No sooner had Universal Orlando announced the Transformers ride last week, than Christmas seems to be suddenly sweeping in.  Islands of Adventure’s retail locations are getting the full treatment and being decked to the walls with festive trees and garland.  At the same time, more upkeep is happening in Seuss Landing. We also show you another wonderful ride that could use the same level of attention in the park.  Let’s not forget the progress occurring on the new Harry Potter expansions in both Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios too.


It is mostly the retail locations that are getting the holiday treatment at the moment.


It’s a shame that the amazing Dudley Do Right’s Ripsaw falls has not been given the respect that it deserves. A beautiful layout for a flume ride is marred by show scenes that are either half executed or completely abandoned all together, leaving gaping holes along the ride path.

On top of the fact that the ride was constructed without enough funds to complete the show scenes, it is now suffering from some cracks and other minor maintenance problems.

Wouldn’t it be remarkable if they used some of the 1.5 billion set aside for capital investment to finish this attraction? The ride technology is solid, it’s just the show that needs to be finished. If they would enclose a few areas along the flume and flesh out scenes that are merely suggested, this could easily be a world class attraction.


More evidence is trickling out that the Hogwart’s express will soon be coming to IOA. A new construction sign was installed recently that smacks of Harry Potter.


We are paying close attention to the renovation and repainting that Seuss Landing is getting. To begin with, it is very encouraging to see Universal taking care of this high-maintenance area of their resort.  But there are still a few sections of the land that could use some attention.  Let’s hope that management is aware of these spots and that they are on the list to be repainted.

A cracked beak and faded yellow paint.

The extremities here are worn.

Mold in the cracks and wear and tear are evident here.

 But there is also quite a bit that they HAVE addressed since last weeks update.  Take a look.

Almost makes you want to eat green eggs, doesn’t it? Though not opened when we stopped by.


As you all know, of course, Transformers: The Ride 3D is coming to the Universal Orlando resort in the Summer of next year.  This $40million dollar attraction will be another solid addition to the roster of attractions being amassed at the Universal Orlando Resort.

Out front, a new Bumblebee figure has been installed heralding the arrival of the attraction.

Inside the park, construction continues around the clock.  We are promised a brand new, unique facade that is unlike those in Hollywood and Singapore.



Finally, we wrap up with a glance at the construction site of the yet to be announced Harry Potter addition to Universal Studios Orlando park.  While nothing has been announced officially, nothing has been denied either.

And there you have it. Christmas is moving in, Transformers are coming soon, Suess Landing is getting brighter and Harry Potter is on the horizon.  We are really looking forward to Grinchmas this year (December 1st through January 1st) and will bring you photos as soon as it starts to appear!