Yesterday we posted a HUGE update on the 2017 Disney California Adventure Food and Wine Festival. Today, we’ve got a few more photos from the Disneyland Resort to share. Looks like MaxPass is just about to burst onto the scene and Pirates is nearly ready for its 50th anniversary! Plus, Guardians Tower, Star Wars Land construction and a whole lot more!

Welcome to Disneyland

Spring Break has arrived, and with it will come an increasing number of visitors over the next several weeks, right into May and then summer. So this is the start of High Season.

Next week officially starts the “Peak” season.

A few Easter details have hit Main Street store windows.

Early weekday morning with wide open Main Street. But by afternoon, it’s crowded.
This is what it’s all about folks. Disneyland is one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Once you walk through the Castle, you might notice a few maintenance issues.

The rooftops and plaster are in rough shape in places.
Peeling paint (is that wood underneath, or rust?)

Shingles are split and falling.


Red Rose Tavern

This little gem of a promotion continues to pull in the crowds. The decor is so spot on you’d be hard pressed to know that this isn’t the normal theme of the venue. We love the inventive food, which is a huge leap above the previous fare. If they don’t give in to the pressure to keep this venue Beauty and the Beast themed, we do hope that they at least keep much of the menu.

There’s always a line. But it moves surprisingly fast!
The Lemon Rose Cake doesn’t taste like lemon, rose or cake. But it is delicious. Do you like it or The Grey Stuff better?
Belle and Beast just keep moving. They don’t stop for photos or autographs. It’s like they live here and are on a stroll. We love this. They are atmosphere and not an attraction to be lined up for.


All Signs Point to MaxPass

An increasing number of attractions are getting MaxPass scanners. In addition, Disney has rolled out an update of the Disneyland App to Android users which mimics the look of the Florida version. It should roll out to iPhone soon. Castmembers have been trying to scan paper Fastpasses on some attractions, but the resulting lines caused them to just start collecting tickets as before. They’ll either get better at this, or they could just scan those using the app and simply collect the paper Fastpasses as before. They’ll figure it all out. They always do.

The new Star Tours scanners are still under construction.
They’ve also been doing work on the Star Tours and Buzz Lightyear Fastpass machines. It seems like they’ve swapped them. Work continues here.


Pirates to Return with Extra Magic

The attraction will emerge from refurbishment this Thursday the 16th, just in time for its historic 50th anniversary on Saturday the 18th.

To celebrate the big birthday of Disneyland’s beloved Pirates, the park will offer special pirate-themed grub at French Market Restaurant, Mint Julep Bar, Harbour Galley, Royal Street Veranda, Cafe Orleans and Blue Bayou Restaurant.

Pirate-themed entertainment kicks in throughout New Orleans Square on Friday with the familiar Bootstrappers and Lucky the Pirate. Limited-edition anniversary merchandise will also be available in New Orleans Square while supplies last. Disney promises “Collectible cards” as well.

Rivers of America and Fantasmic!!

Although both big ships have been used in recent Fantasmic rehearsals, The Columbia has returned to dry dock for some additional work.  Meanwhile, there are all sorts of signs of activity on the river these days.

One of the rafts had its motor running when we shot our update.

We’re not sure what this little fellow does.
This area remains under wraps. We assume this is to keep us from seeing Fantasmic props.
All sorts of things happening on the Columbia.
The dry dock gates have been installed and the water drained around the ship.

Nighttime Fun

We’re really enjoying the return of both the Electrical Parade and Remember Dreams Come True Fireworks. As much as we love Paint the Night (and we DO), we’d be just fine if Disney decided to keep Electrical Parade at Disneyland and move Paint the Night over to DCA this summer.

Should Disneyland keep Electrical Parade on Main Street and move Paint the Night over to DCA this summer? Click To Tweet

Got it! It can be hard to catch the Mickey head fireworks. The crowd always loves it.

Have you watched the fireworks with a full view of the Matterhorn? They have some spectacular projections here.

Even though there are projections on the Castle, Matterhorn and Small World, there are no Main Street projections. Still, Center Street is my favorite spot to watch Remember.  Though, I’d love to see a few projections here as well (doesn’t even need to be the entire street).

This is a party duck. He likes to stay out late and close the park down!

There’s a new bubble wand for the Star Wars nerds!

Star Wars Land Construction

We have a full Star Wars update for you from Darth Daver HERE, but Brian Pinsky shot us some additional images below. Things are really cooking with gas now. So much vertical construction!

The Battle Escape attraction is going up rapidly now.


Rock work around the back of the river is nearing completion.


Welcome to DCA

Crowds got heavy at Food and Wine…

Speaking of Food and Wine, don’t miss our great Festival coverage from yesterday – HERE

Guardians of the Galaxy Construction

There was so much work going on above guests’ heads this week that security was in place to keep guests moving. That security guy has a hardhat. Should we have them too? I’m sure we are safe, but it doesn’t inspire confidence when the staff is given more protection than the guests. Why don’t they just push those construction fences out a little further for a while so this little dance isn’t necessary?

The tiles on the entrance to the queue are gone.
Looks like they painted the Tower dome blue


Well folks, that wraps up today’s update. I’d like to thank Brian Pinsky and Scott Attula for taking ALL of the photos in today’s update. I’m just the guy who stays up late typing random nonsense. Or something like that. We have lots of big surprises for you this week, so please check back on the site frequently! And if you live in the LA area, don’t miss our Universal Studios Hollywood article for your chance to win two free tickets to the brand new CityWalk Cinema – HERE.

I’ve got to get some of those crazy pants!