Did you have a hoppy Easter? It was an amazing day at Disneyland. The weather was perfect, and with many APs and the SoCal 3 day ticket deal folks blocked out, the crowds were nonexistent. We have all sorts of news and photos to share today. Let’s take a look.

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First up, Gumball Rally. We are inviting you to participate in a fun for the whole family event. Compete in teams of 2 to 4 individuals to see which team can ride the most attractions at Disneyland in a single day. It’s the most fun you’ll ever have in the parks and a great way to spend time with your friends and family.  Full event info at MiceChat/Rally HERE.


Wifi Testing Start April 24th.

Starting next Monday, Disneyland will begin “testing” in-park wifi for guests. The network may be spotty at first without access in all locations. The network is being rolled out to support the new MaxPass system (app-based FASTPASS).

Scan Post Update:

Disneyland’s new FASTPASS and MaxPass system requires barcode readers to scan your paper ticket or mobile MaxPass. FASTPASS scan points have been installed around the parks (Disneyland is just missing Indy and Matterhorn, and DCA is complete). The new scan points have finally been installed at Big Thunder.

What’s in the Box?

At the merge of standby and FASTPASS there are two new scan posts.

Over at Haunted Mansion, a third scan post has been installed at the entrance to allow a FASTPASS queue to wrap around the main fence and head down the path towards Critter Country.

Disneyland Updates

Parade Problems:

I’d like to take a moment to discuss Disneyland’s parades and some of their issues.

Soundsational is Back!

It’s a music Celebration! Disney normally returns the parade after its Christmas counterpart is put in mothballs for the season, but this year Disney decided to wait until Spring Break to return the parade. Main Street Electrical Parade was the star parade on the schedule. I am so glad that this daytime parade is back.

Tomorrowland’s Bottle Neck

In previously updates, we have pointed out the huge bottleneck problems in Tomorrowland during the first of the nighttime parades (both during Paint the Night and the Main Street Electrical Parade).

The old layout on how Crowd Flow and Viewing areas around the Hub were laid out.

In the map above you can see the bottleneck that Tomorrowland faced on a nightly basis. Due to Star Wars Land Construction, Tomorrowland is the only access point to and from Fantasyland during Fireworks. With the Castle walkways closed for Fireworks and Big Thunder Trail closed for Star Wars land construction, Fantasyland becomes a trap at night.

[This photo was used on March 20th update] You can see how bad it used to be.
Starting last week, Disneyland is now sending guests out of Tomorrowland one of two crosswalks to allow more guest out. Disney is also encouraging guests exiting the park to head down Main Street along a two-way sidewalk path to prevent them from having to wait for the Hub crossing to open.

Guests are now asked to Exit the Park from Tomorrowland by heading down Main Street on both sides with incoming traffic to fully using the Alleyway no more shopping on your way in. Disney just needs to install those light up sign posts like the rest of the hub has at this point.

Pre-Parade Waiting Game

Time: 6:30, waiting for the 8:30 parade, Pre-rope but Cast member approved

Cast members doing parade control are now asking guests to refrain from lining up 2 to 3 hours before the parade. However, just a few weeks ago, they were preaching that guests shouldn’t line up prior to an hour before the parade. What are your thoughts on this folks? Should guests be able to sit for hours to watch a parade, or does it make the parade route a mess? What are your solutions?

Disney is still making cast members break down all parade ropes after Soundsational at 5pm only to set it all back up again at 6 or 7.

Pixie Trail No More

This one is not new but is still recent enough that I only just noticed the change. Tinker Bell’s Pixie Trail is now gone from the Main Street Electrical Parade. This effect was added to MSEP during the parade’s run at California Adventure when Disney replaced the Blue Fairy float with the Tinker Bell float as the lead unit of the parade. Now, if they can just put the Blue Fairy back at the front of the parade where she belongs.

No more silly spirals!


Let’s take a trip around the park:

Have you ever seen the Disneyland Flag Retreat? It’s a real piece of Americana.

Main Street USA

Dusty took our Facebook followers on a one hour tour of Main Street USA this week . . . until his cell coverage gave out.  It’s a fun romp in the park if you’ve got some time to spare.

Easter Bunny is hare and gone

The Easter Bunny visited over the weekend, and although he was only out for short periods, he proved to be very popular.

