certainly include the theme parks and possibly ABC as well.

For years, Imagineers have been designing concepts for Star Wars and Indiana Jones related attractions, lands and even entire theme park concepts. A rapid introduction of new Lucas content into the parks is practically assured. Expect chatter, rumors and leaks to follow as Disney tests interest in its newly purchased treasure trove.

While this purchase makes a great deal of sense for Disney, which has a track record of building and promoting franchises, StarWars has a rabid fan base which is already beginning to seethe with worry that their universe will be Disneyfied and diminished (Disney had to fight similar concerns when it purchased Marvel). Disney fans are much more likely to be supportive of the deal as Star Wars attractions and festivals are already a major part of the Disney experience.

Lucas will also provide Disney with the magic bullet it needs to battle the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, which Universal Studios is doubling the size of in Orlando and building in Hollywood. The boy wizard poses such a serious threat to Disney’s theme park dominance that Bob Iger was pressured to ink a surprise deal with James Cameron to build an Avatar Land at Disney’s Animal kingdom and other Disney parks. That news was met with general disappointment from Disney fans and investors. The Lucas Star Wars opportunity should vindicate Iger and cement his legacy as a visionary leader of the Disney company. Under Iger’s leadership of Disney, the company has mended fences with many partners alienated by Michael Eisner and has successfully purchased PIXAR, Marvel and now Lucasfilm. That’s a massive amount of viable franchise content, enough to boost Disney profits and growth for many years to come.

Why was Disney in such a hurry to make this announcement on a day of tragedy, when even the stock market was closed? It should not be lost on our readers that the leak of plans for the upcoming Avatar Land and the announcement of the Lucasfilm purchase come just days before Universal’s highly anticipated announcement about upcoming theme park plans on Thursday. Poor timing from a sensitivity standpoint, but effective when it comes to stealing thunder from Universal.

Now, we turn to you, our brilliant readers. Aside from the inevitable slew of Star Wars films which are sure to follow in rapid succession, what else would you like to see? TV shows, theme park rides, merchandise? What are the ideas and concepts which have you most excited (or even worried) about the Disney Lucasfilm deal?

  • DaHatTrick

    Instead of making a Carsland at DHS, make a Star Wars one

    • And instead of rushing an Avatar Land, build a Star Wars land first. Or better yet, build us a whole Star Wars park.

      Disney just bought the only franchise which is bigger to me than Harry Potter. Way to go Disney. You just made me love you all over again!

      • MichellenMickeyM

        Where’s the like button on this thing!! I agree with all you have written. I love HP, but SW is my all time favorite!

      • OriginalMousekteer

        No, build “all of the above”.

        Cars Land belongs at DHS WAY more than at DCA–DHS can expand its borders, DCA can’t. The biggest criticism of DCA that you never hear is that they have been wasteful with limited real estate. There are NO services under- or above-ground.

        Avatar has tremendous possibilities–remember, Cameron produced two of the most spectacular films ever! And both times the industry nervous nellies were predicting certain failure. I have a suspicion that the Avatar sequels may fare better than Matrix or Pirates.

        I would love to see a SW land, park, or any new attraction. I would love to see the Captain EO theater at Disneyland demolished and that area turned into a spaceport under a glass ceiling with the following: moving the Jedi Academy to that location (configured more like the original 1977 Space Mountain Stage), a retheme of Space Mountain as a Jedi Pilot trainer, an expansion and retheming of Pizza Port, and re-orienting either the Star Tours entrance or exit fronting it.

      • johnwege

        I actually really hope they continue the Avatar Land plans at DAK. Really looking forward to it. Also I would love them to put a Star Wars Land in DHS; just do both, not one or the other.

    • OriginalMousekteer


      Can you imagine a dark ride omnimover SW “zoo” at DAK? Hosted by 3P0? With counterpoint by Yoda?

