Fellow Mice Munchers, we’ve known for a while that Starbucks is coming to Walt Disney World, but we’ve never had a firm date or location. Until now!

Two locations at Walt Disney World will see the addition of Starbucks: the Main Street Bakery at the Magic Kingdom and Fountain View Espresso at Epcot.

The Main Street Bakery will close for a refurbishment in January 2013 and will reopen in May 2013 with Starbucks service.

At Epcot, Fountain View Ice Cream will go under a refurbishment from March 2013 to July 2013. When both locations open, the cast members will wear costumes that reflect their location. At the Main Street Bakery, the cast members will be wearing costumes that reflect an early 20th Century Main Street. At Fountain View, we can expect something that ties into futuristic themes.

Both locations are expected to follow the DCA model with a mix of Starbucks and Disney treats. So don’t assume that all your favorite treats will be gone for good. It is very likely that you’ll still find many of them available.

The Starbucks on Buena Vista Street  at California Adventure has been a wild success. What do you think of Starbucks coming to Walt Disney World? Is this news sweet or does it leave a bitter taste in your mouth?

  • Figmentfans

    I’m so excited for this. I have hated the coffee at Disney World for years! I’m curious to see how intrusive the Starbucks theming will be.

  • absolut102

    very exciting.. the one in DCA blends in so well you really don’t even notice it.. also, they do a good job with the cups.. still starbucks looking but has a twist of disney added in..

  • eicarr

    I hope they concentrate in putting more in at Disney World and NOT Disneyland. Its a better fit there.

    • It’s a done deal. Starbucks is on the way to Disneyland’s Main Street very soon. Though, like the FF&P, it will be very well integrated into the theme as far as we can tell.

    • richboi117

      Why NOT Disneyland?

  • indianajack

    Disney coffee and hot chocolate have been atrocious for years. Starbucks will be a welcome upgrade and their thematic impact on Buena Vista St. has been unobtrusive.

  • wdwprince

    Bring it on.

  • rmsongs

    Another disgusting move by the current crop of money-grubbing Disney execs who care nothing for what WDW was supposed to be. Walt must be spinning in his grave.

    • xsdesign

      Really? Wasn’t Walt the one who had corporate sponsorships in the park in the early days? The Buena Vista Street location of Starbucks is so subdued that the only thing that is Starbucks is the drinks themselves. I don’t mind it at all if it blends in like it does in DCA. I doubt having a corporate coffee shop in the parks would be the only thing Walt would be spinning in his grave about.

    • In this case I really can’t agree. You know I’ll take my digs at WDW execs where appropriate, but this corporate sponsorship has only enhanced the experience at DCA and I fully expect it to do the same at WDW.

    • Marko50

      I’ve read so much about Walt spinning in his grave that he must have spun into nothing by now. That friction will get you every time.

  • Malin

    Starbucks is a good fit for DCA, the lines prove all this and I would assume it will be another susccess on the East Coast. The Iced Drinks are ideal on a hot summers day. It’s very much a Disney operation only with Starbucks products. I was a little concern about the Fountain View location. Where would the ice cream go! But it’s my understanding a new Ice Cream location is opening in France area of World Showcase soon.

  • MrsMonroe

    Love it

  • Amy VandenBoogert

    I’m honestly all for this. I hate the NesCafe crap they try to pass off as coffee in the parks. But they have Joffrey’s coffee at various stands at Epcot, and I LOVE Joffrey’s. As long as the Joffrey’s stands stick around, then… bring on the Stabucks! Busch Gardens has been serving Starbucks at the Sultan’s Sweets shop for years. Nice to see Disney finally catching up in that aspect.

  • Asylim

    I’m another one who can’t say anything negative about Starbucks in DCA.

    I don’t drink coffee but I like their Vanilla Bean Frapachinos and when we were there in September we went in to get one.

    Had I not been specifically looking for it and known were it was I would have easily (and I mean very easily) missed it all together.

    If they blend the other locations in that well in DL and in WDW I don’t think anyone will be complaining to much. 🙂

  • williamdeal

    Disney announced yesterday that they would be REPLACING the Main Street Bakery this year with a Starbucks storefront. Online feedback to this news has been nothing less than completely negative.

    Most people fully support serving Starbucks products at the theme parks, but NOT at the expense of replacing what many regard to be a cornerstone of the Magic Kingdom experience.

    Let your voice be heard and sign the online petition against this horrendous move by the Disney Executives.


  • robbiem

    I think this is sad. I know it will be popular but I think anything that brings the everyday into the parks is taking a little of the magic away.

    I’m not a big fan of Starbucks coffee either so I guess loosing the bakery gives me one less reason to boom that return trip to the states

  • SFDave

    The DCA Starbucks is so well themed that you never know what it is till you get to the counter. I am excited for them to come to MK, I love my coffee, and am always craving a cup when in the park, but refuse to drink Nescafe, yet too far to drive off property.

  • Rick Wright

    I’m surprised it is going to take five months to accomplish the Main Street Bakery changeover after the remodel several years ago. It seems like the basic setup now would work well – just add the Starbucks products.

  • tofubeast

    williamdeal — I don’t think they are “replacing”. Check out this good commentary about the changes to come:

    I am happy for the changes! Now I no longer have to bring in Via to the parks. Nescafe is tres nas’tay.

  • brettb

    I liked the Starbucks in California Adventure.

    I have no problem with a Starbucks in any of the parks. I have no problem with serving Starbucks products in the Main Street Bakery.

    But I’d really like to see them keep the Main Street Bakery name, the Tollhouse Cookies and Snickerdoodles, and the cookie-scent-pump. Oh, and bottles of milk. Just so long as I can jump on a boat or monorail from an MK resort for a late night milk-and-cookie run.

    (And don’t tell me I can get the same cookies and milk at a quick service restaurant at the hotels; that’s not the point!)