There’s no denying it, the Holidays have arrived at the Disneyland Resort. Some of it is wonderful and some a bit disappointing. But there’s one real standout as Christmas zooms into California Adventure’s Cars Land. We’ll show you all the high octane decorations. It’s a great week to be In The Parks, let’s take a look.


In other news the Fantasy Faire Village is becoming more and more defined.


More work has also been done on the control booth inside the Fantasyland Theatre.

The control booth is getting a major rework.


More atrocious decorations are being strewn in Toontown. It is such a shame to see the standard fall here from the whimsical, less cookie-cutter, decorations of yore.



There is great news coming out of Disney California Adventure. The new Christmas decorations that are appearing in the new areas of the park are simply wonderful.  What’s even better, they aren’t going the cheap route and simply stringing bits of garland along the buildings outside.  No, they are giving this area the Main Street U.S.A treatment and doing the buildings in thematically appropriate ways both inside and out.

The Holidays arrive on Buena Vista Street.
Realistic pine garland is spun around the light poles.

A massive wreath adorns the Carthay Circle Theater.


Poinsettias crowd nearly every planter.


Even the windows are decorated, but they have still been peppered with product.

A large tree sits in the planter in front of Elias and Company, facing the Carthay Circle Theater.

Vintage toys are grouped under the tree.

The Train actually puffs steam.

We move inside and find holiday touches which are just as charming.

Clarabelle’s IceCream counter has a confectionary theme
Small Christmas trees are perched on top of merchandise racks in each store.

 Inside the Elias and Company department store, each area has its own unique flavor, just as any department store would have.

Five and Dime gets festive as well:

Women’s Department is dressed in its holiday finest:

Glittered birch branches are situated in the atrium windows.

Not to be outdone by the Women, the Men’s Department also gets fancy:

Got to love the old style tinsel

The Jewelry department has been reworked as a Holiday rotunda of sorts.  It will be home to an old school department store Santa meet and greet.

Another wonderful thing we noticed were the awesome Christmas designs on the print T shirts and sweaters.  So vintage and fun!


Notice, it says “From Disney California Adventure Park”.


If you liked the decorations in Buena Vista Street you will go nuts and bolts over the additions in Cars Land.

Above the main drag, bunting made of tires and air filters hang between the light poles and telephone poles.

Inventive snow flakes made from wrenches are everywhere.


Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree is decorated.

Out in front of each one of the locations on the street, there are unique tree creations that reflect the character they were made by.

Fillmore’s tree is the only one with a car angel on top.
A subtle memorial to George Carlin perhaps?

There is even a tinsel tree inside the Manager’s Office at the Cozy Cone Motel, complete with rotating color wheel.

The courthouse is, of course, the centerpiece.

Taking a quick side trip into Ramone’s we also see that the doorway leading to the expanded floor space for the store is now complete.  This area should be opening any day now.

Ramone's Body shop at Disney California Adventure
His decor is pretty cool too.


Even though Buena Vista Street has its own tree, Paradise Pier is keeping its tree as well. It’s a lovely one too.

The Paradise Garden Grill area is receiving the usual decor
You can also pick up holiday merchandise along the pier.

Don’t forget Duffy!


The Muppet Vision 3D attraction will be down until Friday November 16th, a full week after the Holiday Season officially begins at the Disneyland Resort.  When the venue reopens it will house a new Prep and Landing 4D attraction for the holidays.

That wraps things up for us this week at the Disneyland Resort.  We will be back next week with a full review and rundown of all the Christmas offerings at the resort. Let us know what you think of Disneyland Christmas so far.

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