Welcome to another SeaWorld San Diego update! This week, we’ll be taking a look at the preparations being made for the Christmas Celebration event as well as some of the other happenings around the park.

The Celebration of Christmas is around the corner! 

Lights are being installed all over the park, beginning with the temporary entry. I find it funny that they’re taking the time to decorate the entry, since they’ve announce major construction for this area beginning in December.

With the Halloween Spooktacular wrapping up this past weekend, there are still some remains.

Flags have been put up at the entry promoting Christmas.

You may remember these from last year. These light balls were put around the entry of Shamu Stadium. This year, however, they have expanded their glow to take over the walkways leading up to and around the stadium as well.

Here is a close up look.

The giant inflatable octopus has disappeared and will resurface next year. In the mean time, we should expect something here…maybe a Christmas tree?

The mermaid has also left her meet and greet station. Usually, there is a Christmas tree lot/maze put here. We’ll see what the plans are this time around…

Over at the Dolphin Stadium, dozens of white Christmas trees have been set up.

They really bring a nice touch to the place.

Each tree is equipped with blue LED lighting. This should look quite spectacular when turned on.

Near Pet’s Rule, you’ll find some hanging icicle lights.

They don’t really look like icicles during the day, but I bet they’ll look fantastic when lit.

They’re kind hard to see when just looking up.

At the Artic Plaza (the place between Wild Arctic and the Penguin Encounter), the same ice pole decoration has been brought back.

Last year, we saw star lights attached to the cables. We’ll see what they put up this year.

The Wild Arctic Trading Post shop has also been decorated with a flurry of holiday décor.

Snowflakes have been hung and a small Christmas tree has been added.

Preparation for Snow World is almost complete!

A new main entry has also been added.

The bushes surrounding Snow World have also been dressed with Christmas lights.

A little of this, and a little of that… 

It’s hard to imagine how after all these years, we’ll be seeing a fancy new entrance to the park in a little over a year!

Due to the size of the new entrance, I won’t be surprised if we see it extended further into the parking lot. It’s going to be three-acres, you know…

This whole area will have animal interactions (including touch pools and aquariums), shops, dining experiences, and more.

One of SeaWorld’s creatives, Brian Morrow, gives a closer look into the new entrance in this new video released by SeaWorld:

The food stand next to Pet’s Rule is now behind walls.

This is exciting to see. New Coke Freestyle machines have been added to the food market near Pet’s Rule.

Each machine is equipped with an LED screen which displays different Coke products. Once you press on a product, different variations of that product will appear (ex. Fanta Orange, Lime, Grape, Fruit Punch, etc.) You then press the circular PUSH button underneath the screen to get your drink.

It’s off season once again, and that means that the park closes at 5:00PM during the week and there is usually only one show time for each of the major shows – like the Blue Horizons show above.

Just one last thing… 

The Christmas Celebration will kick off on November 17. The Member’s Preview will be on November 16 from 4PM – 10PM.

We’ll be back with one last look before the event kicks off! Have you been to the Christmas Celebration at SeaWorld San Diego? What are you hoping to see this year?