Christmas comes to Disneyland with unique new holiday offerings in Cars Land and Buena Vista Street

Written by Andy Castro. Posted in Buena Vista Street, Cars Land, Dateline Disneyland, Disneyland Resort

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Published on November 12, 2012 at 5:05 am with 359 Comments

About Andy Castro

Andy is a Southern California native, raised with Disneyland and a life-long fan of Disney theme parks and animation. Andy writes the weekly Dateline Disneyland column, which can be found every Monday on MiceChat.

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  • Finding Gigi

    Great update!!

  • christab06

    Really enjoyed this update and photos! Happy 5th anniversary!

  • sucho23

    Looking forward to visiting all the christmas decorations on January 1st.

  • disney1218

    I think all the cars land and buena vista street decorations look wonderful. I wish I could be there right now.

  • RogueDefiance

    Love the article with all the photos! Can wait to see everything in person and maybe try out some of those Monte Cristo Bites as well. Also, it’d be really cool if they sold those ornaments that are on the tree at Ramone’s, I’d totally buy them.

    • RogueDefiance

      *can’t wait

  • chiroguy40

    Cars land looks great

  • Peter Pan fan

    Great post today! This gets us to excited to BE THERE in 2 weeks!


      I will also be there in 2 weeks..Can’t wait!

  • chiroguy40

    Cars land looks awesome!

  • hbsunshine175

    Christmas at Disneyland is the best! Love to see California Adventure finally done up right for the Holidays!

  • tinkerkim

    Thanks for the update. I love the pictures of Cars Land.

  • jcruise86

    Wow, there are a lot of comments today!

    Excellent update, Andy!

    Carsland does look great!
    The Christmas lights there (in fact since that whole land there) look great!
    I can’t wait to visit!

    Good job, Disney!

    (I will miss the real reindeer.)

  • CoreneD

    Thanks for the update! It looks great! Can’t wait to see it in person in a couple of weeks!
    (and if you happen to draw me for a prize, I have a US address, so please do get in touch!)
    Happy holidays!

  • JamesM

    Thanks for the update. Everything looks great! And congratulations on 5 years!!!

  • brem

    Thanks for a great update.

    My favorite point in the article:
    “In true Cars Land fashion, many questions are raised by the land’s holiday overlay — how exactly do the cars decorate, for example… and most importantly — why do they decorate with car parts? Isn’t that kind of… weird?”

    Not weird, but definitely morbid. Nothing like hanging lungs out as garland…

  • Outtiehere82

    Great update! So excited to check out the holiday decor in a few weeks.