Welcome back to the Farm! Knott’s popular Boysenberry Festival starts this weekend – April 1st through 23rd. There’s a lot going on right now. New attractions are being built, an old one will soon be leaving. A tremendous amount of entertainment is being added for the upcoming festival. And we’ve got the full scoop for you. Let’s head in and take a look at some huge changes on the horizon.

Ghost Town

 Boysenberries for Everyone

April 1st-23rd


Knott’s amazing Boysenberry Festival starts next week. We here at MiceChat cannot wait to try everything!

Knott’s is offering a $25 tasting card, good for the six selected food items listed below, that you can purchase online here, or in the park around the Ghost Town Food stands. The park is also offering a Boysenberry Festival hotel package at their hotel for $68 per person that includes room, parking, park admission, and a tasting card. Call the hotel for details.
The six-item tasting card:
  1. Boysenberry Pizza at Wagon Wheel Pizza
  2. Boysenberry Ravioli at Spurs Chophouse
  3. Boysenberry Buffalo Wings at the Gold Trails Hotel
  4. Boysenberry BBQ Meatballs at the Bank of Calico
  5. Boysenberry Fry Bread at the Gourmet Churro Factory
  6. Boysenberry Panna Cotta at the Ghost Town Bakery
Knott’s says that there are 70 different Boysenberry offerings this year. And you can expect a lot of entertainment during the Festival.
MiceChat recently got a preview of the Festival foods and we really had a great time. We’ve posted Knott’s description of the 2017 Boysenberry Festival below along with some of our photos from the event.
The wine and craft beer tasting is at the Wilderness Dance Hall


The 23-day food festival features over 70 one-of-a-kind boysenberry inspired dishes, drinks and more, plus foot-stompin’ entertainment, Wine and Craft Brew Tasting Garden, featuring boysenberry and wine, and family fun that everyone will love!  For festival goers with a hankerin’ for some live entertainment, the options are endless with live music throughout the park, a nighttime dance party, and brand new shows like, Snoopy’s Boysenberry Jamboree at the Calico Mine Stage. Calico Park in Ghost Town is home to a good ol’ fashion hootenanny featuring pie eating contests, line dancing and country fair festivities with the local Ghost Town townsfolk. The limited-time festival is included with admission to Knott’s Berry Farm.

Among the new Boysenberry treats are beef jerky, lip balm, and cotton candy . . . all with that Boysenberry flavor that this event is known for.


The year was 1920 when Walter and Cordelia Knott moved to the community of Buena Park Calif. to farm 20 acres of rented land which included harvesting, and selling the first boysenberry, a cross between a loganberry, red raspberry and blackberry, and named the new berry after its originator, Rudolph Boysen. Today, all boysenberries in the world can trace their roots back to Knott’s Berry Farm.

For 2017, the mouthwatering line-up of boysenberry inspired dishes will feature irresistible boysenberry pizza made with arugula and goat cheese, the unforgettable and delicious new ravioli dish packed with boysenberry flavors, freshly-baked boysenberry fry bread and lip-smacking corn on the cob with boysenberry butter and mayo, each dish will leave guests wanting for more.  Other must try items include crispy deep fried alligator bites paired with farm-made zesty boysenberry aioli, finger-lickin boysenberry BBQ wings, savory boysenberry meatballs, sweet boysenberry cream soda, creamy chocolate covered boysenberry cheesecake on a stick and many more delicious treats. Additional fee for tastings. Guests who want to take home the exquisite Boysenberry BBQ sauce, Boysenberry Butter, Boysenberry Dressing and Boysenberry Chipotle Sauce can do so by stopping by the Berry Market located in the California MarketPlace and General Store located in Ghost Town. Select items are available on the online Berry Market store.

What’s better than cheesecake? Boysenberry cheesecake dipped in chocolate! It’s heaven on a stick.


Guests can purchase boysenberry inspired products throughout the winding streets of the Old West at the Crafts Fair. This year’s boysenberry products include boysenberry soap, lip balm and the devilishly good rock candy. Festivalgoers can also watch special demonstrations including a chainsaw wood sculpting, glass blowing and blacksmithing.  From day to night, Ghost Town has never looked so lively.

