Thursday evening Universal Orlando officially announced plans to bring the successful Transformers Ride to the Studios park.  The attraction has been under construction in the center of the park since July but no official announcements were made publicly until Thursday, November 1st.

Transformers is a multi-sensory experience that uses highly articulated, mobile simulators, real sets, and multistory HD 3D digital screens to thrust guests into the middle of an epic battle between the good AutoBots and the evil Decepticons.  “Transformers is a global phenomenon and sets the standard for 3D,” declared Mark Woodbury, Universal Creative President.

Workers stood among the steel framework of the construction site during the announcement.

According to sources, the exterior of the show building will be completely different than the Universal Hollywood version of the attraction. The differences do not end there.  It is also claimed that the architecture featured in the queue will also be unique.  The decision to bring Transformers to Orlando was made days after the attraction opened in Hollywood.  But time was not on their side.  To get the attraction built on schedule, they have been working around the clock.  In fact, this will be the shortest construction timeline for the attraction in the three times it has been built in Universal parks.

The new lagoon show technology was used to reveal the big secret.

While we have been reporting on the Transformers construction since our leaking of the new back in July, we are glad that Universal Studios has finally made the formal announcement.  Many will automatically disagree with the idea of bringing a cloned attraction to the studios park, especially since another ride that is so similar is mere feet away in Islands of Adventure, in the form of Spiderman which uses the same ride system and technology.

The strategic measures of this decision far outweighed the danger of unoriginality.  This is a very clever move by Universal Creative to keep the experience at the park fresh and to continue to give visitors something to be excited about until an even bigger expansion of the park opens in 2015.  While Disney won’t be opening their Snow White Family coaster until 2014, Transformers and its high-octane thrills will open in the summer of 2013.  Then, when the dwarves finally open their mine in the Magic Kingdom, the momentum will be even more intense with some of the other projects that Universal has in store (most notably the Harry Potter expansion).

The question now on everyone’s mind is, how will Disney respond to Transformers and Harry Potter? Will their recent purchase of LucasFilm and its Star Wars and Indiana Jones properties result in a massive counter-strike of the estimated one and a half billion dollars that Universal has committed to expansion?

While Disney and Universal battle it out in the theme park environment, there is one huge winner. . . YOU! This is a time of great creativity and investment in theme parks around the globe. So battle on Autobots . . . and wizards . . . and Sith lords . . .

  • eicarr

    It sets the standard for 3D using Disney’s new Industrial Light and Magic from Lucasfilm. I wonder if Disney’s Lucasfilm will continue to work on Photo Realistic simulator rides to take people away from Disney Parks. ILM did some of the work in the AVATAR movie, so I guess they can do the FX inhouse now for Animal Kingdom.

    When transformers opened up, almost all the youtube comments on ride stated basically “This is the same exact ride as spiderman but sucks in comparison.” So I was surprised that they’re building it, thinking that they would replace spiderman with it when they lost the Marvel license from Disney down the road. I rode Transformers over the summer and thought it was OK(had the coldness of a parking garage), but Disney has nothing to worry about…. Carsland blew it out of the water by a mile and then some.

  • jcruise86

    I’n no Michael Bay/Transformers fan, but I LOVE this attraction at USH. It’s so tech based that it might not be a classic like the HM or PoTC, but it is so excellent and fun that it doesn’t bother me that Universal is featuring it on both coasts, like Disney’s HM & PoTC. And making it so quickly is most cool and magnificent!

    I hope that once plans are completed for Hollywood’s WWoHP, that they’ll work on that with the same ferocity.

    Thanks, Universal! Many Disney parks fans are grateful to you for taking a cattle prod to Mickey’s &!$!#!.

  • Gregg Condon

    I know many people argue that they shouldn’t have the same ride system, but I’m not one of them. Is having Space Mtn and Big Thunder in the same park redundant? Haunted Mansion and Little Mermaid? Snow White and Pinnochio?

    Same ride system doesn’t mean same ride. This is a great addition to USO.

  • While Transformers is a clone, it’s a darn good one! This is a great placeholder attraction to keep the momentum going until Potter 2.0 opens.

    Universal is really doing things right these days.

    We’ll see how they hold up to the competition as Disney begins to roll out Star Wars attractions and lands. I have a feeling that they’ll keep innovating.

  • jcruise86

    I wish Universal could clone Spiderman at Universal Studios in Hollywood, but the giant mouse now owns Spidey.

  • Ravjay12

    Disney’s going to be playing catch-up for years! Great job Universal!

  • CityWalkin

    While this is all fun and good the main theme here seems to be that this is a way to keep the park fresh until the Harry Potter expansion is complete. So with that in mind does anyone know a timeline on Harry Potter (estimated of course)?

    • KingEric

      So we should see an announcement Harry Potter related winter 2013. So around the same time next year.

      We should see the WWOHP open Spring/Summer of 2014.