Welcome back to the Disneyland Resort. Today we’ll take a look at California Adventure, Tower of bright colors, Food and Wine Festival, Downtown Disney, and parking problems and more. Yesterday we looked at Pirates’ 50th Anniversary, Star Wars Land Update, and Star Tours Fastpass; if you did not read it, click HERE.

Pipe Dream

Over the last couple of days more and more of the scaffolding has come down around the Guardians of the Galaxy. Lots of pipes and lots of satellite dishes on top of the building.

The camera rigs for on-ride photos has been left in place from the old Tower


Too bad Disney doesn’t have the rights to Nintendo. Mario would love this building!


At night the lights along the side and on the back of the building are still turning on and off randomly.


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Disney has made no effort (yet) to remove many of the Hollywood Tower Hotel details around the back corner of the Park and on Buena Vista Street.


TDA may have dreams of their Marvel Land overlaying over Hollywood Land, but to do so, they would have to remove Monster’s Inc. DCA’s first successful dark ride (which still gets over thirty-minute wait times).


Disney California Adventure Update

Food and Wine

California Adventure Food and Wine continues for the next couple weeks and if you had not read our guide to the Food and Wine Festival please do. When I approach the festival for the first time each year I get overwhelmed by the variety of choices. But, after more than a few samples and visits I have put together my list of the most (and least) favorite foods. If you are Passholder I would recommend purchasing the $45 8-items card to help bring costs down.

Don’t Get the Carnitas Nachos they are just terrible. I have not tried the French Onion Mac & Cheese yet but that I hear is the best of the festival.

Other Things Around the Festival
Outside the park, the information kiosks out in the Esplanade are now back in service as Food and Wine Welcome Centers.


Inside the park, there is also another Welcome Center just off of Carthay Circle

Some glassware available for the Festival.

New signage inside the beer garden has popped up talking about local brews on tap.

This year, festival planners went all out in signage around the festival, especially the beer garden area



A few new bands have come


Also, it’s nice to have Disney using the Palisades Stage as it was intended.

Fastpass Max-up

This week Toy Story Midway Mania revealed its Fastpass machines and return time infrastructure.

Across the walkway, at the main entrance of the attraction (currently), the return time clock has been installed overhead and distribution times and current wait time signs on the side. It looks like Disney is going use the entrance as the Fastpass entrance, having Fastpass guests walk in front of Mr. Potato Head, and having Standby guests walk along the front of the building until the recent break in the garden area into the queue.

More poles have been installed and the fabric ropes have been replaced with metal chains


More Fastpass Changes

The World of Color Fastpass distribution has moved from Grizzly River Run and has landed in temporary carts near Little Mermaid stroller parking and across from the restrooms.

Over at Soarin’ the Fastpass touchpoints have been installed.

Fastpass touchpoints can also double as leaning posts


Yes, that’s a queue for Fastpass entry.


Over at Grizzly, now that World of Color has vacated, new touchpoints can be seen in front of the attraction entrance. The attraction is still down for refurbishment but is expected to return this weekend.

Puppets for Screens

Over at the Disney Jr. Live on Stage the replacement show has been announced. The Disney Junior Dance Party Live show will replace the current show that has been running, with quite a few big updates, for over fifteen years. Disney will be switching out series that no longer have new episodes airing on Disney Junior (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Jake & the Neverland Pirates) with new series (Mickey & the Roadster Racers and the Lion Guard). The new show will be presented without puppeteers as Disney has decided to not renew the puppeteers’ union contracts and the new show is rumored to have only screens and no puppeteers. The current show is scheduled to close March 30th and its replacement will open May 26th.

The show has not changed much over the last couple years.

This and That From Around California Adventure:

Dole Whip Cotton Candy…

The Dole Whip is no longer just at Disneyland. DCA has the cotton candy version of the treat for just $4.25!

Smoking Again

DCA has reopened the smoking section along the Grizzly River Run Walkway. The attraction is closed for refurbishment for another week (so this smoking section may close again). The only other smoking section in this park is along the far side of Stage 17 back in Hollywood Land.

New Chocolates at Ghirardelli

Just in time for Easter, new bunny-shaped chocolate samples are now available at Ghirardelli’s Soda Fountain.

No Power at Information

The lights went out on the California Adventure Wait Time Board. The Area was still bright enough for cast members to work.

Downtown Disney

Onward to Downtown Disney. This week we wanted to update you on what’s going on around the shopping district.

Don’t Fence Me In

Disneyland Security has been replacing the temporary chain link fencing around the edges of the expanded Security area with full iron fences. The other fences were just the temporary chain-link ones that were overlaid with scrims featuring Disney’s latest promotions (Festival of the Holidays and Electrical Parade Return). Now if Disney can only do something with those temporary tents for the bag check.

Fencing in the exit gate…


Bowling for a Split

Work continues on Splitsville. This much-anticipated addition coming at the end of the year cannot come fast enough.

Christmas Ornaments or Artwork?

Disney still has not removed these Christmas Decorations, in fact, they have now plugged them in and are lit at night. Did they run out of storage to put these away?

This and That Around Downtown Disney

Food and Wine Banners Line the Walkways.

Congrats Beauty and Beast on an amazing opening weekend.


World of Disney Map

Inside the World of Disney, the map on the center back wall still has not been updated to include Shanghai Disneyland on it. Shanghai Disney opened June last year.

The Gate is Open

The gate in the Picnic Area closest to Disneyland Park is now open. The gate was closed after 9/11 as it was a barrier between the unsecured Downtown Disney and secured Esplanade. Once security was pushed out to the other side of Downtown Disney, there was no need to keep the gate closed.

Resort Parking and Transportation

Mickey and Friends Parking Structure

Security has reduced the number of tents open during busy times of the day. As a result, lines can reach unreasonable lengths. This is a terrible first experience at the Disney Resort. Security isn’t the spot to cut costs. Please Disney, properly staff security at your giant five-story garage.

New signage has been added to the western security areas and around the tram crossings. The banners look very cheesy.

Another facility building has popped up behind the structure.


Eastern Gateway and Pedestrian Bridge

Progress has come to a crawl again as Disney continues to fight with the local business along Harbor Boulevard on having a crosswalk across Harbor Boulevard. The new pedestrian bridge will cut off direct accesses to the stream of customers crossing at this intersection all day. We sincerely hope that Disney will use their persuasive powers with the City Council to get that bridge approved. Just imagine the backup as a whole parking structure full of people attempt to use the crosswalk on Harbor. It’s unsafe and inconvenient. If you live in Anaheim, please make your voice known to your City Council Person. Let them know that you support the bridge.

Below are the videos that the Anaheim City Council released on the Harbor Bridge Project. These videos give a feel for the project but Disney carefully avoided showing anything east of Harbor.


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