  • DaHatTrick

    I think instead of Cars Land, they should build a Star Wars Land at DHS

  • Gn2Dlnd

    I really hate the idea of Cars Land being replicated at Hollywood Studios, I’d be really excited by a Star Wars Land going in instead. Maybe this could be a way to shelve the Avatar Land idea… *crosses fingers*

    • Wreckless Abrandon

      Agreed! To step into THE Cantina would be awesome as an actual eatery! Or even walking through the Death Star and having a blast door shut in front of Storm Troopers charging at you???

      Definitely a better idea than Avatar. And to give DCA and DHS unique lands would be awesome!

  • Gn2Dlnd

    Huh. Guess I’m not the only one! 😀

  • A113PoCfan

    If Star Wars does not kill Potter, I don’t know what will.

    • I don’t think that Star Wars will “Kill” Potter, but it will certainly allow Disney to gain the upper hand again in the theme park wars (if they spend the big bucks to do it all the right way instead of the cheap way).

      • Marko50

        I’m thinking that may depend on whether it’s built in Anaheim or Orlando…

  • Malin

    Disney no longer needs to worry about Avatar. If the next three Star Wars Movies are hits. Then it can build plenty of park projects on this franchise alone.

    • mainejeff


  • CupcakeTerror

    I would be happy to see Star Wars get it’s own land and more Indiana Jones pictures. 🙂

  • JediPrincess

    So excited for this news!!!! I have been hoping for a long time that Disney would build a Star Wars land or theme park! This news makes it pretty likely! I always thought that they needed Star Wars to go up against Harry Potter. Even though Carsland turned out to be awesome, it is not at all the same scope of Star Wars. I really hope they build an entire Star Wars theme park. Each land could be a different planet! Sooo excited!!!!!

  • Country Bear

    This really opens the door for Disney to be looking at additional gates in all areas that it currently has theme parks. Star wars is a strong enough property to have its own park(s) with multiple lands and amazing experiences. I think Iger has really nailed this one down properly. Very exciting times are coming!

  • a-mad

    Great assessment, Dusty… I am curious, however, on your sources for a couple of items related to Avatar Land. Where was it confirmed that Iger was “pressured” to ink the Avatar deal? Or is that speculation? Same thing on the “general disappointment” of said deal from Disney fans and shareholders. Sure there were going to be detractors… at the same time, there were many who championed the idea of adding an immersive new themed world based on one of the most popular movies of all time. I’m just wondering how you came up with that summation – poll? article?

    Nevertheless, I’m thrilled with this news, and feel that further rides, lands (and perhaps even parks!) related to Star Wars will be a welcome addition to Disney’s theme park universe. Let’s also not forget Indiana Jones! With Star Wars, Indy, Avatar and the Marvel movies, Disney has put themselves in a great position to provide incredibly themed experiences for many years to come.

    • I may not have worded that well a-mad. Iger felt pressure from Wizarding World to do something big at WDW. And the pressure led him to make the decision to go with Avatar, even though he hadn’t discussed those plans with Imagineering first. He made a gut instinct call on it and it has caused a lot of grief for many in the company who are being forced to shoehorn in a project that many of them don’t feel passionate about. But since this article wasn’t really about Avatar, it didn’t expand on that notion.

      There were more cheers today at Disney over Star Wars than there were boos over Avatar when it was announced. A a very good thing in my opinion.

      Star Wars benefits on being hip, cool, promising and nostalgic all at once. It’s something that young and old alike all have some passion for. Really the perfect property for Disney and a major feather in Iger’s hat.

      • OriginalMousekteer

        “Star Wars benefits on being hip, cool, promising and nostalgic all at once. It’s something that young and old alike all have some passion for. Really the perfect property for Disney and a major feather in Iger’s hat.”

        Wow–really well said, Dusty (and you already know I’m a fan). It really is the perfect property–I can’t even begin to estimate the value of a major studio owning ILM, Skywalker Sound, and the other Lucasfilm technical assets. The difference between Eisner and Iger is that Eisner made too many decisions based on his personal whims–putting the European park in Paris as opposed to the plan from 1973 to build in the South of Spain, over-paying for world-class architects for projects that are largely hidden from the public (however beautiful, TDA notwithstanding), and enabling self-indulgent diletantes like Pressler (“OK, let’s throw out everything Walt Disney learned about building a theme park–just because we can!).

