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It’s been a very busy news week! Theme Park Price increases, Fire inside the Disneyland Resort’s Mickey & Friends parking garage, Tom Sawyers Island and Guardians of the Galaxy ride exterior come out from under tarps. And lots of Disney photos and news.

The Roundup has all the latest theme park updates, so let’s get started!

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MiceChat Disney News Roundup

Disneyland Resort News and Photos – What’s Love Got To Do With It
Will you be my Valentine? Today’s Disneyland Update was mostly shot on Friday. We rushed to get as many photos as we could before the forecast rains arrived. But I assure you that there is a lot to share with you. Disneyland ticket prices have gone up again. AP Days delivers little, but is just enough to convince swarms of APs to line up for over an hour. Refurbishments, killer merchandise and the search for Valentines Day.

MiceChat Disney News Roundup

Annual Pass Prices Increase at Disneyland and Walt Disney World – February 2017
Early Sunday morning, Disney Parks and Resorts increased prices and have altered their existing Annual Pass programs for both Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts. Let’s dive into the changes for each resort:

All things Disney!

A fire in the Mickey and Friends Parking structure, Disneyland prices increase, and auditions being held for new characters/new show are all in news this week!  ~ Aladdin

MiceChat Disney News Roundup

Guardians of the galaxy partial exterior revealed!
Although hope remains for changes inside the old DCA Tower of Terror, part of the Towers’ new exterior look has been revealed, and the overwhelming consensus is not as positive. Take a look and tell us what you think!

Joe’s lazy Friday morning at Disneyland Trip Report
mre200200 brings us their 1st trip report for 2017 They take time to enjoy Toontown, teacups, and the Tiki Room, and then feed the birds (Ducks in Disneyland and Seagulls in DCA)!

Single day ticket prices rise on Sunday
The last couple of years have seen an insane price increase for Disneyland Tickets, so the price increase this year seems smaller. However a one day one park ticket for a person ten years old and up, will now set you back $110 on a regular day and $124 on a peak day. Will that fly for guests?

Car fire in M&F
Nine Cars were affected by a fire in the Mickey and Friends parking structure. The parking structure was evacuated due to the fire and smoke. Details are here.

New Stage Show coming
Auditions are being held for a new entertainment offering at the Disneyland Resort. But which characters would this be for? Gaston, Flynn Rider? Perhaps this would be for Guardians of the Galaxy characters, for when the Tower opens again? Or might this be for other Marvel characters? What or who would you like to see have a show or a meet and greet?

AP Days First Day
order 1966 has this report on some of the special offers for Disneyland Annual Passholders, including special merchandise and special meet and greet characters.


Rumors abound at Disneyland Resort. Are they getting a new show? A new theme for an old restaurant? ~ Trekkie Dad

New Stage Show coming
Disney Parks Talent Casting is holding open calls for a new entertainment offering at Disneyland Resort. One part is for a male actor with an athletic/muscular build to portray an established character who is quick-witted, adventurous, and charming. Any idea who that might be?

Village Haus changing to Gastons?
StickyFrenchToast claims to have heard this rumor “from the inside.” Some of us like the idea; others not so much.


This week we have a preview of the Rivers of Light show along with some announcements about future openings in the World. – DLandFansAZ

MiceChat Disney News Roundup

Rivers of Light Preview
mtlchuck has posted a preview of the Rivers of Light show and wonders what are your initial thoughts.

Pandora at Animal Kingdom to open May 27th
Disney Parks Blog has announced that Pandora, The World of Avatar will open on May 27th.

“Star Wars” to open at WDW & Disneyland in 2019
RTDJ has shared the announcement that the Star Wars themed lands will open in 2019 according to Bob Iger, Disney Chairman and CEO.

Walt Disney World ticket prices to increase tomorrow (2/12/2017)
It is that time of year again and RTDJ has shared more information about the ticket price increases.

Off Shore and Other Theme Parks

Seems like virtual reality is the latest thing for theme parks. ~ Trekkie Dad

New VR at 6FMM & 6FDK
Six Flags Magic Mountain and Six Flags Discovery Kingdom (both in California) are partnering with Samsung for a “one-of-a-kind mixed reality experience.”


Disney taking over ownership in Europe, Shanghai saving the day and Bob Iger’s warning, there’s a lot going on overseas. – DLandFansAZ

MiceChat Disney News Roundup

[News] Disney purchasing Euro Disney in full, investing cash
brett has posted information from the LA Times that Disney will take over full ownership of the European Parks.

Shanghai Disneyland Park Is Off to a Much Needed Sizzling Start
hulkbox brings us news that Shanghai had a six percent increase in revenue, making up for big drops in Disney’s first-quarter earnings.

Disney would be affected by Trump’s threats to China
Disney depends on good trade relations with China and Bob Iger warns against alienating the world’s second-largest economy.

Podcasts & Videos

NEW – Star Wars and Marvel in the Disney Worlds: It’s a full on gossip palooza in the February MiceChat Podcast. Massive new lands for Disneyland and California Adventure come with rumors galore. Plus the big changes as Walt Disney World and an Epcot transformation.

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Mousetalgia: This week, we review two new books ! First, we discuss “B-1st” by Disney artists Retta Scott and Woolie Reitherman, and we take a close at this interesting World War II-era proposed children’s book that never made it to publication – until 2016. We examine the exquisite art and cultural mores evidenced in this in-progress project that was never completed. Also, we look at “The Art of Moana,” and talk about the features, facts and imagery that the book presents about this Academy Award-nominated film. Next, we answer your questions, with topics including Candlelight Weekend expectations; adulting at Disneyland Resort and finding the best lounge; a surprise performance by the Mariachi Divas; preparing toddlers for the drama and excitement of a first trip to Walt Disney World; ideas for commemorating the successful viewing of every Disney animated feature; Disney’s ties to Hollywood’s Magic Castle; and a cautionary postscript to our stolen stroller story. Plus – show some Disney love this Valentine’s season with our tips and tricks!

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The Sweep Spot: In this episode we welcome back Disney historian and author Jim Korkis. We discuss the new offerings Disneyland had in the year 1967, including the new Tomorrowland, and Pirates of the Caribbean. This is a great look at both these areas and we know you will learn something new. Plus the latest in the Disneyland Current events. For show notes and our book Cleaning the Kingdom go to www.thesweepspot.com

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Column Round-Up

Plus, don’t miss these other featured MiceChat columns!

MiceChat Disney News Roundup

Star Wars Land News: ??/??/2019
Star Wars Land will open in 2019. But that isn’t the biggest bombshell dropped in Star Wars Land News this week. We have some breaking news, a bunch of questions and an interesting theory. Strap yourself in…we’re in for a bumpy ride!

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