Towers with pipes, MaxPass, Food & Wine, must be a DCA Day! We have some beautiful, you might event say “Delicious,” photos for you today. But first, some really exciting news about a beloved MiceChat event . . .

The World Famous MiceChat Gumball Rally is returning on May 6th this year. And in honor of the 50th anniversary of Pirates of the Caribbean, thar be an extra bit of swashbuckling and adventure to be had by all.


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The Gumball Rally is a contest to see who can ride the most attractions at Disneyland and California Adventure in a single day. Are you the biggest Disney fan? Let’s find out. This year’s event pays tribute to the Pirates of the Caribbean, which turned 50 years old this year and remains beloved by generations of Disney fans. If you be brave enough to face a pirate’s curse, proceed!!! GUMBALL RALLY INFO AND TICKETS HERE

Warehouse/Power Plant/Museum of Highly Reflective Elements

I’m trying very hard not to be sarcastic or negative. Really I am. But it’s getting harder and harder for me not to go snark raving mad.  😉  The title above are all words used by Disney to describe their Guardians of the Galaxy overlay of Tower of Terror.  They seem very excited that it’s “Highly reflective,” and that it is inspired by local oil refineries. These are seriously the words Disney uses when they describe what is slowly being revealed on the exterior of the tower. It’s no wonder that the fan reaction has been so loud and hostile. Generally, Disney’s marketing is so positive and well crafted that they can make a mud puddle seem like a magical portal to a world of fantasy.

Let’s see what’s looming above Buena Vista Street and the entire park. It’s big, it’s colorful, it’s covered in satellite dishes and it’s coming soon to DCA . . .

From the parade route next to Carthay Circle, you’ll now see the highly reflective pipes of Guardians tower.

Bug’s Land is dwarfed by a warehouse/power plant/museum
Perhaps all those colorful pipes will make the folks attending the Food and Wine Festival hungry.


There are dozens of workmen in orange or lime green construction vests all over the tower. This is a massive project which is just months away from opening.

The theme is clearly inspired by circuit boards. Even the pipes on the exterior have that look to them. And, of course, there are giant dishes everywhere.

A Festival for All

The big surprise hit at the Disneyland Resort this Spring has been the Food and Wine Festival at DCA. Folks really seem to love the simpler food offerings, lower prices and larger portions. Lines at the booths have been long and the praise from guests borders on gushing. That’s got to be music to the ears of the hard working DCA events folks who made all the right adjustments to this year’s offerings to pack the park and keep the registers ringing.

DCA has been busy throughout the week and generally feels more crowded than Disneyland during the day due to Festival attendance.

The grape vines at the Winery have really taken off in the last couple of weeks. It’s been fun watching them branch out so quickly . . . and just in time for the Food and Wine Festival.

I really like all the little planters and shrubs that have been brought in to help dress up the Festival.

The Paradise Garden Grill area continues to evolve. Some great new signage was added this week which has a neat blackboard in dark wood frame look. I’m a design geek and really love these little touches.

A great group was playing the Paradise Garden Bandstand while we were there. They were just fantastic.

In addition to all the fun foods at the booths out on the parade route, there’s also a new menu at the Garden Grill. Try the fish and chips; it is the best Disney has ever served. It’s even better than the one at the UK pavilion in Epcot.

Super crispy beer battered fish and chips. I want these to stick around after the festival. Even the steak fries are better than other french fries in the parks. Kudos to the culinary team!!!
The beer braised pork tacos are also interesting. Not a standout like the fish and chips, but good and with a tangy slaw on top.


If you see the Frozen Treats cart on the parade route, stop and ask if they have the Dole Whip cotton candy. It’s delicious. It’s really just pineapple flavored, but it’s more fun to think of it as Dole Whip flavored.  😉

The number of locations offering this confection seems to be expanding. So you may get lucky trying other locations as well.

New FastPass Machines for Midway Mania

Midway Mania is ready to enter the magical world of FastPass. New machines have been set up across from the attraction along Paradise Bay.

The new FastPass signage is plugged in and ready to be used when needed.

The new FastPass machines are under the covered hut. We love the themed sign!  

Covered and waiting for the word “Go”

Star Wars Land

We saved one little bit from yesterday’s Disneyland News that we wanted to bring you today. It’s just a little something called . . . STAR WARS Land (or whatever the real name ends up being).

This thing is HUGE, really, really, HUGE.

The new train path in blue, entry/exit from Star Wars land in orange.

The new train tracks at the back of the river have been built and the rocks are just starting to be completed.

The new supports for the big ship’s guide rail has been installed.

AT-ATs are under construction in one of the show buildings (the largest building closest to the Mickey and Friends parking structure).

It really is an interesting construction site. So many unique shapes and building designs.

Lots more Star Wars construction photos in our latest Star Wars Land News:


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