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As we welcome the official start of Spring, area theme parks and resorts are very busy. With the looming opening of Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout! It will probably be even busier. What are your thoughts on this new permanent overlay?

With so many events happening, The Round Up is packed with the latest Updates, News and Photos! Let’s get this party started.

This Week’s Top Stories

MiceChat Disney News Roundup

David Koenig Disneyland Rumors: Putting Off Tomorrow
Last week I had the opportunity to briefly converse with a Disneyland insider familiar with the park’s current long-range plans. This person cautioned that this only reflected where discussions are at the moment—everything’s fluid, is sure to change, and none of the projects have any funds yet allocated to them. Yet it does give an interesting picture of where planners’ thinking is at on how to follow up Star Wars Land. And the next project is NOT the one you probably hope it will be. . .

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MiceChat Disney News Roundup
MiceChat Disney News Roundup

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All things Disney!

Easter is just around the corner, but we are still waiting for official word on what Easter surprises may be in store for the Disneyland Resort. We also have news of some changes to the Playhouse Disney show in DCA. And Gaston is still making his presence known in Fantasyland.  ~ Aladdin

MiceChat Disney News Roundup

Seems like there’s no Eggstravaganza this year
Will the Disneyland resort see an Easter egg hunt this year? On the east coast, EPCOT has their hunt underway, but on the west coast, we are still waiting on the announcement. Keep checking back for updates! (Editor’s Note – There WILL be an egg hunt at the Disneyland Resort this year).

‘Disney Junior Dance Party’ Live Show Debuts This Summer at DCA
With the puppets disappearing from the Disney Junior show in DCA, a new version is being developed which will continue to highlight some of the newer shows on this channel aimed at a preschool-aged audience.

Joe’s Friday Disneyland and DCA visit
The Flowers family brings us a Beauty and the Beast themed trip report, and even run into Gaston along the way!

This week we have two fantastic trip reports and a preview video of Pandora, the World of Avatar. – DLandFansAZ

MiceChat Disney News Roundup

Joe’s WDW Trip Report, plus Ian gets his very first haircut at the Harmony Barbershop
mre200200 aka Joe, brings us a great photo trip report from Walt Disney World including a “Baby’s First Haircut” package.

WDW [Late Feb2017] Trip Report
brett has put together the beginning of a very in-depth trip report from Walt Disney World from his trip in late February.

New Avatar release video
Antonio Lopez has shared a great video from ABC’s NightLine featuring James Cameron and Joe Rohde showcasing Avatar Land

All things Rumors!

Some broad concepts for the Disneyland Resort are discussed this week. ~ Trekkie Dad

MiceChat Disney News Roundup

Design your own Disneyland dream restaurant
amyuilani invites you to submit a concept for themed dining at the Disneyland Resort.

Why not just get rid of A Bug’s Land to put in Marvel Land instead?
While getting rid of Disney California Adventure’s Bug’s Land has been suggested before, Fctiger thinks Marvel Land would be a good replacement.

Podcasts & Videos

NEW – MiceChat Disney Podcast – Food & Wine, New & Blue, Fallon & Flumes: It’s a big update from Doug and Dusty as they discuss what’s new at the Disneyland Resort, the massive new attraction set for Walt Disney World, and two new attractions which aren’t getting a lot of positive buzz. Listen, laugh, and love . . .   

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Mousetalgia: Disney trivia champion and historian Joseph Titizian joins Team Mousetalgia this week to begin a two-week celebration of Pirates of the Caribbean’s 50th anniversary. Join us as we look at the press coverage of the grand opening of Disneyland’s Pirates attraction, and then trace the history of the attraction back to its roots as a wax museum. Then, we discuss New Orleans Square, and take a look at the Pirates Arcade Museum, the One-of-a-Kind Shop, and Walt’s Royal Suite, which has also been utilized as the IPA hospitality suite, Disneyland International, the Disney Gallery, the Dream Suite, and 21 Royal Street. Joseph shares some information about 21 Royal, as well as a spoiler-free review of the exclusive dining experience currently offered at the suite. We also fondly remember Ernie McLean, a one-time fixture in New Orleans Square. Plus – Twenty Eight & Main releases new merch, Funko releases a new Disney subscription box, Lindberg announces a re-released Pirates model – and more! Also – be sure to tune in next week for part 2 of our Pirates of the Caribbean 50th anniversary celebration. Yo ho!

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The Sweep Spot: In this episode we talk with Rick West, who is a former Disneyland Attractions Cast Member and founder of Theme Park Adventure. We talk about his time working at Disneyland on Pirates of the Caribbean, and Haunted Mansion. Plus Disney current events

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Column Round-Up

Plus, don’t miss these other featured MiceChat columns!

MiceChat Disney News Roundup

Disneyland Photo Update – Pirates Fabulous at 50
Welcome back to the Disneyland Resort. Today we’ll be looking at the big stories from Disneyland, where Pirates of the Caribbean just turned 50 years young. It was also the weekend that Beauty and the Beast was released in theaters and the start of Spring Break for many young folks. Of course, all of that means that Disneyland was very busy this weekend and Pirates managed lines which prove that it remains a favorite attraction to many guests. And don’t miss our coverage of California Adventure’s Food and Wine Festival, Guardians of the Galaxy Construction, exciting Fastpass news – HERE.

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