Hello, and welcome to Dateline Universal Orlando! This week, we’re taking a tour of the brand new #FallonRide at Universal Studios. Let’s go!

Welcome to Universal Studios!

Time to head into 30 Rock.
The ride is in technical rehearsal until its grand opening in April.

Warning signs.
It wasn’t up and running yet, but the queue will be virtual once the ride is fully open. That means you will be able to just wander around, charge your phone, or sit down and relax until your group is called to ride!

NBC things everywhere.

The first room on the first floor is a mini-museum to the history of the Tonight Show.

Jack Paar has his own glass case.
As does Johnny Carson.

Jay Leno gets some love.

Even Conan O’Brien’s short lived version of the show is represented.

Lastly, there is a display for Jimmy Fallon as well.

You are handed a colored card upon entering this wing. When the NBC jingle goes off and the logos in the room change to your color, that is when you head upstairs.

Upstairs, there is a lounge with comfy chairs, screens with games for the kids, and ways to send Thank You Notes to your friends and family.
The Ragtime Gals barbershop quintet does old-timey arrangements of modern songs.

They also do the very popular classroom instruments from the Tonight Show.
The area where the Gals perform.
Hashtag the Panda, the Tonight Show’s current mascot comes out, dances a bit, and then meets and greets with those waiting for the ride.

Once your color gets called again, you then get your 3D glasses.

There is a fun pre-show, where the safety precautions are rapped by a member of the Roots, and then it is off to ride!


Overall, this attraction is a little bit of a mixed bag for me. The queue is brilliant, and guests love the feeling of not actually waiting in zig zag lines. The entertainment throughout is also a nice touch. That being said though, the ride is what will divide most folks. It is a 3D simulator, very similar to many of the other offerings at the Universal parks. The ride is fun and silly, but I wonder if we are getting close to a point where the Universal guests will start rejecting these 3D based motion simulators. So, as it stands, Race Through New York is somewhat the future of theme park attractions, but also a minor step back as well.

More on this attraction from MiceChat Stephenie very soon.

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