When the Imagineers get rolling they come up with some incredible ideas. Unfortunately, they don’t all get made. Even some of the best fall by the wayside. (I don’t know about you, but I’d still give almost anything to ride the version of Indiana Jones Adventure that included the Disneyland Railroad, the Jungle Cruise, and runaway mine cars. What about you?)

Of course, some ideas are dropped for very good reasons. (Three words: Rock Candy Mountain.) And, in some cases, ideas don’t even get beyond the naming phase. Following are some attractions, shops, and shows that were dismissed simply because of the title.

Jungle Book Petting Zoo

Pinocchio’s Cigar Bar

The Old Yeller Experience

Alice in Fantasia: A Psychedelic Voyage

Cool Runnings Bobsleds on the Beach

Song of the Frozen South

The Five Senses of Pocahontas: See, Feel, Touch, Taste, and Smell the Wind

Bambi’s Shooting Gallery

Dumbo’s Pink Elephant Parade

The Timothy Green Fruit and Vegetable Stand

Become a King: The Wildebeest Stampede

Tarzan’s Treehouse Walk-through (Sorry, my mistake. That one got made.)

Lone Ranger’s Western River Expedition

Monster’s University: Finals Week

Get the Puck Out: The Mighty Ducks on Ice

Something Wicked This Way Comes State Fair

101 Dalmatians Boutique

So, do you know of any Imagineering ideas that were dismissed simply because of a name?

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