      • a-mad

        Thanks for that input, Dusty. Interesting stuff, re: Avatar Land, Iger, etc.

        Ultimately, it would be cool if Disney is able to do BOTH Avatar Land and further development of the Star Wars franchise – as long as they are able to integrate the properties well into their theme parks, and create massively entertaining attractions for all ages that set the creative and imaginative bar high. My hope is that Avatar Land continues forward, and knocks the socks off us all.

        One can hope!

  • sergiocaCador

    Well I’m not a big fan of star wars. Although I love seeing Goofy as Darth Vader.

    I don’t think star wars is good enough for an entire land, as Cars Land is. Cars land must go to orlando as well…

    • Wreckless Abrandon

      If you don’t think Star Wars is good enough for an entire land then you GREATLY “Underestimate the Power of the Dark Side.” But seriously, the movie franchise has lasted over 30 years and people would love to visit the locales of that universe as much, if not more than Carsland.

      I’m not a fan of the Cars Franchise, but I love the land. Why? Because it’s immersive and really drops you into another universe.

  • mratigan

    I think we found a way to fix tomorrowland

  • suzie7755

    They need to change the Innoventions building at Disneyland (old Carosel of Progress) into a rotating Death Star

    • Jeedai Infidel

      Oh this! A million times this!!!

    • That building is toast Suzie. No bringing it back. One way or another, it’s going to be leveled.

  • MrsMonroe


  • tooncity

    How about turning Epcot’s Spaceship Earth into a GIANT Deathstar. The tourist can take turns at firing that Planetkilling laserbeam at Universal Studio’s.

    • LOL – Keep your hands off my Spaceship earth! 😉

  • SimbaSpot

    With every ounce of love and affection for both Disney and Star Wars, I am cautiously optimistic toward the future of the galaxy far, far away. But even that love can’t refrain from a little playful cynicism on the topic…

    • Jeedai Infidel

      I would love to see Timothy Zahn’s “Thrawn Trilogy” on film. I definitely share your concern, like a new parent letting a friend hold their newborn baby. Be careful Disney, we are very protective.

      • WesternMouse

        Got a quick story for you on that. My first trip to DHS was Memorial Day weekend 1991. I just got off my first-ever trip on Star Tours, get dumped into the gift shop, and BANG! New Star Wars hardback books EVERYWHERE!!! At this time, besides comics, there were no toys, books, or other merchandise. Correct me if I’m wrong, but the Zahn trilogy kicked off the new wave of SW merchandising that continues to this day.

        The first book, Heir to the Empire, rocks. I wasn’t so thrilled about the second and third stories, but HTTE was excellent.

  • I cannot say I am surprised by this news. I also cannot say that I am exstatic about the deal. But, I do believe that it will benefit Disney, but at what cost. 4 billon + is a buttload of money for any company. The creative juices must flow alot from Lucus and his massive Empire (Punny huh ?) to pay for it. I hope that Disney does not put all those eggs in one basket, and make really crazy changes. ie, Small World to a Small Galaxy. Pirates of the Caribbean to the Space Pirates of the Millenmun Falcon. Or maybe, The Indiana Jones to …. Oh yeah, I forgot.I just my AP does not up too much to pay for it. 1800 credits to Jaba is too much. Peace out !

    • It’s more like 2 Billion, a number which Disney could make up very quickly on licensing, new films and merchandise. This is a very valuable franchise. The other 2 billion is in stock. It’s a smart transaction for the company and I think wise for Lucas to cash out now.

  • mkemows

    Does this mean that Disney will bring out Howard the Duck to make products of a long forgotten character like they did with Oswald? 🙂

    • Oh, please god, NO! They can trade that character to Universal. 😉

      • OriginalMousekteer

        No, you’re missing the freaking synergy–DUCK WARS!!!

        It would put the Daffy/Donald sequence from Roger Rabbit to shame!

