We have a great Disneyland Paris Update for you today and we have a lot to catch up on as the park turns 25 years old on April 12th. In preparation for this big anniversary, Star Tours has gotten a big update, Space Mountain is going Hyperspace and there’s a brand new castle show!

Welcome to Disneyland Paris . . .

New & Blue – the 25th anniversary logo and theme are making a tasteful debut at Disneyland Paris.

Tinker Bell adorns the lamp posts in a variety of playful poses.

And at the hub, Tinker Bell and the Fab Five make a magical metallic impression.

Mickey Presents Happy Anniversary Disneyland Paris

It’s a dynamic new show with many Disney characters, representing each land of the Park.

The Starlight Princess Waltz

There’s even more entertainment on the castle stage for the little ones as the princesses dance and invite the kids to join along:

Disney Illuminations

A new nighttime show replaces the popular Disney Dreams. The new show is a great demonstration of Disney’s technological mastery. Unfortunately, the new show lacks one of the most important things: the nostalgia and emotions that Disney Dreams had. For us, this show is the disappointment of the festivities, which is not the case for the two other shows on the Royal Castle Stage.



Star Tours Reborn

Star Tours has new life, with the opening of Star Tours: The Adventures Continue. While this version of the attraction has long been available in other Disney parks, it is a real success here and brings the attraction up to date with modern technology and repeatability!

Hidden Mickey!


Star Traders une toute nouvelle boutique !
Star Traders a new shop !


Starport! Have you ever wanted to meet Darth Vader? You can do that here.

Disney Stars On Parade

It’s a greatest hits version of a Disney parade. Disney Stars on Parade combines the best French floats along with some of the most successful floats in the other Disney Parks (such as the dragon and Peter Pan). But don’t let that description make you think this isn’t a great offering. This parade is pure concentrated energy, modern and festive. Perfect for the 25th anniversary celebration!

What do we think of the 25th anniversary offerings? There are strong points, such as the new parade, but also a low point with the new nighttime castle projection show. But there is also a great refresh of Star Tours, tasteful 25th anniversary decor and merchandise, and a general refreshing and upkeep of the park that makes THIS the moment to visit Disneyland Paris. And don’t forget that Hyperspace Mountain will open in mid-May, and in mid-July we’ll have our new updated version of Pirates of the Caribbean. For Disneyland Paris, this is a lot of change and excitement.

2017 will be the year to visit Disneyland Paris. I hope to see you all there!

See you again soon as we explore more magic from beautiful Disneyland Paris.  – DLPwelcome Max