In Part 2 of this special report about Disneyland Paris Halloween, Alain Littaye takes a look at what is happening around Central Plaza as well as Fantasyland. Special thanks goes to Disney & More contributor, Max Fan, from DLRP Welcome, who took all the photos below. For our Part One look at Main Street, Click HERE.

We begin with pictures of the Disneyland Paris castle and Central Plaza.

Do you California folks recognize any of these pumpkins?

On the stage of Le Théatre du Chateau is the “Mickey’s Halloween Treat in the Street”!

Let’s move to Fantasyland, where guests can enjoy meet and greets with the Disney Villains in the castle courtyard!


We’re moving to Frontierland, where guests will find less than usual Halloween decorations. Some pumpkin men here and there, the photo location with Jack Skellington… there is definitely some Halloween deco in Frontierland but not on the scale of previous years. Apparently, most of the budget this year went to the new ghosts in Main Street USA.


And that’s it for Frontierland! Hope that you liked this Disneyland Paris Halloween update, I’ll be back with more for my MiceChat readers soon. In the meantime, those of you who are interested in my Disneyland Paris book might want to pick up a copy now for yourself or to give as a gift this holiday season. You can still find a few copies left in the MiceChat Store HERE

  • Oh how I wish Disneyland would decorate on the level of Disneyland Paris. With the new up-charge Halloween and Christmas parties, I’m sure that’s all out of the question now. They’ll likely keep cutting back at Disneyland so the day guests don’t really get as much Halloween. 🙁

    All the more reason to visit Paris (we are working on a MiceChat trip for 2014 – stay tuned).

  • KingEric

    I really want to make it out there some time for Halloween at DLP! It look so amazing and enchanting!

  • Aotphks

    The decorations in the hub look very nice. However, I have a question. Are they doing crowd control duty in this area during parades and the new night time show at the castle? My experience at Disneyland Paris is that most visitors do not obey the safety rules and jump over fences and climb on almost anything they can do view the parade and show while there is a very low and insufficient number of crowd control employees keeping guests’ behaviors and safety rules in check. I would hate to see these lovely decoration be trampled during show times in the hub area.
    I wish they did this type of decor in the US Disneyland and Magic Kingdom parks. It’s a nice contrast to the cemetery style decor on Main Street USA at Hong Kong Disneyland..

  • michael darling

    Why the parks stateside don’t do more for decor is beyond me. Paris and Tokyo get tons of figures and added scenes throughout their parks, and we basically just dress up the entrance a bit and then add bunting. Sure, WDW’s Main Street is completely magical during halloween…especially at dusk, but they could do so much more.

    The ghosts in the style of “Lonseome Ghosts” should be added to every single LAND, themed to the attractions and styles of the lands. I’d love to see a ‘tourist’ ghost or scarecrow added to each major ride.

    It’d be great to see ghosts of the mansion out and about in the park, and not just in the parade. Special Halloween sets for villains throughout the park would be awesome too. AND ALL THIS DURING THE DAY TOO….and not just for people cramming into the parties at night.

  • WorldLover71

    So many villains to choose from. Even Shan Yu. Nicely done Paris.

  • animatronic

    I’m actually planning a trip to DLP this spring. As a frequent visitor to Disneyland, we just can’t wait to see how they do it in France. 🙂