Spring is here and so are the theme park food festivals. DCA’s Food and Wine, Knott’s Boysenberry Festival, and opening last weekend SeaWorld San Diego’s Seven Seas Craft Beer and Food Festival. I had a chance to check out the new offerings and old favorites that SeaWorld is putting out for this years Festival.

This is the third year of Seven Seas and the second year I have had the pleasure of experiencing. The festival starts with the food and the menu created by Executive Chef Axel Dirolf. Everything else flows from the menu. The individually themed food locations, the entertainment, the specialty drink offerings all come from the menu. The Mediterranean Flavors venue is a custom built faux Greek temple. The Polynesian Area (food venue and entertainment stage) looks like a Hawaiian resort.

We started our tour in the SoCal flavors area where we tried hand rolled sushi. We had a wagyu beef sashimi roll and a veggie roll.

New this year is the Pretzel Flavors booth where Chef Axel has created several pretzely takes on classic comfort dishes including nachos and macaroni and cheese.

You can also get a Humboldt Fog cheese plate with pretzels instead of boring old crackers.

We walked on to the Caribbean Flavors booth where we tried a smoked spare rib with a spicy relish and curry shrimp.
Our next stop was the Mediterranean Flavors Greek temple where we had a refreshing spicy tomato gazpacho, loukoumades beignets (they almost taste like mini pillowy churro bites), and the Seven Seas number one best seller two years running the grilled lamb slider. This classic is like a small gyro burger and it’s easy to see why this is a favorite.

The Coca-Cola Flavors booth was sadly out of order when we stopped by and it continued to be down the rest of the day. We were bummed that we couldn’t try the Coke or Orange Fanta snow pop topped with boba. There was some malfunction with the machine that makes the snow.
We finished our guided tour with dessert. Ice cream in a mochi shell in green tea and strawberry flavors. Make sure to try a bite of both at the same time.

After the tour with Chef Axel we headed out on our own to try a few more items throughout the park. While waiting in line for the Bayside Skyride (my first return to this ride after a harrowing childhood experience) we tried the kalua pig slider and fried spam musubi. The slider was a little messy for waiting in line but we made it work.

At the new Bacon Flavors booth we tried the pork belly pizza (mashed potatoes instead of cheese and sauce) and the candied bacon s’more (look out for the pop rocks surprise).

At the new Tuscan Flavors booth we enjoyed the potato ravioli, wild boar pappardelle (a good sized portion) and the strawberry cannoli.
Dotted throughout the park, alongside the Seven Seas food booths, are many adult beverage stations. There are three wine tasting stations, craft beer is available in seven locations, and specialty drinks are available at four locations. Try the margarita garnished with a bacon wrapped, cheese stuffed, jalapeno at Bacon Flavors.
The SoCal, Polynesian, and French Flavors areas all have entertainment stages. SoCal features local musicians in many different genres. French entertainment is designed to evoke Parisian cafe atmosphere. The Polynesian stage closes out the night with fire dancing.
The park was very busy and we saw many guests wearing the lanyards with Seven Seas sampler cards. Let’s go ahead and talk about the samplers. $15 will get you a wine sampler good for 4  2oz wine samples and a souvenir wine glass. $25 gets you a 5 item sampler (an item is any food item or a sample size of any of the craft beers. A 10 item sampler is $45 and represents the best value at $4.50 per item. The 10 item sampler is a perfect amount of food and drinks for a couple to spend a day on. Even a family that brought their own drinks or purchased extras can have a good food day on the 10 item sampler.
Running every weekend in April from 11am to park close the Seven Seas Craft Beer and Food Festival is a great option for spending an afternoon at SeaWorld. The Sampler cards are a good deal and with so many options to choose from repeat visits are a must. Get out and enjoy the spring weather and all the tasty food choices at SeaWorld.

We’ll be back tomorrow with a full SeaWorld San Diego photo update!

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