Disneyland Paris Readies Ratatouille Attraction

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Published on November 04, 2012 at 5:00 am with 6 Comments

There are lots of changes happening around the Disneyland Paris Resort and Alain Littaye of the Disney and More Blog has a photo round-up for us. It looks like the Ratatouille attraction at Walt Disney Studios is coming along nicely! ~~Rick


I’ve got a fun new Disneyland Paris update for you today (with special thanks to Max Fan from the DLRP Welcome blog for his fantastic photos). We have lots of pictures of the ongoing work on the Ratatouille ride at the Walt Disney Studios, but we’ll begin at the Disneyland park with good news: Peter Pan’s Flight is open again after a few weeks of refurbishment.

Of course nothing has changed in the ride itself, but apparently the ride is smoother, though the arrival landing remains a bit hard. That said, we’re pleased to hear that there has been ride improvement. Ever since they installed the ability to board two vehicles at the same time some years ago, the smoothness of the attraction has been impacted.


Nearby, either the It’s a Small World Celebration with the special annual Christmas theming is already in place, or perhaps it’s just the sign which has been changed so far.


In Adventureland, guests had a chance to meet Baloo and King Louis. I know it seems minor, but although DLP guests are used to seeing them on the floats during the parade, it’s very rare to find meet and greets with these characters in Adventureland. Don’t ask me why!



On Central Plaza there was also minor painting work on the new building that was built early this year to house the Disney Dreams show control operations.


I know many of you may be dying to have an update on what is going on with the new Ratatouille ride, so let’s head on over to Walt Disney Studios!


Max has provided a number of new photos of the Ratatouille works for you, and as you’ll see the show building structure is changing very fast from one week to another.





Have a closer look at this next picture, you’ll see the metallic dome structure which will be an important element of the ride. 3D projections should happen under this dome – which will be covered by a screen, of course.


What, you don’t see it? Let’s zoom in! Do you see it now?


There is another glimpse of the future if you take the Tram Tour, as the the tram travels very near the Ratatouille show building. What you can see is that they are currently in the insulation process and also looks like they are starting some theming – at least on one of the walls.




More pics of the Ratatouille works are coming soon, so stay tuned.

The park sent a message to folks planning to attend the Halloween party on Oct 31. The park wanted them to know that there were some restrictions on costumes and make-up.


If you can’t figure out the meaning of this flyer, it says that no “bloody zombies” will be allowed in the park.


I’ll be back soon with a new update, in the meantime, for those of you who are interested in my great Disneyland Paris book might want to pick up a copy today for yourself or to give as a Christmas present.

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  • That Ratatouille ride is almost enough to make me want to visit Disneyland Paris again.

    Nice to see them getting a truly unique attraction and not just a watered down clone from elsewhere.

  • Bongo

    Man, what a mouth. Reminds me of that monster from the video game Amnesia…

    Hopefully the Ratatouille ride will bring in some more revenue. Park has been struggling for quite some time, which is a shame because it is literally one of the nicest looking parks. Too bad a lot of the French have a very anti look on the park, seeing it as a, quote,” Europe’s ‘cultural Chernobyl’…has never been anything but a Trojan horse pouring toxic American culture over Europe”

    • So true. I absolutely LOVE Disneyland Paris. But Disney didn’t do themselves any favors in the early days of the park and sort of ruined their reputation. Though the new Ratatouille ride is being built in the Studios park and not the Disneyland park.

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  • eicarr

    This makes me want to go again soon. When I went I expected to be disappointed like with Disneyworld’s magicless Magic Kingdom, but I was so impressed with all the Disneyland-like details and enchanting experiences at Disneyland Paris. It’s a very special place in its own right and wish them the best.

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