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Published on November 05, 2012 at 5:00 am with 6 Comments

Disney DVD Easter Eggs came into their own with the introduction of Laserdiscs and DVDs. The ability to pause a scene and carefully check out all of the details led to the discovery of little secrets, tributes and hidden details that were too hard to catch before. I ran into an interesting one while watching the 1978 film, Return From Witch Mountain.

What we could make out, read:

Golf at Beautiful
Lake Buena Vista Resort
Golf & Country Club

Even trying to zoom in didn’t offer any clearer views of the billboard. Of course, this was part of the time period that Imagineering and Disney were developing the Lake Buena Vista property at Walt Disney World.

During the scene, I was able to pause it on the gold ball at the top of the sign. it read: WED Special 2.

Anyone have any ideas what the billboard said or have a good image of it?


The 1995 animated short, Runaway Brain, is featured in Walt Disney Treasures – Mickey Mouse in Living Color, Volume Two.

In this scene, Mickey needs to be convinced about his identity, so he is persuaded to look into his wallet. In addition to a photo of him in Steamboat Willie and a Social Security Card, there is a library card.

Guillard County Library
Mickey Mouse
2495 21095

Any thoughts or ideas on the meanings behind the library card? Could the numbers be a date range? February 4, 1995 to February 10, 1995?


Monster’s Inc. has a few Disneyland references thrown in to some of the bedroom scenes.

One of the scenes has a poster of the Disneyland Astrojet on the wall of the bedroom. This is one of the pre-1964 posters, so he is either a really big fan or his parents love him enough to give him the very best.

The next poster is one for the Sailing Ship Columbia above the bookshelf. I can only imagine that some of the Pixar animators had these same posters growing up. We all know that John Lasseter is a former Disneyland cast member and a big fan of the parks.

Have you seen any other Disneyland tributes in Pixar films?


The Great Mouse Detective, from 1986, offers two special little details.

When Basil and Dr. Dawson are searching the Toy Shop, Olivia turns the corner to chase a bubble. The bubbles emanate from a Dumbo bubble blower with a rotating head. Notice the circus drum that Dumbo is sitting on and the circus-like tent with the large D.

During the last chase scene, Ratigan boards his dirigible to make his escape. When I first saw the airship, I immediately thought of the Airship Hyperion from the 1974 film, the Island at the Top of the World. It might be just a coincidence, though!

Cory at Voyages Extraordinaires looks at Discovery Bay and its connection to 1970s Disneyland.

Have you seen any other great details from Disney films?

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  1. When I saw Frankenweenie I saw ride posters in front of the movie theater

  2. This was really interesting. Though, I’m glad there are people like you around to pause every frame and look for clues . . . because it’s all I can do to get through a whole film the regular way. ;)

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  4. In Beauty and the Beast, when Maurice comes across the roadsign, it’s hard to read, but if you pause on the sign, the part pointing to the clear, sunny environment reads Anaheim. The part leading to the dark, forboding place reads Valencia. They just happen to be the locations of Disneyland and Magic Mountain, respectively.

    • OMG. That is SO funny. LOVE IT!

  5. I belive durring another scene in Monsters Inc there is a Storybook Land Cannal Boats poster on the wall inside of a cafe Mike and Sully walk past in Monstropolis.