Welcome back to the Farm! We are taking a look at this happy little park just as spring break ends and they prepare for Summer. One thing is for sure, the Boysenberry Festival was a huge hit this year and the park was packed every weekend throughout April. And just to keep things interesting, a new flat ride has opened in Fiesta Village and an old favorite has closed on the Boardwalk.

Boysenberry Wrap-Up

This past week saw the end of the boysenberry festival for 2017. It was 4 weeks of great boysenberry themed food, boysenberry themed entertainment, and boysenberry themed merchandise. Dusty Sage, Scott Attula, and I did a huge Boysenberry Festival article earlier earlier in the month, you can check that out HERE.

Boysenberry Topped Pizza

The amazing melodrama show inside the Bird Cage Theatre

Snoopy’s Boysenberry Jam-boree. . .


Knott’s has finally stepped into line with rest of the SoCal theme parks and has implemented metal detectors outside the Main Gate.

Personally, I like how Knott’s did their metal detectors. It’s easier than how Disneyland has set up their screening. At Knott’s, they check your bags and have you walk through the detectors all at the same time, no need to have two separate people screen you. It just feels better.

There are two sides, one set facing towards Beach Boulevard and other facing towards the California Marketplace.

Keep your eye open to see if the Beach Boulevard set of security stations is open, the line may be significantly shorter on that side.

Knott’s has not added detectors to the Western Entrance yet, but that entrance will start seeing more use as we approach the Summer Season

Sol Spin Now Open, Boomerang Now Closed

As one attraction opens, another goes to YesterFarm. Sol Spin is finally open in Fiesta Village. This is a solid Thrill ride, but it does not fully invert guests.

Here it goes:

Boomerang in the Boardwalk area has flipped its final inversion and will soon be removed. Let’s hope Knott’s can put something more family friendly and better themed into the Boardwalk area.

Bigfoot Rapids Reopened

Bigfoot Rapids has returned from its winter refurbishment ready to get guests wet (well, more likely to be completely soaked).

Boardwalk BBQ Construction Continues

Construction continues on the new Boardwalk BBQ as the foundation is now laid and vertical beams will soon reach skyward.

Soak City Reopening

Soak City has announced it’s opening weekend for May 20th. Looking forward to Lazy River-ing it!

Construction Continues on The Wedge and Shore Break

The two new slides this year are almost finished with their construction.

Building a new small building along the parking lot


Knott’s, Please add a sidewalk along your inner-parking road.


This and That

Let’s take a stroll around the Farm.

The Charleston Circle fountain still has flowers from Boysenberry Festival. It should be back to running water shortly (if it hasn’t already)
That’s no small nugget

Who else loves to watch the Blacksmith working in his shop?

Thanks for the Help

This winter the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Research fundraiser at Knott’s was a big success. The park raised donations through merchandise sales and park ticket sales.

This year Knott’s helped raised $108,000 for Cancer research. Over the last 5 years, that total raised is nearly $500,000. Thank you Knott’s and to all the guests who contributed.

That’s it for this month’s Knott’s update. We will be back again soon, if those pesky bandits don’t run off with my camera. Are you a photographer? Do you love the parks? Would you like to contribute to this one or other MiceChat columns? Contact Dusty Sage: [email protected]