Boysenberry crepe


This year, in honor of the famous berry, Ghost Town’s Town Hall will feature a fascinating film which shares the story of how Walter and Cordelia Knott settled here in Buena Park and helped the world discover the amazing boysenberry. Guests can pull up a seat and catch a 10-minute showing of the historic film offered exclusively during the festival.

Yes, a Boysenberry pizza!


The Knott’s Boysenberry Festival also features an extensive line up of live entertainment. Join Snoopy, Charlie and the entire Peanuts gang as they present an all new interactive, musical revue called Snoopy’s Boysenberry Jamboree! at the Calico Mine Stage. This new show will have families singing, dancing, and playing along with the beloved Peanuts characters and talented performers during the whimsical, high energy celebration of springtime. Country music and the aroma of deliciously good food will fill the air as the Ghost Town Miners take the stage in a fun, musical performance at the Firemen’s BBQ stage. Just across the Fireman’s stage, the Legendary Bird Cage Theatre pays tribute to Knott’s past; for the first time in over 20 years, the theatre will be the home of musical comedy melodrama, with a special presentation of the Old Time Melodrama. America’s longest running Melodrama returns with an original, interactive, comedy with a surprising boysenberry twist! In the evening, a group of krazy talented performers will have guests kicking up their heels with vine dancing, a down home jug band and dueling fiddlers and banjos!  At the Wagon Camp stage, get krazy when Krazy Kirk and the Hillbillies mount their toe tappin’, knee-slappin’, gut-bustin’ country comedy show that will have audiences clamoring for more!

There are some really great wines at the Festival and the wine reps are super sweet and fun to talk to.


The fun continues with new additions exclusively for the Boysenberry Festival. Brand new this season, The Old MacDonald Petting Zoo pays tribute to one of Knott’s original attractions. Young ones and young at heart are invited to cozy up to the cutest critters on the farm including horses, sheep, goats and other furry friends.

Dusty chats with Chef Bobby. We love you Bobby, but you are making us fat!!!


Springtime fun has also taken root in Camp Snoopy and Fiesta Village. During the limited-time event, the whole family can meet the Easter Beagle at his Camp Snoopy home, blooming with colorful springtime décor. The meet and greet location is the perfect place for shareable moments with the boisterous beagle and his friends – Charlie Brown, Lucy, Sally, and Linus. Camp Snoopy Theatre will showcase the PEANUTS pals singing, dancing, and sharing stories for all to enjoy. Everyone in the family can join in the Camp Snoopy activities.  The theater will be filled with the sweet sound of little ones as they singing-along to the cheerful tunes! Guests don’t have to be experts at dancing to enjoy a nighttime Fiesta with DJ Cruz in Fiesta Village. The night comes alive with music and dance as everyone will be sure to take to the floor and dance to the rhythmic beat of popular music.

Did you catch that folks? In addition to all the great food, the petting zoo and the Melodrama are returning to the park! They’ve also created a 10 minute park history film which will be available to guest. Seems like Knott’s has discovered the power of nostalgia. . . we are thrilled to hear it.
Here’s a half length version of that Knott’s History video you’ll be able to see in the park. It’s a beautiful little tribute to the vision of Walter Knott:
We’ll be at opening day of the Knott’s Boysenberry Festival on Saturday (April 1st). If you see us in the park, please say Howdy!

Ride the Rails

The repaving of Calico Station is completed and Knott’s railroad has returned to service. Beware of bandits.

Food Galore

Knott’s also announced additions to the All Day/Season Dining Plans. Eight additional restaurants have been added to the list:

1.Panda Express

  •  One side and one entrée plate (premiums extra)

2. Fireman’s Brigade BBQ

  • 1/4 chicken, 2 ribs, and a baked potato or corn*
  • Flank steak sandwich with a bag of chips
  • Jumbo hot dog with coleslaw or a bag of chips
1/4 chicken, 2 ribs, and a baked potato

 *According to the website the plate is supposed to be a 1/4 BBQ chicken with choice of side (baked potato or corn) but I was given extra ribs without asking.

