Another week of intermittent wet weather swept through Disneyland this past week. Honestly, if you can stand the inconvenience and discomfort, rainy days are really the new “off season.” When it was dry, Disneyland was packed, when it was wet, Disneyland was enjoyable. Have you tried the Grey Stuff at the new Red Rose Taverne in Fantasyland? Lines were up to two hours long to get in there on opening day. But during the rainy days, you could waltz right in (though the signature dessert was still in short supply).  Scott Attula posted a full review of the limited time restaurant yesterday HERE.

Welcome to Disneyland

At times it was sunny, then cloudy, then rainy – a rollercoaster weather week. Our thanks to Scott Attula for assisting Dusty with photos this week!

It doesn’t take much inclement weather to wash a lot of guests out of the park.


Matterhorn is down for its annual refurbishment.
It’s almost that time of year . . .
The Pink Lapacho trees around the central hub of Disneyland are just beginning to bloom. It’s going to be really beautiful in the next few weeks.

The big wishing well project is still underway. The fountain is being completely rebuilt.
Ariel was out between storms.


Around the Rivers of America, the sailing ships are both being worked on. The Mark Twain and Columbia traded spots on Monday, with the Twain moving to Fowler’s Harbor for refurbishment.

The tarps around the Columbia were down as well! It’s looking great!


With Pirates closed for refurbishment, extra pressure is placed on the Haunted Mansion.


FastPass and Pirates being down have resulted in the Haunted Mansion having extended lines (often wrapped through Magnolia Gardens) on average days.


Haunted Mansion is now set up for MaxPass. But does this attraction need FastPass at all?


I noticed the crow was back up on the tree entering the graveyard this week, glad to see him menacing guests again.


Happy Mardi Gras!

Guest flow through Critter Country under the train tracks. The train begins a hard turn just after Hungry Bear. The bridge is under major reconstruction.


Space Mountain looks beautiful at night. Too bad it’s filthy during the day.

The line for getting into the AP Days Lounge can get pretty long…they’re also running a return time only policy for meeting characters.


The line was nonexistent on Friday for taking a picture with the drum


I noticed they added some flair to the registers in the AP Lounge.


This week they changed the meet and greet to the Country Bears. When I was there it was Liverlips McGrowl and Wendell, while earlier it was Big Al and Terrance


They added a leaderboard for the arcade machines. Who’s that good at Pac-Man?!


Tomorrow and…what? Oh, wait.


I love it when experimental shots work out…this was a 1-minute long exposure!


Another experimental shot, a long exposure of the Electrical Parade!

They actually added some lights to Pinocchio now since his float is missing from the parade!


This exposure shot makes the Electrical Parade look like a wall of lights…


Star Wars Land Construction

Darth Daver brought us a great Star Wars Land update this week. Here are a few of the photos along with a link to the remaining Star Wars goodness.

More Star Wars Land construction photos HERE

Disney California Adventure

As you walk from Disneyland to DCA on a rainy day, you’ll notice the old terrazzo compass in the center of the Esplanade is behind safety gates. Apparently it gets very slippery when wet.

Oh no . . . “Spirit” teams!

Disney Jr. is still pulling in crowds even though Disney is about to cancel it.

11am on a Sunday and a long line has formed at Award Wieners. The restaurant has just opened for the day.
They have banana corn dogs folks. They’re good. REALLY good.


If you are still on the fence about the new live action Beauty and the Beast, see the extended trailer at DCA. Should help you form an opinion. Personally, I can’t wait to see the new film. All signs are pointing to a massive box office hit.


In addition to Cheerleaders, there was also a student musical group performing on Sunday.


Speaking of Cheerleaders, the Frozen show was canceled this weekend so the theater could be used for spirit competitions.


The old Hollywood and Dine building was also appropriated by the Cheerleaders.


Tower of Terror covered itself for the sake of modesty this week. After showing a bit too much color and unsightly pipes, beige tarps thankfully went back up. When this butterfly finally appears from its cocoon, I’m sure it will be beautiful . . . oh, who am I kidding . . . it’s going to be covered in pipes. 

The mural covering the Tough to be a Bug show building has seen better days.

There weren’t very many people out in the pathways on this rainy day, but the queue lines were still really long.

Refurbishment work is being conducted on World of Color.

After a long refurbishment following the Christmas season, the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail has returned. It was quite an extensive refurb too. Everything has been re-roped, re-painted, and re-invigorated. It all looks like brand new.

I’d never been in the Ranger Headquarters before. It’s a nice little themed spot.

Across from the Challenge Trail, Grizzly River Rapids is also closed for its seasonal refurb.

Scaffolds are up on the big drop.

Let’s talk this through . . . the wait time photos below were taken at 11am on a rainy Sunday. The park was not busy, as you’ve seen in the photos above. However, wait times for Sorin’, Radiator Springs Racers and Midway Mania were all over an hour. Screamin’ was 30 minutes. Why? With Tower of Terror, Grizzly River Rapids and the Hyperion Theater all closed, there’s just not enough big ticket attractions in the park to meet the demand . . . even on an uncrowded rainy day!

Disney Grand Californian

Major refurbishment continues on the entire pool area at the Grand Cal. The pool deck and pools are essentially being completely resurfaced. It’s quite the ambitious project. But we aren’t sure why they are doing this. The Grand Cal pool area looked just fine. We stayed there not long ago and enjoyed the pool and hot tub. Nothing looked out of the ordinary. The Disneyland Hotel did something similar last year.

A big section of the hotel is also behind a construction tarp. This is a very expensive hotel to stay at. There are likely some unhappy guests.
Looks like they are preparing to cement some flagstones into place.

Disneyland Resort Refurbishments:

  • Autotopia will undergo a short refurbishment from March 20-22.
  • The Matterhorn Bobsleds are closed for refurb. No return date has been announced but it should return this spring.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean is closed for refurbishment through March 15.
  • The Main Street Electrical Parade is scheduled to end on June 18.
  • Rivers of America and the Disneyland Railroad attractions remain closed for Star Wars land construction.
  • Grizzly River Run is under refurbishment through March 22.
  • Mickey’s Fun Wheel is closed for refurbishment through March 3.
  • World of Color will be closed for refurbishment through March 5.

All of us on the Disneyland Photo Update crew would like to thank you for joining us today. Today’s MiceChat Disneyland Update was shot and assembled by Dusty Sage and Scott Attula.

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