WONDERful Cruise on the Disney Wonder Day Two

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Published on November 04, 2012 at 5:00 am with 4 Comments

A cruise on the Disney Wonder was just the ticket for second annual MiceChat cruise. The Disney Wonder traveled from Vancouver, B.C. to Los Angeles. Today we enjoy BC_DisneyGeek’s photos from Day Two of this WONDERful cruise. ~~Rick

Day two begins with baby races:

Breakfast on the open deck, beautiful:

The crew swimming pool:

The kids pool:

There was artwork everywhere:

The Cadillac Lounge had a very vintage feel to it:

Today they hosted a martini tasting and presentation, for a reasonable $15 fee:

We got to try five varieties:



What a room with a deck looks like:

The view:

Jeffrey enjoys the soft-serve ice cream bar. In addition to basic chocolate or vanilla, there was banana, mango, and blueberry, all very good:

Teresa of Fairy Godmother Travel did a wonderful job arranging the trip:

All dressed up for dinner at Palo, the upcharge restaurant on the Wonder:

Micechat occupied the private dining room:

Amazingly delicious portabello mushroom concoction:

I had a second appetizer:

The excellent rack of lamb:


Our waiter, preparing the souffle here, was fantastic:

Lemon cheese ravioli in raspberry sauce. It’s $20 extra to dine at Palo and worth every penny:

After dinner a few of us walked laps on the jogging track to burn off a few of the calories:

Disney’s Oceaneer lab is an activity center for three to twelve year-olds. For one night they invite adults in to make Flubber:

Chris and Matt doing the cruise ship simulator. They only crashed it a few times:

The scientist performer was great. After working with kids all day, he seemed to really enjoy letting loose with some adult-oriented (and politically incorrect) humour.

Demonstrating what happens when you combine liquid nitrogen and balloons:

The scientist asked of Hastin “Monorail Man” and his colourful tie, “were you a clown in a former life? No? Just this one!”:

The formation of Flubber:

Another night, another towel animal:

I’ll be back with Day 3 soon. It just gets better folks.

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  • http://micechat.com Dusty Sage

    Wonderful report of a fantastic trip.

    I totally agree that Paolo is worth every penny. Though that one picture makes it look like Fishy and I ordered 3 chocolate souffles . . . when we really only ate 2 ;-)

  • jcruise86

    Thanks for this update! I look forward to the next one. I thought Palo was $75 more. Twenty sounds very reasonable (or else you are as good as a professional food photographer), but my wife and I don’t feel like bring nice formal wear. Is there a formal night on the cruise? (In which case we’d have it anyway.) And was there a pirate night on your cruise?

    • BC_DisneyGeek

      Remi on the newer ships is $75 more, so maybe you were thinking of that.

      There is a formal night, but you can eat somewhere other than your dining room if you choose to avoid it.

      Yes, we had a pirate night.

  • Gullywhumper

    Hey! I was on that cruise!