      • Marko50

        No, don’t think they can, at least in Orlando. Howard IS a Marvel creation, and a very good one – at least, on paper.

        No, really – that paper with the pieces of wood in it that comic books were made of.

    • WesternMouse

      Howard can now get it on with Snow White.

  • eicarr

    I hope the injection talent/energy of Lucasfilm can do the wonders that our other local company Pixar did for nearby Disneyland. I know there are little touches here and there they can can give ideas on during weekend trips down to their local California Disney parks. The fun little touches that Disneyland is known for. I have a VERY good feeling about the new Disneyland Tomorrowland!!!!

  • islandmadman

    Well this completely trumps whatever Universal’s big announcement is on November 1st. Well played Disney!

  • Darth Micky, hmmm add a couple more Princesses to the Disney stalls.

  • toonaspie

    Checking to see that this isn’t April 1st.

    Excellent! This is what they should’ve bought instead of Marvel. Now let’s kiss Avatar goodbye and put Lucasfilm to work on fixing DHS. This has been long overdue.

  • tooncity

    At the opening of the Submarine Voyage at Disneyland in 1959, Walt Disney boasted about his submarine fleet being the 7th largest in the world. This Iger guy comes along and brings in a DEATHSTAR and a Billion Man Clone Army of space Storm-troopers, of the 1st Galactic Empire. This Iger plays rough.
    I always thought a Disney lawyer was the most dangerous thing on the planet. Now they’re backed by Sithlords. The Mayan Calendar is right; the world IS going to end in 2012!
    Yeah man, it just got serious!

  • waymire01

    Very surprising.. I am honestly shocked that Lucas would ever sell the rights to Star Wars considering how protective of it he has been in the past.. to the point of alienating fans over his choices for the franchise. Way better than avatar though.. I’ve always felt that Disney did an amazing job with Star Tours, and their merchandising has also been top notch. As for the movies.. there is certainly a lot more story to tell there.

    I also have to say that I live in S. Louisiana.. we are no stranger to hurricanes here. While what has happened on the east coast is horrible and I certainly wish them the best as they recover.. I do not see how that has anything to do with Disney releasing an announcement, or how it could in any way be construed as “bad taste” or disrespectful.

    • Really? When millions of people are suffering, the stock market and even the presidential campaigns are halted for the day, why would this be a good time for anyone to toot their own horn?

      Companies all over the country altered their normal routines today. The morning news programs won’t even be doing their normal Halloween dress up tomorrow. Why? Because it comes across as insensitive. Someone at Disney made the wrong call on this announcement. It easily could have waited. But they were in too much of a rush to wait.

      • Marko50

        Sorry, Dusty, I’ve gotta agree with waymire. Although it’s true that stock markets and presidential campaigns are not halted every day, millions, if not billions of people suffer 24/7/365. And I saw this announcement as not so much tooting as informational.

        Maybe we should see what Uni does on Nov 1st. Or if they do. The end doesn’t justify the means, but…

      • WesternMouse

        No need to resort to hand-wringing here. The east coast was affected. Business still moves forward. It’s not like they just announced a theme park in NY.

  • disneyohno

    I hope Disneyland’s Tomorrowland is inspired by Star Wars!! This is good news so excited about this

  • darthgonzo

    Could there be a muppets star wars movie in the future? “Luke the frog here!”