3. Wagon Wheel Pizza*

  • Cheese pizza wedge slice and side salad
  • Pepperoni pizza wedge slice and side salad
  • Veggie pizza wedge slice and side salad
*Same options as Hollywood Hits Pizza
4. Calico Fry Co.

  • Cowboy fries

 5. Shutter’s Pizza
Same as the other Pizza Stands
  • Cheese pizza wedge slice and side salad
  • Pepperoni pizza wedge slice and side salad
  • Veggie pizza wedge slice and side salad

7. La Papa Loca

  • Carne asada fries

8.Pancho’s Tacos

  • Two taco plate (chicken, beef, carnitas) with rice and beans
Construction on the Calico Mine Stage
Calico Square has had a small stage added


Boardwalk Boomergone

Knott’s has announced that Boomerang is closing for good April 23rd (also the closing day of the Boysenberry Festival). Boomerang opened in 1990 and has had a 27-year tenure in the park.

Knott’s has not announced what is replacing the twisting attraction, but Tidal Wave was removed a few years ago and the area was left as garden space. Between the two plots of land (and the two gifts shops) there is enough space for another good sized attraction or a brand new building which helps add a bit of missing theme to this area of the park.

Former Tidal Wave space next to Boomerang.

Knott’s employee cafeteria is located just behind the queue for Boomerang
Boomerang’s matching-theme gift shop

 We Can Virtually See It Now…

Over at the arcade in the Boardwalk area under Voyage to Iron Reef, Knott’s has announced its Virtual Reality (VR) experience is opening April 1st. Knott’s VR Showdown in Ghost Town will be a premium attraction with a starting charge of $6 per person per game.
Knott’s calls it the “…first permanent installation of a free-roaming, multi-player VR experience in a U.S. theme park.” The story…”will invite guests to embark on a time travel adventure, which will transport them to a futuristic version of Knott’s western town of Calico. Players will be met by robotic creations and embark on a daring mission with other groups of players to defend the town.” Knott’s will open the attraction Saturday.
It’s a little hard to find it. It’s in the back to the right inside the arcade.
Have you tried VR before? Are you excited for a VR game at Knott’s? Tell us down in the Comments section blow.

Other Things Around the Boardwalk:

Paint Scratched

Knott’s has refilled the water featured around the boardwalk, without fixing the missing paint at the bottom. Knott’s does not dye its water to the extent that Disney does, but over the Boardwalk, they are using a clean water system with cement walls and those paint scratches stand out like a sore thumb.

 Food Truck?

Knott’s apparently has a food truck selling fried chicken now.

Not compatible with the other food programs in the park

Tower Up in the Air

The Sky Tower is still stuck in the air, but on the ground the sign has been repainted.  That’s a pretty good indication that it will return.

Foot the Restaurant

The new Boardwalk restaurant construction continues. The footing for the foundation is going to be poured soon.

Planters around the park have been filled with beautiful colorful flowers

Fiesta Village

The baby station sign just gets a laugh out of me each time

Jaguar is currently closed for refurbishment.

Work continues on the new Sol Spin, which will be installed soon on the former site of Windseeker.

Camp Snoopy

Do I take the barrel bridge less traveled?

In Camp Snoopy, Knott’s has added these metal garden decor flowers around the entire land. There are so many throughout the area that it has a whimsical effect.

Snoopy is hiding from a little rain
Spike’s Tumbleweed Race is constantly changing

Balloon Race was closed for refurbishment the day we visited.

Soak City

Across the street, Knott’s Soak City is currently being refurbished for its Memorial Day opening.

Work can be seen on one of the new water slides


Shoots and Ladders

Slide pieces for the new water slides can be seen littering the back of Knott’s main parking lot.

All of this is for seven new slides.

Did you know that Knotts has a wedding chapel?
Porto’s Bakery just opened down the street from Knott’s.


That’s it for this month’s Knott’s update. We will be back next week with our huge Knott’s Boysenberry Festival review. Are you a photographer? Do you love the parks? Would you like to contribute to this one or other MiceChat columns? Contact Dusty Sage: [email protected]

We’ll see you next week


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