The Season Pass Podcast is almost ten years old…a decade! That’s a long time for anything to be around.

While those seconds, minutes, hours, days, and months are large in number, time moves very quickly. Hearing those interviews and insights from themed entertainment designers, experts, and fans throughout the years has influenced me in so many ways. Doug Barnes and Robert Coker changed my life with their audio amusement park filled with storytelling delights! They made me fall madly in love with this medium.

Now they have given me the wonderful opportunity to help share insights into the show with you, the MiceChat Community!  Simply, I am a fan of the show and that is how I will approach these posts. I’ll share the old and the new with you as we approach the anniversary and beyond. So, let’s get to it!

Mr. Tony Baxter is not only one of the greatest creative minds in the themed entertainment industry but in my opinion, he is also one of the greatest storytellers around. What I love about him, is that while he has been the mind behind some of the most amazing rides and experiences out there, he is a fan, just like the rest of us; a tremendously passionate person with so many insights about how the world experiences theme parks and how we connect with one another.

Doug and the TSPP crew have had numerous engaging conversations with Tony and part six continues that great tradition with special guests Michael Libby (Former Walt Disney Imagineer and Disney Tech veteran), Dr. Kate Bethune (Victoria & Albert Museum), Ryan Harmon, and more!

This is a great discussion featuring some incredible stories involving the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage at Disneyland, intellectual property vs. original content based attractions, Victoria & Albert’s Alexander McQueen experience, Virtual Reality, and many more fascinating topics. My favorite part of this episode was hearing everyone’s thoughts on VR and it’s place in the themed entertainment world; the occurrence of this technology is paving way for some exciting new projects with unique narrative styles and techniques. It so interesting to hear these amazing creatives give their perspective about this emerging medium.

The links to this episode are below! Enjoy!

– DoctorDreamer

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