Hello my loves! I’ve missed you! Time to curl up in front of the comforting glow of your second-favorite electronic device and find out about all the new, fun and wonderful things that the world of Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, and, heck, anything else that’s fun and interesting has to offer us!

Wonderful WonderCon 2017

WonderCon, as many folks know, started up in San Francisco and only moved down here to Anaheim recently…but, honestly, it’s a near-perfect fit. The only major hiccup seems to be traffic and parking, but once they get the new parking structure built, and maybe a third for Toy Story (?) things should smooth out there as well. Todd Masters from ToddLand.com told me, “It’s like a smaller ComicCon – it’s manageable, it’s FUN, it’s how it used to be. I love it!” His booth is exclusively Bob’s Burgers for the show; he sold out of the WonderCon exclusive shirt the first day, and I wanted to pick up maple syrup (it’s really good), but I gotta get it on the website.

Groups of Comics Cosplayers took to the fountain steps in well-organized groups to take photos. This was mostly variations on Spider Man.


Cosplay Heaven

I saw quite a few of the great cosplayers from the D23 Expo, and some really incredible and inventive getups all over the place…oddly enough, I did not see a single Batman, and I do not think that has ever happened to me at a con before. Ever.

I saw an amazing Loki, but. Seriously, this photo does not do him justice.


There were quite a few do-a-double-take face cosplayers, like the Loki above. The picture isn’t very good. It turned out pitch black and I dug out his image in iPhoto edit at 2:23 AM. Dead ringer. I saw a Qui Gon Jin. I saw an Arthur Weasley that I would have bet money on, whom Universal should hire as a face character in the parks yesterday. Several extremely Gambonish Dumbledores. A couple Newt Scamanders. Cosplay by genetics, as it were. I met the real Dr, Aphra and told her I love her, because I do:

I couldn’t get over this dead ringer for Sergio Aragones!


But for those who went the needle and thread (and latex and welding and 3D printer) route, when a mishap occurs, especially 250 miles from home, that just sucks, especially after you’ve sunk a ton of time and money into your costume (and you’ve finally come to understand that Miss America duct tape thing after wearing your elf warrior faerie outfit for six hours straight when otherwise it’s just been ten-minute try-ons)

Disaster? Duck in to Booth 995

These were made by a local artist using sheets and rolls of Duck Tape


Duck Tape has set up a Cosplay Repair Station for attendees to take care of any mishaps, fairy wing fails, lekku leaks, or the pull of Earth’s gravity on anything that it normally wouldn’t for a female comic book or Manga character.

While there are transparent tints, multiple colors and even wood grain and metal, the most popular one is actually the transparent one – people work hard on their costumes, and they don’t want patches to be seen if at all possible.


Kids – that means us – can also come up and do things like make themselves cat ears out of the Duck Tape. Creative fun is encouraged here. It’s pretty nice that there’s a place where YOU can make something after all those tables of humbling inspiration!

These are the sheets! You can even draw out the pattern on the back and cut it out.


And right after I put away my phone a little girl came up and started making stuff, and two women, one dressed as Belle, one in a Thor dress like mine, started playing too.

That’s Kristy, who is very nice. So…why get all excited and write about this? No, I did not get free tape. Honest. Like I said, They’re not taking anything. They’re not selling anything. They’re just helping people and getting everyone to have fun and be creative with their product. They’re not saying, “No, you’re too old to play.” either, which made me especially happy. So I wrote about it. They DO have Disney, Pixar and Star Wars tape and sell it online and at craft stores, though!

Art for Goodness’ Sake

One of my favorite things is seeing some of my favorite artists. I said a quick hello to Karen Hallion, who has still not done a Mucha-inspired Kylo Ren, dammit, looked in vain for Tom Hodges with no signal and no map and my family waiting in the hot sun outside, then said to heck with it, I’ll bug him tomorrow, and saw a WHOLE bunch of new artists that I like, and that’ll be in the wrap-up. But let me just show you this:

I actually tweeted this, this afternoon. It was for the last Celebration.

I got this:

He is doing a full book of them…here’s his website, so you can look at his amazing work! He’ll be putting together a book of the half and half works – I love the psychology of those – and we can help him get it hatched by donating to his kickstarter here!

He’s very, very cool. He’s a fan like us, as you might see by the stuff on the shelves behind him. I always like to support one of our own, and I hope you will too.

It wasn’t until I got back to the car that I remembered how I knew of him before – I lost out on a sketch on Valentine’s Day, a really beautiful Kylo, that was going to be my present, but it jumped waaaaay out of range, fast.  I just didn’t recognize him because the style was so different!  He’s really, really talented.

Comic-Con HQ

Get yourselves over to Comic-Con HQ’s booth and turn yourselves into originally-created superheroes. You get a free cape, and if you’re spotted wearing it on the floor, you could win a Kotobukiya statue or other cool prizes! Plus, if you are a subscriber, you get a FREE wireless box speaker! You can also check out the channel while you’re there. They were talking with some of the stars of Rogue One while I was there; Alan Tudyk was on the couch, keeping the hosts in stitches.

There’s so much more to tell you!

Keep your eyes peeled to the #MiceChat hashtag on Twitter for the rest of the weekend to hear all about Dusty Sage and myself at WonderCon 2017. I’m not sure whom else is there from the staff. ALSO, Sunday is the day to meet at the park; meet at the hub at noon, wherever the shadiest trees and coolest people are!

I haven’t even gotten to the Marvel or Disney Music Emporium booths!

Coming Up: Life is the Berries!

Knott’s annual Boysenberry Festival is back, bigger, better, and taking over the Federal Government! I’ll tell you all about it next time I see you!