  • tooncity

    I think most people on this site concern themselves with, how this will affect the theme parks. But the real value here for Disney, is being the Giant Gorilla of Hollywood. That being the leverage they now have in making deals and services provided by Industrial, Light and Magic AND LucusArts. Both of which are now Disney.
    If you have a Big Budget film in Hollywood, then you are going to have to deal with DISNEY. Companies that have Marvel Licenses that Disney wants back are going to be intimidated into giving those licenses back. Meaning if Fox and Sony, won’t give back X-men, Fantastic Four and Spiderman back to Disney for some reasonable compensation then they may never get another project done at ILM. Or those projects will be priced way to high or will always be late. Studios don’t like that at all, so they may decide it’s better to appease the NEW Giant Gorilla in town.
    Also, Disney wants the Marvel theme park rights back from Universal. Iger wants a large presents of Marvel in Florida. Disney will use ILM to pressure Universal to give the rights back. Iger can also leverage ESPN on Universal’s corporate owners, Cablevision. ESPN can get really expensive, when your customers expect to have it in their cable package. I bet you’ll see ESPN prices suddenly rise until Cablevision is willing to make a deal. It’s all about POWER to control your destiny. Nobody in Hollywood will want to be on Disney’s bad side.
    Additionally, Disney really needs a QUALITY video game production company. It’s been 3 years since they bought Marvel. Yet, they haven’t put out a great, awesome video game of all those great characters. Disney needs to promote them because most of the world doesn’t know anything about the 5000 plus character history of Marvel, which has yet to be exposed.
    Disney’s Film dance card will be full of Franchised, tent pole Event films. When all of Disney’s assets get going at full speed, they will DOMINATE Hollywood. Disney wants 2-3 Marvel films a year. One Pixar film and one Walt Disney Animation Studio film a year. Now one Star Wars film a year. Then mix in the NEW Lone Ranger film, which could be a franchise. Don’t forget Pirates of the Caribbean, which still has legs. So that is at least 5 films a year, with a high end of 8-9, big money films. All those characters and films need theme park real estate. Disney simply doesn’t have room in the current theme parks to handle all those income streams. Nowhere close.
    We are on the verge of a true Theme park, Film and Video media death match. When Disney is ready, they’ll bully everybody in Hollywood to get what they want.

    • OriginalMousekteer

      Really, really WELL-said. (And better than I could have.)

      This is some major freaking leverage. My biggest hope is that acquiring Lucasfilm will upgrade Disney (as Pixar did) rather than detracting from Lucasfilm.

      Cross fingers.

      • OriginalMousekteer

        And let’s remember one important fact:

        Three industry giants chose to sell to Disney: Jim Henson (his children’s greed after his death notwithstanding), Steve Jobs, and George Lucas.

        Henson died tragically soon after the inital announcement, Jobs had already been ill, and Lucas is 68 and wisely planning for his legacy to survive.

    • WesternMouse

      Great take. I never thought of the sith lord grip that Disney can now put on the other studios. Your POV is a bit Machiavellian, but I can totally see it happening.

      Now I’ll throw two more acquistions candidates in the hat: IMAX next followed by Paramount. Paramount is a stretch for sure. The DOJ might block that, but IMAX? I can see that completely happening. Time to buy some stock.

    • Park Hopper

      You do understand that ILM is not the only special effects house in Hollywood? Currently, they’re not even considered to be the best special effects house in Hollywood. There was a time when they were, but not anymore. Disney isn’t going to be bullying anyone with ILM.

      There’s no denying this is a good purchase by Disney. But I think you overestimate the impact it’s going to have in the industry.

  • “It all started with a mouse” Those words just got very very loud.

  • GreeneBean

    My 2 cents: It makes business sense. Disney has several Star Wars and Indy attractions, which they must pay licenses for. Now if they own the franchise, no more payments. If we pretend that Lucasfilm breaks even per year, then Disney now goes further into the black. I work for Oracle, and I think the philosophy is if you want to use something…don’t pay for it, just buy it….revenue stream plus savings….it’s all good.

    And besides….more Star Wars stuff showing up…..this could get COOL!!

  • scarymouse

    Let’s not forget that old george lucas has deep ties to pixar,I am wondering how much consulting Mr. Lucas is going to be doing for Disney. We all know what Lasseter has done for the parks, his input was what makes Carsland so special. Since Lucas found him originally,along with Ed Catmull it seems like there was a definite connection. He got an inside track about what its like to be in the Disney family.But what it appears is that Disney bought Lucasfilms not Lucas, although he will be consulting. Hmmm how much consulting will he provide ? He is the genius that is star wars. I hope Disney can get him to provide input in the parks and not just on future film projects.

  • Crazee4mm

    So THIS is why prices at the parks have gone through the roof. Iger wanted to add the Star Wars universe to his toy collection.

