Disneyland Paris 25th anniversary starts March 26, 2017 and we have some fun news for you about the upcoming parade.  –  Max

25th concept art  5

The novelty of the day is the release of concept art, models and images of floats for the new Disney Stars on Parade. The units in the new parade are:

1. Discover the Magic (La Fée Clochette, Mickey et ses amis /Tinker Bell, Mickey and his friends)

2. Discover Friendship (Toy Story)

3. Discover Adventure (Simba, Nala, Baloo et Mowgli)

4. Discover Imagination (Capitaine Crochet et Peter Pan /Captain Hook and Peter Pan )

5. Discover A New World (Le monde de Némo et de Dory /Nemo and Dory)

6. Discover Enchantment (Prince Philippe, les 3 fées et le Dragon de Maléfique /Prince Philippe, the 3 fairies and the evil Dragon)

7. Discover Romance (Princes et Princesses Disney /Disney Princes and Princesses)

8. Discover Wonder (La Reine des Neiges /Frozen)

Capture 1

Capture 2

Discover the Magic (Mickey et ses amis /Mickey and his friends)

The opening of the parade will feature a large two part float in colorful steampunk style.

Capture 16

Capture 17

Discover A New World (Nemo & Dory)

The second float revealed by Disney is an underwater adventure featuring Nemo and friends.

Capture 3

Capture 5

Capture 4

Capture 10

Capture 13
The physical float looks just like the model above.

Capture 14

Capture 15


Discover Wonder (La Reine des Neiges /Frozen)

The Frozen float imitates a wooden look, but also has the gears and mechanical steampunk vibe of the Parade.

Capture 6

Capture 7

Capture 8

Capture 9

Capture 11

Capture 12





Discover a New Parade!

The Disney Stars on Parade will have many more units, some already known to have arrived in Paris and under assembly.





The dragon may look familiar to you. It’s a clone of the one from WDW’s Festival of Fantasy.


25th concept art 42


It’s always fun to have something new and this parade looks like a winner.

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**Source images backstage: Disney Central Plaza**