Hello everyone, here is the latest news from Disneyland Paris. Bonjour à tous, voici les dernières nouvelles de Disneyland Paris. We have lots of construction and renovation to share, as well as the brand new merchandise for the 25th anniversary of Disneyland Paris!

In the Fantasia Gardens, the Gazebos have New color scheme:

Before :

Now :

The repaving of Fantasia Gardens is almost complete.

The first 25th Anniversary shop windows are being installed in the Disneyland Hotel.

Minor renovations on Main Street.

On « Flora Unique Boutique » Some 25th anniversary merchandise has made its way to Flora’s Unique Boutique. Overall, it looks pretty good !

25th Anniversary Tinker Bell figurine (€49)


25th Anniversary bowl (€12,99)


25th Anniversary mugs (€10,99)


25th Anniversary champagne glass (€9,99)


25th Anniversary Mickey and Minnie hats (€24,99)

25th Anniversary Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse T-shirt (€19,99):

Other Merchandise :

Under the Castle, the Dragon’s Lair lighting has been updated. It looks really good!

Work in progress on the Royal Castle Stage floor.

The canal of the “Le Pays des Contes de Fées” is being renovated, the attraction will open with a little surprise.

New rocks have been built in front of Pirates of the Caribbean to keep visitors from climbing into the decorations. The exterior renovation of the attraction continues.

Work at the entrance of Discoveryland has completed.

The laying of pavers is done at Star Tours, the entrance of the shop and the photo point for Darth Vader have been revealed. The area is fantastic!

All sorts of Star Wars related changes are coming to Discoveryland. The new version of Star Tours is on the way, Hyperspace Mountain will replace Mission 2 on Space Mountain, and Star Wars character meet and greets will be added.

New Lights

At the « Fort Comstock », the renovation continues with the partial reconstruction in wood ! The result is good despite the construction that lasts longer than expected. A

At the Fuente Del Oro Restaurant the walls surrounding the main building were raised and painted!

Merci de votre fidélité. See ya real soon !