If you happen to be, well, anywhere at the Disneyland Resort right now, you might see a giant red and gold building looming over everything else. No, it’s not a monument to remember the failings of the New-New-New Tomorrowland 1998, it’s Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT!

If you haven’t caught it already, we posted our Disneyland Update HERE yesterday. We’ll take a look at all the shiny new details, then we’ll take you to the other big story at DCA right now. . .

Insert Theme Here

You really can see this thing all over the Resort


As the opening of Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission BREAKOUT! (and the release of Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2) looms closer, more and more of the scaffolding and tarps are coming down around the former Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. Fan reaction is becoming more divided as the details emerge. Folks seem to either love it or hate it.

To me, it’s a chaotic mess. But I can see why some are lured by the bright and shiny facade. It’s eye catching.

It certainly looms over California Adventure from nearly every angle. My concern isn’t just that it can be seen from other lands, it’s that it so negatively clashes with everything else.

No matter what Disney could have done, this project likely wouldn’t have been good enough for many Disney park fans (at least in regard to the exterior of the attraction). The Guardians fans will likely support this no matter what because they love GotG, and that’s totally fine, but as a GotG and Disney Parks fan I feel a little disappointed.

Am I the only person that sees a Death Star?

This almost cheapens the GotG property for me as a whole as it makes that IP feel tacky and that Disney doesn’t care about it. That’s a stark contrast to reality as GotG is one of the best Marvel films to date. And of course, because Tower/Guardians is an E-ticket drop attraction, it’ll receive attention whether or not the theme is well-made because it’ll still be a fun ride and the theme will sell lots of Star-Lord and Groot merchandise.

There’s a massive black strip down the middle of the structure…did they just forget? That’s what it looks like to me


The other issue is that when Star Wars Land opens, it’ll essentially show everyone what a real hyper-themed land with a deep attention to detail (assuming that’s what we’re going to receive) looks like, while Marvel gets a cheap overlay and a rush job.

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A Festival of Deliciousness

The California Adventure Food and Wine Festival continues to pack in foodies all along the parade route and Hollywood Backlot. It’s a huge hit.

Not too much has changed since the festival began a few weeks ago, but there’s really a decent amount of detail this year compared to past festivals.

I don’t remember seeing this on opening day. There wasn’t a rep nearby, though, so it felt a little irrelevant.

This high school was interesting in that they were singing what I believe to be a Polynesian song.


When I say that the festival is detailed, I mean it. Take, for example, the planters that divide the line outside each booth. If you look closely, you’ll notice that each plant in the planter has something to do with the subject of the booth.

The artichoke booth has actual artichokes growing outside of it.
The seafood booth has cauliflower growing outside it.


The festival is all about food, though, and I was able to try out another round of food on a tasting card. They are really making their money off of me this year.

The Chimichurri Slider is just as good as it was last year and they give you a pretty hefty chunk of meat. The chimichurri sauce gives the juicy tenderloin a good tangy taste.


I said I was going to try that Cherry Lemonade and it ended up being a favorite of the group of folks I was with. It was incredibly refreshing with all the hot sun this week. I picked it up along with another serving of the duck, which was still delicious and fatty (in a good way).

I also said I was going to try the deviled eggs, which weren’t disappointing, but they also weren’t impressive. I could barely taste the trout on top, as the egg stuffing completely dominated all the flavor. They might as well move the deviled eggs to another booth, remove the trout, and lower the price.

I also picked up the salmon and Mango Agua Fresca, which were both delicious. The salmon was more like a sashimi-style dish (that means that it’s raw), but the avocado spread on top really brought the dish together. I highly recommend the Mango Agua Fresca, as it has a strong mango flavor without being too sweet and it is definitely refreshing in the California heat. I actually liked it better than the Guava Agua Fresca from the Festival of Holidays, the flavor was more apparent.

The Waygu Beef and French Onion Mac and Cheese still seem to be favorites among the guests of the festival.

The Junior Chef show with Chef Goofy is adorable, and I’m glad there’s something this entertaining for the kids.

Over at the Paradise Grill, a different act was playing on Wednesday. They were an acapella group by the name of “m-pact.” They had a variety of songs and each one was performed well.

Down in Paradise Park. though, there was a swing band playing. It was much too hot to be dancing, but a few people found shade under some umbrellas and were strutting their stuff. This band was super fun and really fit the energy of the festival better than the last band I saw perform “Crazy Train” on this stage. If only it was cool enough to actually swing a little bit..

I feel like I should wear a jacket like this to Disneyland all the time…

It didn’t seem to matter what time of day or what day of the week you were at the Food and Wine Festival, it was packed. My party ended up finding a shady spot and staying there while sending out a few people at a time to bring back tastings because tables were so hard to come by.

Grizzly Peak

If you’re a fan of some good old-fashioned rapids, Grizzly River Run is now open again for all your desires of getting soaked.

Days in southern California are warming up, so be ready for long wait times to enter the mountain.

The geysers and mist are all working again. Looks fantastic.

This and That

Does the Triton on top of the Little Mermaid ride look familiar to you? It was once in the lagoon between Tomorrowland and Matterhorn Way before the Little Mermaid meet and greet was replaced by Tinker Bell.


Over at Off the Page, I noticed some different Beauty and the Beast merchandise is available. I’m not quite sure why some of these weren’t available in Fantasyland (there’s plenty of room if they move some of those Justin Bieber-looking Belle dolls around), but the Emma Watson Belle mug is pretty artsy.

I wish I had time to stop in at the Cozy Cone in Cars Land more often, as they have some of the best snacks in the park (I love the Pear of Dice soda), but I saw that the popcorn cone had some extra options now. I’ve seen them change around their specialty flavors before (dill pickle seems to be a favorite and it is pretty good), but these are the flavors they have available now. Pizza flavored popcorn sounds fascinating (as long as it doesn’t taste like the pizza they serve at either park 😉 ), so I might stop by there the next time I’m at DCA.

The Grand Californian pool is still being refurbished, but it looks like most of the pool deck is now finished.

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And that’s it for the DCA Update. Let us know in the comments how you’re feeling about Mission Breakout as more and more of it has . . . broken out. Thanks for stopping by!