Happy Monday everyone! This is Darth Daver checking in with this week’s Disneyland Photo Update. The Great Storm of 2017 has passed and this weekend the clouds have parted and the sun has shined on MiceChat’s Anniversary weekend. We’ll be taking a look at the Events this past weekend, a quick trip around the parks today and a peek at some things to come. Permanecer sentados por favor…



MiceChat celebrated it’s twelfth anniversary this weekend at the Disneyland Resort with some great events, games and adventures in both parks.

Disney Legend Bob Gurr

The fun started Friday night with a cocktail party and presentation from Disney Legend Bob Gurr.

DLU-Jan 30-PST BG 1\ DLU-Jan 30-PST BG 2

At the VIP cocktail party, Bob chatted with fans and personalized autographs of his new documentary DVD Turning Dreams Into Reality with individual doodles.

DLU-Jan 30-PST BG 3

DLU-Jan 30-PST BG 4

If you weren’t able to make it to the event, Dusty has a few additional signed copies you can purchase, please contact him directly HERE.

With a full house, Bob showed a clip from his documentary, shared stories about Walt and screened his celebrity roast.

DLU-Jan 30-PST BG 7

DLU-Jan 30-PST BG 8

A magical night! On top of it all, Dusty Sage got new ears!

DLU-Jan 30-PST BG 9

Breakfast Panel With The Original Disneylanders

DLU-Jan 30-PST DK 1

The celebration picked up Saturday morning with a panel discussion hosted by Disney historian and author (and Mice Chat contributor) David Koenig.

David Koenig (Left) moderated the panel.
David Koenig (Left) moderated the panel.

David introduced the crowd to Bob Penfield who opened the park on the Carousel before working up through management and retiring in 1997. He also wrote the book,The Last Original Disneylander: Stories & Secrets from the Last to Retire of the First to Be Hired”.

DLU-Jan 30-PST DK 3

We met Becky Morris, a PBX operator who worked in a space above the Disneyland Opera House.

DLU-Jan 30-PST DK 4

And Ray Webster, who was originally a Space Man in the park before moving into Operations, rounded out the panel.

DLU-Jan 30-PST DK 5

The group shared their individual stories of coming to work at Disneyland, how their careers progressed and shared stories about running into Walt at work.

DLU-Jan 30-PST DK 6

DLU-Jan 30-PST DK 7

DLU-Jan 30-PST DK 8

Hearing first hand about the first days of Disneyland and the amazing culture that Walt Disney created in the park was truly inspirational. Following the discussion, MiceChat CEO Dusty Sage introduced some special guests.

Emcee and MiceChat CEO Dusty Sage.
Emcee and MiceChat CEO Dusty Sage.
From Left: Teresa from Fairy Godmother Travel, Disney Legend Bob Gurr, with Imagineer, Author and Sculptor Terri Hardin.
From Left: Teresa Cory from Fairy Godmother Travel, Disney Legend Bob Gurr, with Imagineer, Author and Sculptor Terri Hardin.

After the panel, the authors autographed copies of their work.

DLU-Jan 30-PST DK 11

David Koenig signed copies of his various books. You can browse his work HERE.

DLU-Jan 30-PST DK 12

Bob Penfield autographed copies of The Last Original Disneylander, available HERE.

DLU-Jan 30-PST DK 13

And Terri Hardin signed her book as well as her original sculptures. Terri also designed the MiceChat Anniversary button.

DLU-Jan 30-PST DK 14

For the whole story on the history of MiceChat, you can hear it told by Dusty himself on the Sweep Spot Podcast HERE. It’s a fantastic story!


The MiceChat Anniversary Weekend wasn’t just about sharing memories of the past, it’s also about making new ones in the parks. Saturday afternoon and evening MiceChat fans spent the day at DCA with meet-ups, meals, an EyeSpy MiceQuest and a trivia contest complete with prizes.  Sunday was a full day affair at Disneyland.

Here’s a quick photographic look at how DCA and Disneyland looked on this unexpectedly busy weekend.

Disney California Adventure

DLU-Jan 30-PRE DCA 1

DLU-Jan 30-PRE DCA 2

DLU-Jan 30-PRE DCA 3

DLU-Jan 30-PRE DCA 4

DLU-Jan 30-PRE DCA 5

DLU-Jan 30-PRE DCA 6

DLU-Jan 30-PRE DCA 7

DLU-Jan 30-PRE DCA 8

DLU-Jan 30-PRE DCA 9

DLU-Jan 30-PRE DCA 10

DLU-Jan 30-PRE DCA 11

DLU-Jan 30-PRE DCA 12

DLU-Jan 30-PRE DCA 13

DLU-Jan 30-PRE DCA 14

DLU-Jan 30-PRE DCA 15

DLU-Jan 30-PRE DCA 16

DLU-Jan 30-PRE DCA 17

DLU-Jan 30-PRE DCA 18

DLU-Jan 30-PRE DCA 19

DLU-Jan 30-PRE DCA 20


DLU-Jan 30-PRE DL 1

DLU-Jan 30-PRE DL 2

DLU-Jan 30-PRE DL 3

DLU-Jan 30-PRE DL 4

DLU-Jan 30-PRE DL 5

DLU-Jan 30-PRE DL 6

DLU-Jan 30-PRE DL 7

DLU-Jan 30-PRE DL 8

DLU-Jan 30-PRE DL 9

DLU-Jan 30-PRE DL 10

DLU-Jan 30-PRE DL 11
With the Disneyland Railroad closed, there are some alternative activities available in this area.