    • That’s an interesting theory, but the real reason park tickets and passes went up is because Disneyland needs to show an increasing profit for the shareholders and WDW is weighing on the profits of the entire parks unit. The number of passholders is another factor. With 1 million passes, you can afford to raise the rates and decrease the surplus population a bit.

  • Ravjay12

    Great, great move Disney! This is going to get real interesting!! Us guests are the true winners in the war between Universal and Disney! This is a great time to be a theme park fan!

  • Aotphks

    Not sure how I feel this about purchase. While I don’t mind if Disney owns all of the production studios in Hollywood, I don’t think most of that creative work belongs in a “Disney” park. While I have enjoyed attractions like Star Tours and Indiana Jones’ Temple of (whatever) mostly for their technical execution, I have never felt these franchises really belong at Disney parks, I share the same feelings for the Muppets and the Marvel characters. They just do not belong in a Disney park. Of course, I understand some people enjoy those movies and such, but me? Nope. Not even my children care much for Star Wars and really don’t ride Star Tours that much if at all. Sooner or later, Disney company will have to change Disneyland’s name to Hollywoodland, or something to that effect, if they keep using someone else’s creative work in their parks.

  • Aladdin

    Wow! BIG news for Disney and Lucas Films! And so many thoughts to go with this!

    The number one thing that stands out is how Eisner initially stood for building bridges with other Hollywood entities, and then ended up burning those bridges when he usurped control at Disney. Whereas Iger has rebuilt those bridges, one by one, and then instead of buring them, he BUYS them!

    Lucas films have already been a part of Disney for decades, with Star Tours and Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden Eye. Both of these attractions have been well integrated into Disneyland, as well as other Disney Parks, with the Annual Star Wars Days at WDW Disney Studios. Some may say Indy is integrated better, however Star Tours has brought a spark of life to Tomorrowland, at two different times.

    Yes, there is Great Potential, more now, than ever before, for making the Star Wars Universe an even larger part of WDW. Most logically, it makes the most sense for the Disney Studios Park to make way for it’s own Star Wars land. Some may want Star Wars as it’s own Park, however WDW seems to struggle keeping up with just the 4 Parks (and it’s water parks, etc) So a land to it’s own, would be sufficient (with options to expand it futher, along a similar way that Universal Studios is doing with Potter.) And with Disney Studios hosting Star Wars Days each year, and Star Tours already there, it makes perfect sense for bringing new life to the Disney Studios park! The only question here is IF WDW executives really have the heart and love for WDW and the Studios to make a SIZEABLE investement in Disney Studios Park to bring us the next BIG Quality attractions with themeing to rival that of Radiator Springs over in DCA? No, the studios doesn’t need the Cadillac Ranges, the studios NEEDS the Star Wars Universe. THEY MUST be careful to have different draws to each coast!

    The other addition of ILM to Disney is also great news. Whereas, Howard the Duck, well, let’s hope he doesn’t lead some sort of coup d’etat and replace Donald, like what Pooh did to the Country Bears.

  • Redsix

    I love this deal. I think it is kind of ironic that the Walt Disney family museum is next to ILM in the Presidio. I know that the family museum has nothing to do with the Disney company. This deal is worth its weight in gold.

  • WesternMouse

    Looking forward to the SW Christmas Special dropped into the Main Street Christmas Parade.

  • lionheartkc

    All I can think is, giving John Lasseter creative control over the Star Wars universe (he is chief creative officer for Disney’s Animation Department… Clone Wars… and chief creative adviser for Imagineering, after all) might be the best idea EVER. Imagine a Star Wars universe without dumbed down characters to “appeal to kids” and with solid, well written dialog.

    Other things to imagine… Imagineering being able to tap ILM and Skywalker Sound. ILM being able to tap Pixar and vice versa. Whedon taking time off from The Avengers to add his talent to Episode VII.

    Honestly, I hope Disney back burners all talk of Avatar stuff and goes full speed ahead on Star Wars in the parks. I also hope they plug their best writers (Stanton and Doctor, maybe, if Whedon doesn’t want to stray from Marvel) into the Star Wars film franchise asap.

