Holidays at Walt Disney World and Magic Kingdom

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Published on November 09, 2012 at 5:02 am with 13 Comments

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Cory likes Walt Disney World so much, he recently packed his bags and moved to Orlando. Cory is a photographer and writes MiceChat's Dateline Disney World columns every Friday.

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  • Barbaraann

    The Christmas decorations look wonderful. Although, I do remember the days when Christmas wasn’t unveiled until after the Thanksgiving holiday was over. Not sure if that was ever true in the Themepark world. Christmas is a big deal, of course, because of the religious holiday and the commercial side of it.

    I visited Disney World in 2007 at Christmastime and had a great time. Perhaps I can do that again, although I hate plane travel in the Wintertime.

    Thanks for all the wonderful photography, and the progress on Fantasyland. I am excited to see that during my up and coming trip in April.

  • They are holding the first Very Merry Christmas Party already???!!! That is just insane and wrong. For goodness sake, they should at least wait until the week before Thanksgiving. This is nuts and not at all in keeping with the season.

    And I agree with you that the other lands need at least some decoration. On the one hand, they want to start charging for Christmas parties as soon as possible, but on the other, they don’t want to really spend much money decorating the park. Opportunistic and cheap. Magic Kingdom’s Christmas is really disappointing and underwhelming these days. I wasn’t impressed when I was there a few years ago. In fact, the parks were so crowded and the decorations so disappointing that we don’t plan on ever doing the Christmas season there again.

    • Nocturne

      Your post sounds like you are auditioning to play the Grinch at Universal. There is no written rule when people are “supposed” to decorate for Christmas. I know that there was a custom of decorating after Thanksgiving but that may just be a family custom now. Organizations have been pushing Christmas earlier for years now. This is nothing new. And even if it was SO WHAT? People love Christmas time and everyone can agree that the Holiday season is so wonderful when stores and theme parks get into the spirit. If you don’t like that they start early, then don’t visit. It’s plain and simple. There are plenty of people willing to pay for Christmas in November. Why shouldn’t Disney provide this to them? This is not going to change any time soon so it would be great if we could can the early decorating rants because it won’t make a bit of difference.

      • Sorry, but for the price Disney charges, they need to offer better than this. And it’s just outright wrong for them to turn early November into a PAID Christmas event. You can almost here the folks in Team Disney Orlando rubbing their greedy little hands together and cackling. If it makes ME the Grinch that I expect more respect of a sacred holiday, I’d much rather be a Grinch with integrity than be an apologist for something that’s clearly wrong.

    • jcruise86

      Isn’t Universal starting Grinchmas on Dec. 1?

      Christmas before Thanksgiving is obnoxious
      and makes the holiday season tedious & commercial,
      and less special & classy to me.

      It’s like getting a hut fudge sundae for breakfast and knowing that you’re getting the same treat for lunch and dinner. Yuck.

      Or as Shakespeare put it, “If all the year were playing holidays, to sport would be a tedious as to work.”

      • You are most correct. Universal waits until it’s really the Christmas season. They deserve props for that.

      • Amy VandenBoogert

        Even the brand new Christmas Town event Busch Gardens is doing this year (which is also a separate ticket, nighttime event) doesn’t even start until November 30th. I gotta agree with Dusty… Christmas comes earlier and earlier every year. I started seeing Christmas stuff in store in AUGUST. That just isn’t right. One holiday at a time, you know?

        That being said, I’m going to the WDW Christmas party next week and I’m looking forward to it as I’ve never been to it before. I think I’ve only been at the parks a couple times in my life when Christmas decorations have been out.

  • JCSkipr79

    What’s surprising is that even in the glory days, MK never decorated beyond Main Street either. The Frontierland and LS garland started maybe 6yrs ago. It’s the decimation of MKs Christmas ENTERTAINMENT options that has ruined Xmas at MK

  • indianajack

    Disgusted with the new signage where Snow White used to be. Another classic ride ripped out, like Toad, for an inferior (vastly inferior since it’s not even a dark ride) meet ‘n greet. They could have put that anyway such as Fantasy Forest and left Snow White alone. Disney Orlando are such cheapskates, the park needs more capacity!

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  • GhostHostJeff

    It makes sense to start the Christmas season when they do. It gives people more time to visit and experience the resort while it’s decorated. If they waited til right after Thanksgiving or the week before you would definitely see more unmanageable crowds during the month of December.

  • jcruise86

    I don’t like the garlands going back and forth across Main Street. On any other Main Street in America this would be excellent, but at the Magic Kingdom it blocks the view of my all-time favorite Disney sight: Cinderella’s castle.

  • SpectroMan

    The funny thing about decorating early is that they’ll ALWAYS play it off as “In order to satisfy guest demand” and “Our holiday activities are extremely popular with our guests so we strive to make them available longer”

    in other words, they’re sick of complaints at City Hall. Silly, but true.

    Princess meet & greet = valuable dark ride wasted space. I can’t wait to see exactly how “temporary” it looks in there. If the tracks are completely gone and drywall is up separating out rooms, we can be assured there’ll never be a ride in there again.