Ducklings are everywhere. These little fellows ran right up to Dusty.

Over at Tour Gardens, once the last of the Plaids has been sent out for the night, Ticket Sales moves inside the little hut to up-sell Annual Passes to guests at the end of the day.


Belle and Beast can be seen greeting guests from behind the fence at the carousel

Work continues on Snow White’s Grotto.

Over in front of Mr. Toad, this two-sided sign is missing its back half. It sticks out when you are walking from the castle.

Matterhorn Refurb

Matterhorn is just finishing its refurbishment. Bobsleds can be seen running throughout the Mountain as testing is conducted.

Waterfalls are back on


The only thing left with this refurbishment will be the location of the Fastpass Terminals. Disney is most likely to install the machines under the Monorail track alongside the Autopia railing. Perhaps where the 60th anniversary photo-op was installed.



Over at the Toontown Train Station, the free-standing light poles have been returned to the station. The station is now ready to return to service whenever the trains are ready. Perhaps not until July or August.

Back in Toontown, the mountain wall at the back of the land is starting to peel and fade again. This is a very difficult area to maintain for some reason.

Fading to brown
Color mismatch
Paint peeling on the upper part of the hill


The newly expanded restrooms in Adventureland are nice (I love the deep sinks), all but this little patch of construction walls have disappeared.


New Orleans Square

Short waits at the Mansion all week long
Is this birdhouse new? I’ve never noticed it before – right behind Fastpass/Standby merge

Work at pirates finished up a few weeks ago, but Disney missed a very important detail on the attraction. A new ventilation system was installed on the attraction, but Disney reopened the historic ride without fully painting or hiding the new air vents.

This is a little blurry, but the HVAC looks like this, and they’re viewable everywhere.

This issue was initially missed by us and sent in by a theme park designer who was disappointed when his 6 year old son suddenly looked up on the ride and said “It isn’t real daddy, the sky has a roof.” Painting the ceiling black, preventing light-leak and reflections on the ceiling and other simple details can make all the difference . . . and not just to the child of a disappointed theme park designer.

Just outside the attraction the newly installed statues in the gardens still are not fully hiding the junction boxes that they sit on.

This is a newly installed electrical box of some sort.

Along the river, work continues on the Columbia as welding work can be seen nightly on the ship.


Up at the Monorail platform, there is a lot of cracking on the upper platform. When the monorail goes down for construction on the Harbor bridgeway project, hopefully Disney will clean up or replace the old monorail station.

Drinking fountain next to the Autopia exit has been replaced by a box, protected by trash cans.
The conveyor belt behind G2-9T hasn’t been working for a while, it’s been nonfunctional for at least a couple of weeks now.

Critter Country

Over at Winnie the Pooh, the temporary ramp installed to take you to the restrooms has been pulled out. New fences and rocks have been re-cemented on the garden patch edge.

There’s still a spot near the old wheelchair ramp which remains off limits.

Along the new walkway, the fences still have their plastic backings and the fence railing on the bridge over the creek still has not been varnished.

The new show lighting on the right hasn’t been turned on yet.

The garden area where the old wheelchair ramp once was has yet to be planted.

At least they saved the tree
Table are still missing in the back patio of Hungry Bear
With this new main walkway cutting alongside the restaurant, the restrooms entrance could use some fixing up to make it more obvious from the walkway.

The train bridge is still covered by tarps.

New signs have been posted around the land

Now let’s look into Star Wars Land

To look into the scrim…
Rock painting in progress and the new train trestle can be seen closer near the back of the restaurant.
Pipes sticking out of the rocks are for a water cascade effect just under the train trestle.
Safety First…

Star Wars Land Construction

Looking inside the main entrance from Big Thunder Trail.

Now let’s head up to the top of the structure to see into the land:

Work continues the Battle Escape Attraction

The At-Ats can barely be seen anymore

Work continues on the Millennium Falcon Attraction

The new cast member screening entrance for Westside cast members is now open, allowing them to walk from Pluto Parking into the Park.

Just outside the Berm.

Just beyond the berm of Disneyland, it looks like cast members who are entering the park from Downtown Disney will be getting a new security screening area to match the new roofed area for cast entering from the Mickey and Friends Parking Structure.


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