  • Hildy

    Well, just when you thought everything had calmed down and it would be a relatively calm after the big hoopla over Cars Land! I think the idea of an SW land in Disneyland (must be at Walt’s flagship park) is absolutely fabulous. That would bring people in droves and cover a large age bracket, too. The problem with Tomorrow Land is that it is already tomorrow and a lot of things there are yesterday. I have faith that the imagineers can come up with a land that would rival anything that a theme park has yet to offer.

    On the movie side. They obviously will have to be very careful with a new SW trilogy. Fans take this stuff very seriously. They have to be beyond good. There is no room for mistakes here. Overall, very exciting. Can’t wait to hear more.

    • The question is, will we see a Star Wars land or a Star Wars park? I would love for Disneyland Resort’s 3rd park to be made up of Indy, Star Wars and Marvel concepts. But I’d be thrilled with a whole Star Wars park too. Unlike other franchises which come and go, this one has proven to be the most powerful and long lasting. It has many decades of life left in it yet. Bring on the rides!

      • MickeyFickey

        Forget a Tron Lightcycle coaster, can you imagine a Vekoma Booster-Bike(esque) coaster themed to speeder bikes from ROTJ?

        Whoa. 🙂

  • JiminyCricketFan

    I loved your article about this Dusty. You really hit it on the head.

    Personally, I feel like Star Wars and Indiana Jones are yesterday’s news. They are old franchises that are dying. The last three Star Wars films did not impress. The same way seeing an aging Harrison Ford in the last Indiana Jones film.

    So there really needs to be a cutting edge new Star Wars film that really has endearing characters to push the franchise forward.

    I feel that Pixar was a great purchase. I think that they have shown the ability to create new characters and stories that people enjoy. Marvel was a good purchase too. There are many super heroes which can be rejuvenated to be appealing in the 21st century.

    I would not start building a new Star Wars land until the next movie proves to be a hit. Otherwise, if it sucks, the whole park might become a point of ridicule.

    • Very interesting comments. So far, every Star Wars film has been a financial blockbuster. They continue to sell merchandise, comics, games and have one of the highest name recognitions among any product in the world. If Disney spends the time to craft the right story, they’ll easily get three new blockbusters out of the franchise and possibly many more than that. I just hope they don’t overexpose it the way they’ve done with Highschool Musical and to some degree Pirates of the Caribbean. That’s the big risk. Not that Disney won’t do a good job (because I believe they will), but because they can’t resist the temptation to milk things for all they’re worth and thus kill the goose that lays the golden eggs.

  • darkamor

    It will make things easier for the Walt Disney Co to incorporate Star Wars & Indiana Jones within everyone of their Theme Parks without paying a license fee … & I’m sure we will see more Star Wars in Tomorrowland / Indiana Jones within Adventureland (or similar Land) whether its a ride, attraction, live show, dining area …. something Universal should think about doing with its Classic Horror Franchise ….

    C J

  • Atomobile

    The problem with Indiana Jones is it revolves around one persona and the actor got old. The problem with Avatar is it takes place on only ONE planet and is so heavy handed and cardboard in its characterizations. (I can’t think of one character in the film that I liked. I pretty much was annoyed by ALL of them from all sides. Who wants to spend more time with THOSE “people?”)

    The advantage Star Wars has is that Luke, Leia and Han aside, there are so many other characters that the franchise springs forth, so many planets to explore and heroes and VILLAINS (which has been a great Disney vehicle) to take advantage of. There really IS enough to create at least a land in the parks, but ONLY if the coming stories remain compelling. If the giants Lucas and Lasseter could work together, the fascinating ideas and pathos filled characters which might be developed could reignite Hollywood all over again and bring out so many interesting stories that the public could get behind and a new generation could embrace. Disney might well float for decades on it. Mishandled, the franchise could sour and take out a huge portion of the company.

  • Atomobile

    And if the StarWars franchise does what everyone hopes it will… think of the Hotel its going to spawn. ;D