Magic Kingdom News and Construction Update

Written by Cory Disbrow. Posted in Dateline Disney World, Walt Disney World

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Published on November 02, 2012 at 5:01 am with 13 Comments

About Cory Disbrow

Cory likes Walt Disney World so much, he recently packed his bags and moved to Orlando. Cory is a photographer and writes MiceChat's Dateline Disney World columns every Friday.

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  • doppio

    Love the park specific merch. Thanks Cory.

  • QPerth

    Small moves, but these items of Park specific merch are wonderful, and I really hope this trend won’t be just a trend! But a growing list of items.

    Another wonderful Dateline for regular visitors, and people who’ve never been alike. Thanks so much for all your hardwork in bringing these to the fans near and far!

  • That Cars Land ear hat with the Anaheim and Orlando castles sure is interesting!

    Great update Cory. Your farewell to Halloween photos were beautiful and make me miss the holiday already.

    • Cory Disbrow

      I’m more excited for Christmas. I think the parks truly shine during the holidays!

  • SoarinMatt

    I think “the living under a rock” statement was really rude considering what happened outside of Disney this week (Hurricane Sandy) and that so many people in the New Jersey, New York, New England area are without power and can’t access any news, and even if they could, Disney buying Lucasfilm is probably the last thing on their minds.

    • jcruise86

      I forgive you, Cory! Thanks for an excellent update!

    • Cory Disbrow

      Never meant to offend anyone, just a phrase. Apologies if I did.

  • dsnyfnatic

    Um Splash Mountain doesn’t “run dry” because of cold temperatures (with the possible exception of the water cannons occasionally being turned off). It was experiencing “technical difficulties” off and on pretty much all week, and part of those difficulties caused the water to be shut off from the “big drop.”

    Also, where are the pictures of the GIANT canvas tarps covering the entire Splash station? They’ve been there for almost three weeks now and no photos!

    • Cory Disbrow

      I didn’t mean that the whole ride was dry, I guess have should have specified just the drop at the end. Logs were most definitely going down the drop the way you see it in the update.

      As for the tarps, I didn’t know about them. No one mentioned them to me, and I simply haven’t been on Splash in weeks, so I would not have seen them for myself. I try my best to cover everything I can, and sometimes it just doesn’t happen.

      • Kidgenie

        Hi Cory. It is true, the logs were falling with guests in them, and no water falling down the big drop, Chick a pin hill. However, this is not because of weather. It is due to mechanical issues they are having. The same thing happened this summer.

  • Folks, Cory is covering the entire WDW resort. If you see news, changes, anything interesting going on, please be sure to write us and let us know about it and we’ll be sure to send someone out to cover it. 🙂

  • wdwprince

    I love the details like Brer Rabbit on top of the light post also. Here is a pic I took in 2010 of it.

  • Plaiditude

    “In case you were living under a rock?” Oh, no, sorry, I was just living through the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. I was one of the lucky 10% who had power on Long Island, 90% of Long Island didn’t have power. Half of us still don’t. On the day of the announcement, I was watching ABC the ENTIRE day til 7 pm and they didn’t even announce it, they were covering the hurricane. We all know ABC is owned by Disney, so that should give you a hint at the magnitude of the storm, and the aftermath that we’re dealing with up here.

    I’m a former CM, a DVC member, and even I couldn’t give two you know whats about the announcement, considering what we’re dealing with up here. Many people aren’t living under a rock, they’re living without homes, electricity, and heat when it’s going to be 30 degrees tonight. Please try to be a bit sensitive, that was very poor wording there.