DLU-Jan 30-PRE DL 12

DLU-Jan 30-PRE DL 13

DLU-Jan 30-PRE DL 14

DLU-Jan 30-PRE DL 15

DLU-Jan 30-PRE DL 16

DLU-Jan 30-PRE DL 17

DLU-Jan 30-PRE DL 18


DLU-Jan 30-PRE DL 19

DLU-Jan 30-PRE DL 20


 Disneyland Railroad

One of the opening day attractions, the Disneyland Railroad has been closed for a year to be re-routed and re-invigorated. It’s expected to open this summer.

DLU-Jan 30 FUT 1

DLU-Jan 30 FUT 2

DLU-Jan 30-FUT 3

DLU-Jan 30-FUT 4

DLU-Jan 30-FUT 5

DLU-Jan 30-FUT 6

DLU-Jan 30-FUT 7

DLU-Jan 30-FUT 8

DLU-Jan 30-FUT 9

DLU-Jan 30-FUT 10

Rivers Of America & Tom Sawyer’s Island

Another pair of day one attractions are set to return this summer with a new Fantasmic! Show. The sailing ship Columbia is also getting a retrofit that is rumored to become a Pirates Of The Caribbean segment of the new show.

DLU-Jan 30-FUT 11

DLU-Jan 30-FUT 12

DLU-Jan 30-FUT 13

DLU-Jan 30-FUT 14

DLU-Jan 30-FUT 15

DLU-Jan 30-FUT 16

Guardians Of The Galaxy: Mission Breakout

Coming this summer to replace the Tower Of Terror on the west coast, this will be the first Marvel based ride in a Disney park.

DLU-Jan 30-FUT 17

DLU-Jan 30-FUT 18


The recently announced expansion of the FastPass system at Disneyland will bring more rides into the system and add a mobile opportunity. A new FastPass station is coming together at Big Thunder Mountain while the old station will be part of an extended queue.

DLU-Jan 30-FUT 19

DLU-Jan 30-FUT 20


House Of Blues in Downtown Disney moved to Gardenwalk last year. In it’s place, Splitsville is building a whole new space. The HOB building was recently demolished.

DLU-Jan 30-FUT 21

DLU-Jan 30-FUT 22

Eastern Gateway

Disneyland is building a new parking structure behind Harbor Blvd. along with a new transportation hub, security check and walkway over harbor into the esplanade. It is expected to open in conjunction with Star Wars Land (2019?). The area is being prepped for construction and the Carousel Hotel has been closed pending demolition for the walkway.

DLU-Jan 30-FUT 23

DLU-Jan 30-FUT 24

Star Wars Land

The future of Disneyland will take place in a galaxy far, far away. Star Wars Land is being constructed in the northwest corner of the park and is one of the largest and most anticipated projects Disneyland has ever attempted.

DLU-Jan 30-FUT 25

DLU-Jan 30-FUT 26

DLU-Jan 30-FUT 27

DLU-Jan 30-FUT 28

Look for regular construction updates on my Star Wars Land News column, published on Fridays. Last week’s update is here.

Marvel Land?

With the upcoming Mission Breakout and reports of the Hollywood Studios Backlot transforming into an expanded Marvel character meet, we are looking for news that the area behind the old Tower of Terror will become a Mavel coaster. It’s currently backstage parking and a few buildings. Also, once the Eastern Gateway opens, the current Transportation Hub adjacent to the Hollywood Studios Backlot will be gone and could open up enough space to create an even larger Marvel Land.

DLU-Jan 30-FUT 32

DLU-Jan 30-FUT 33

DLU-Jan 30-FUT 34

DLU-Jan 30-FUT 35

DLU-Jan 30-FUT 36

Check out our upcoming Marvel News articles for the latest updates on Marvel Land and construction photos.

There’s lots of exciting things in the works and more to come!

Refurbishment Round Up

Below are current and upcoming refurbishments for the Disneyland Resort, and are always subject to change without notice.

Disneyland Refurbishments

Jungle Cruise – 01/09/17 to 02/03/17
It’s a small world – 01/22/17 to 02/03/17
Pirates of the Caribbean – 02/03/17 to 03/16/17
Matterhorn Bobsleds – 02/06/17 to 04/27/17

California Adventure Refurbishments

Grizzly River Run – 01/11/17 to 02/24/17
Redwood Creek Challenge Trail – 01/11/17 to 02/24/17

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