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This week in 2008, Disney California Adventure debuted the Pixar Play Parade. This fun and enjoyable experience featured many favorite Pixar characters.

MiceChat Disney News Roundup

Though with the recent “ Festival of Holidays” celebration, “Food and Wine Festival”, and Guardians of the Galaxy construction the Parade is not scheduled to run in the foreseeable future.

Speaking of DCA Food and Wine Festival, the Round Up has the latest news on the Festival as it makes its debut this week. There’s also a bevy of news, rumors and photos from Disneyland, Disney World and beyond!

This Week’s Top Stories

MiceChat Disney News Roundup

Disneyland Photo and Rumor Update – Major Fantasmic & Halloween Changes
Just when you think you know everything there is to know about the Disneyland Resort, things change. This week’s update brings news of some of the revisions expected for the new version of Fantasmic at Disneyland. New name, new scenes, new music, it’s a familiar but very different show. We’ll give you the scoop below. Also, word is leaking that Halloween may move from Disneyland to DCA for the 2017 season. Plus, photos and updates from around the Disneyland Resort. This is a big photo update with some juicy new details, so let’s get going . . .

MiceChat Disney News Roundup

Kevin Yee: Epcot 2.0 Rumor Explosion
Early plans afoot to give Epcot a major overhaul. New rides, shows, attractions and even a new pavilion. But what will become of Figment, Universe of Energy and Innoventions? And where could two new animated feature themed rides be going in World Showcase? Kevin’s got the scoop.

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All things Disney!

A BIG milestone for Pirates of the Caribbean attraction at Disneyland. Lots of questions haunt us, with the rumor that the Halloween Parties may be moving back to DCA  ~ Aladdin

MiceChat Disney News Roundup

Halloween Parties Moving To DCA in 2017
It’s possible that Disneyland’s paid Halloween event may move back to DCA this year. Would the Halloween fireworks show still be seen at Disneyland? What will happen to the Cadaver Dans? Will Ghost Galaxy still be offered at Space Mt? Would we see the return of Candy Corn Acres at DCA? Will Guardians Escape get some sort of Halloween makeover? What other type of Halloween Entertainment should be added to DCA if the party moves there?

Pirates of the Caribbean 50th anniversary
Walt’s most acclaimed attraction will soon be celebrating it’s 50th anniversary. Does Disney have any recognition planned for this special milestone? What kind of special merchandise will be available? Follow along here to see if Disneyland does anything at all!

MiceChat Disney News Roundup

MaxPass to be free for SignaturePlus APs, $299 for other passes
prestonewing is wondering if anyone is still interested in purchasing the MaxPass if the price is going to be $299 extra.

Are Disneyland visitors scalping Fastpasses?
The OC Register has an article about the scalping of Fastpasses at other Disney Theme Parks.  Could Anaheim be next?

Tale As Old AS TIME Time – Red Rose Tavern and Maurice’s Treats Open
englishpauliewalle brings us reviews (and pictures) of Maurice’s Treats and the Red Rose Tavern.

Disneyland 2035- What attractions are most likely to be gone?
So the year is 2035.  Spectacular is wondering what attractions have made their way to Yesterland.

Werner brings up a memory of the Swisskapolka from the “Swiss Family Robinson” Treehouse that played in the area by Pirates of the Caribbean.

Camping Out Along Main Street Will Be Prohibited (?)
What started as a rumor may be policy as of Monday.  Camping out spots for parades will no longer be allowed until the poles and ropes go up.

People are strangers
So bayouguy likes to drum up conversations in line with other guests.  Have you tried it and what is your experience?

All things Rumors!

Are major changes planned for Walt Disney Studios Park at Disneyland Paris? ~ Trekkie Dad

MiceChat Disney News Roundup

TWDC wants to DESTROY Walt Disney Studios Park
As Walt Disney World changes a large chunk of it’s Studios park. Rumor has it that a a huge placemaking is rumored for the Paris park, according to Fultimate.

Podcasts & Videos

NEW – Star Wars and Marvel in the Disney Worlds: It’s a full on gossip palooza in the February MiceChat Podcast. Massive new lands for Disneyland and California Adventure come with rumors galore. Plus the big changes as Walt Disney World and an Epcot transformation.

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Mousetalgia: Comedian and podcaster Tim Babb returns to Mousetalgia this week to discuss Disneyland’s new no-parking-on-Main-Street rule, and general queuing etiquette. When is it okay to save places in lines for parades and attractions? As the parks get more crowded, are there unspoken rules that guests should follow? We weigh the pros and cons of hopping in and out of lines. Plus, we stay on top of recent listener email, with topics including making magic for others in the parks (pin-giving vs. pin-trading); attending Disneyland during Grad Nite – is it a potential pitfall, or just another day?; and helping a Walt Disney World pro make the most of an early summer trip to Disneyland. Next, we offer the top three attractions we’d each like to see receive a holiday overlay (a Halloween grand circle ghost train tour, anyone?) Also, we share our Disney secret tips, including methods for travelers with children to get to Disneyland from the airport without a child’s car seat; Walt Disney’s own chili recipe; and tips for finding hotels near the Disneyland Resort.

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The Sweep Spot: In this episode we welcome former Disneyland Tour Guide Andrea Keech to the show to talk about her time working at Disneyland in 1969. She had the honor of taking guests on tours of Disneyland, and has some great stories to share. Plus, we’ll discuss her book (Cream of the Crop: Tour Guide Tales From Disneyland’s Golden Years) as well as the latest in Disneyland current events.

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Column Round-Up

Plus, don’t miss these other featured MiceChat columns!

MiceChat Disney News Roundup

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk 110th Anniversary Expansion
This column regularly features new rides and events at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom and California’s Great America; meanwhile the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk keeps chugging along as what is arguably the finest seaside amusement park in the nation. But while there was nothing new to report last year, things are different in 2017 since no park is going to ignore its One Hundred and Tenth year in operation!

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